Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 10

Hi everyone….

I’m here with another episode of my fan fiction….

Hope you all like it….


Shanaya received a call ,which flashes on her screen as an unknown number….after attending the call ,she hears a little familiar voice ,as she couldn’t really realize the voice,

She asks “who is on other side” Someone answers and introduced herself as Tanya , who is Shanaya’s college friend , her voice sounds in grief…Shanaya asked her what happened, why you’re sounding so dull and sad ,is everything fine???? Tanya tell her about the happening and tells her that their fellow college friend Sara got killed last night and her dead body had been found in a very critical state ,and as She got the news she is informing her ,and after the all legal procedure , body will  creminated tomorrow….

She asked Shanaya “are you coming with me”….

Shanaya says “for sure….this is a very hard time for Sara’s family, we should go there”….

Shanaya tells her mom , about what happens with her friend  Sara, and asks her if she is coming along with her , her moms says we will go there by tomorrow morning….. Next day Shanaya, Natasha and Tanya goes to Sara’s house for consoling Sara’s family, where She meet with Dr.Aryan again ,as Dr.Aryan resides in Sara’s neighborhood….they looks each other and than Shanaya  goes inside Sara’s house with  Natasha….

At Sara’s house everyone is mourning over Sara’s sudden death and Sara’s parents are such in a sock state, and they difficulty gathered their strength for doing Sara’s  cremation….

At cremation area ,suddenly a heavy rain began to fall and suddenly it stops , when Sara’s father lit the fire in Sara’s deadbody….Suddenly Shanaya’s clothes stucked in wooden logs , heavy flames of fire starts to began , Shanaya takes out her cloth from wooden logs….Shanaya and Natasha came back home after the cremation with a heavy-heart….

To be continued….:)

  1. Salley145

    Hey.. sorry for not commenting since some days.. my name is also Sara.. m a Muslim.. going in a nice flow.. ?

    1. Samayra

      Sorry…. Sara I didn’t know it was your name….May you live long….:)

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