Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 16

Hi everyone….
Here’s new episode if my fan fiction….
Hope you all will like it….


At cafe….
Dr.Aryan tells Rehaan about what happened at hospital, what psychiatrist told about Shanaya’s past , Dr.Aryan Aryan gives Rehaan some information and ask him to digging in it….Rehaan assures him that he will surely find out the matter….
At Shanaya’s. house….
Shanaya helps Natasha in packing and then goes to her room , she was unable to sleep so she decided to read a book , she pics a book and goes in balcony, she sat on a chair and starts reading….after an hour or a while, when she was in the depth of story , she felt that someone goes inside her room…she wondered that who it might be , she thought that it might be her mom Natasha who come for some work , suddenly she felt that someone is staring at her , she came out of her thought after when she heard a cracking sound from doors and she saw that doors were trembling that someone might opened them….
She goes to check inside her room but she find no one there , she goes to check her mom but she was sleeping inside her room….She got scared and suddenly a sound came from her kitchen, she listen it carefully, it was a sound like some scratching on wood , she goes to check it and suddenly a cat jump on her and makes scary sounds of meow and then runs out from there….
Shanaya thought that it was the cat who did all that and get relief….and then She goes in her room….and she got scared again after seeing that painting in her room, which was last painting made by Sara….

To be continued….:)

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