Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 12

Hi everyone….

Here is a new episode of my fan fiction….

Hope you all will like it….:)


After falling from the balcony , Shanaya’s head smashed on floor and there becomes a blood of pool within seconds…some passer by and Natasha came up there suddenly and and Natasha started grieving over the accidents while someone called the ambulance….

Invisible to everyone ,Shanaya’s soul now out of her body and she is wandering over the road where people are taken her body to hospital….suddenly she found herself lost and nobody can hear or see him….She found herself as a form of a spirit and suddenly she found herself surrounded by the spirits included Sara….She found no way to escape , she want to shout out loud…

Suddenly she shouted – “mom”….and than she woke up, as Natasha shouted Shanaya and made her wake up….Shanaya sit up on bed there for few minutes as dormant….She wondered about the dream which came to her last night….actually it was a nightmare….which splashes light in her whole body,left into shaking….She is still in shock,

While Natasha asked her what happened….why she was shouting while she was asleep….Shanaya told her nothing and just said that she saw a nightmare but now she is fine….Natasha says okay than come on for breakfast….it’s early morning now….Shanaya says okay….

Natasha goes downstairs and Shanaya is still thinking about the nightmare and goes to bathroom to get fresh….after coming back to bathroom she picks up her mobile, in which a schedule message prompt about today’s meeting with Dr.Aryan….:)

To be continued….:)

  1. Salley145

    OMG.. what a scary nightmare ?

    1. Samayra


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