Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 15

Hi everyone….

Here’s the new episode of my fan fiction….

Hope you all will like it….


At Sara’s room….

As light goes off , Shanaya tightly grabs Dr. Aryans hand , suddenly light comes when Sara’s mom comes there with a candle , Shanaya leaves Dr.Aryan’s hand and apologies….Sara’s mom extinguish the Candle , and sprinkles sacred water on the room and over Dr.Aryan and Shanaya….Shanaya still founds nothing there and takes leave after bidding goodbye to Shanaya’s family….

Shanaya goes to her home , where Natasha is waiting for her .. ..Natasha tells Shanaya that “I got a call for some work ,so I needs to go there within two days…So I needs to wrap up my stuff….You’re looking tired , go and get fresh and then help me in packing my stuff”….

Shanaya says okay and goes in her room….Shanaya goes to take bath in her bathroom meanwhile she feels that somebody is there in her room, Shanaya changes her clothes and comes to check in her room but there she finds no one….

On Other side Dr.Aryan dials Reahan’s number….Rehaan attends the call after two bells…. Dr.Aryan says to him to meet me within a hour at hospital , it’s urgent….

To be continued….:)

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