Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 13

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As Shanaya saw the scheduled message of meeting Dr.Aryan….She gets ready and goes to meet him but she is still thinking about last night’s nightmare….Natasha was asking her for breakfast but Shanaya goes in hurry and seems as she is still lost in her thoughts….Natasha thinks that maybe she is going for some urgent work….

Shanaya and Dr.Aryan meet at the same cafe where they usually meets….After formal greetings Shanaya asked to Dr.Aryan that if he had any information about that how it happened to Sara….Dr.Aryan tells her that police found that Sara had won an painting competition and after that when she was returning home , someone kidnapped her and next day she found dead…. Dr.Aryan was telling her about Sara but Shanaya seems lost in her thoughts….

Dr.Aryan shakes Shanaya’s hands and asked that where she had been lost….Shanaya says – nothing….Dr.Aryan insist her to tell him what bothers her at least they know each other since long time ,if she consider him as as her friend, she can share her problems with him….Shanaya says it’s nothing like any big problem….it is just about her nightmare which she saw last night…. She tells him about her nightmare….

Dr.Aryan shares his and Rehaan’s concern about of Shanaya’s sudden powers of communicating with spirits and tells that he and Rehaan both wants that She should once consult with psychiatrist….and she should one consider about it and even he knows a good psychiatrist….Shanaya says she is ready to go to psychiatrist and asks to Dr.Aryan to fix her appointment with psychiatrist,whom he know….Dr.Aryan says okay and than they both bids goodbye….

At Shanaya’s home….Shanaya found some old stuff of her childhood ,in which she found a picture of hers and Sara’s….Then she gets an idea that if she can really communicate with spirits by touching their belongings , than She can also communicate with Sara , she decides to go to Sara’s house once , at the same time she gets a message from Dr.Aryan that he fixed Shanaya’s appointment to psychiatrist, for tomorrow morning….

To be Continued….:)

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    Hmm. So her appointment is fixed with the psychiatrist.. let’s see what happens next

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