Lamp Of Love Episode-37: Bondita’s new case.

The episode starts with Vidya asks what? Vaidh! Thakumaa says, yes I think now you will not ask any further questions and signals her to move aside, Vidya moves. Thakumaa goes near Kabir and tells Vibha will take care of your medicine and food, take good rest and gently pats in his head, he smiles. Vidya stands still in shock, Tapur asks her to go to room as Kabir needs some rest, she turns and sees Kabir smiling at Vibha and leaves with anger all over her face. Tapur asks Kabir to rest well and leaves. Vibha goes near him and check his leg, she unties the bandage and dresses his wounds, Kabir looks at her without even blinking. Vibha gives him medicine and asks him to have it without touching his tongue as it tastes very bitter, he does so. You sleep now, I will come and wake you up once afternoon meals is ready, says Vibha and smiles at him and leaves. Kabir thinks I never thought before marriage I would get this chance, that you will wake me up from sleep and gets shy, he hides himself under pillow.

Ksj says Sampoorna bahu have you called Binoy and informed him about Anirudh and Bondita’s marriage plans. Sampoorna says, I have informed him but he couldn’t come tomorrow as his work will get finished only after two days. Ksj says, he is all time at work, see now for his Son’s marriage he couldn’t make time. Don’t worry dada I am here, Ksj turns and looks at Binoy who is standing at door step. Ksj smiles and says Binoy you came and they both hug. Binoy adjusts his specs and tells how I can miss my son and lovely bahu’s marriage. Thakumaa says, now I miss only our Batuk, if he was here then it will be complete family. KSj gets emotional and says, Yes Kalindi it’s been 5 years we saw him and wipes tears that rolls down. Somnath comes there and says, don’t worry kaka Batuk is finishing his studies this year, when he calls we can ask him whether he can make his way here to Dada and Boudi’s marriage. Binoy says, that’s all no worries only smiles. Everyone enjoys.

Anirudh and Bondita comes to Kabir’s room, they see him smiling looking at the wall. Bondita laughs without sound and tells Anirudh babu, people usually laughs like mad when they are in love that’s true na, Anirudh says, Ahan Bondita you also did like that and teases her, She pinches him, he shouts. When did you both come ,asks Kabir. Bondita asks dada are you fine now? I am fine Mithi, then why were you smiling looking at walls. Kabir says, no nothing like that and asks sorry. Anirudh asks now why are you apologizing? Kabir says, because of me our work has stopped but you can prepare pamphlets. Bondita asks how is that possible dada? Mithi I have drawn that in a paper and kept in our study room. Anirudh says, what? When did you find time for that and hugs him. Bondita says, then I will give that too Vidya, she will arrange for pamphlets. Congratulations to you both finally my Anu and mithi is getting married for second time, I was not in your first marriage but I will be in your second and laughs. Anirudh beats him in friendly manner. Bondita says, now I am going to meet a woman regarding case in campaign office. Kabir says I have arranged for general talk by mithi with our village women regarding viceroy condition and importance of education. Anirudh says, yes Bondita we have arranged and you are the one who is going to address them. Okay fine, I will meet you at lunch says Bondita and reaches to campaign office.

Bondita reaches the campaign office and gets in, she surfs the file that they have prepared and looks at the clock it is twelve quarter past the time the woman said she will meet her is just ten minutes away. In the mean time she prepares herself for the speech. May I come in? Bondita lifts her head up to see. There stands a woman in early of her 20s carrying a small baby girl in her arms with magenta color saree with her head covered by pallu, she has a sleepy eyes which depicts her struggle. Bondita gets up and asks her to come in, the woman greets and sits. Bondita asks her to open up.  It’s been two years me and my husband got married, this is my daughter she is nine month old, now my in laws are planning to get him married again. Bondita asks but what is the reason for your husband to get married again? The woman who was strong till the question, now broke down into tears. Bondita keeps her hand in hers asks her to relax and gives water. The woman says my in laws demanded for dowry, my family members couldn’t afford that much but she wiped her tears and sat straight and said they almost gave what they asked still something’s they can’t give me, then my in laws fixed a timing for giving them the balance but in that span, she cries her child looks at her and starts crying. Bondita takes the baby from her and puts her in shoulder and pats, she asks the woman not to cry and tells that she will support her and bring justice. My father passed away while going for work, so my mother couldn’t give my dowry as my mother and brother are really struggling to meet their daily needs, I have begged them to consider my family situation but what they did was, she removes her saree pallu that was covered in her head and turns, Bondita gets shocked seeing it.

Vibha keeps food in tray and heads to Kabir’s room, she sees him sleeping and keeps the tray in table. Listen get up, says Vibha but Kabir was in deep sleep due to his medication. Vibha keeps her hand in his shoulder and asks him to get up. Kabir feels like flying when Vibha herself touched him for the first time, he tries to get up, Vibha helps him by wrapping her hand around his shoulder and lifts, Kabir was floating and enjoying at the same moment. Why didn’t you said that you are vaidh? Asks Kabir. Vibha says, that is… neither I didn’t get chance nor you asked. Kabir says oh, what did you called to wake me up, she looks at him and says I didn’t called you I just asked you to get up. Achcha you can call me by my name, wait do you know my name? Vibha was about to say yes, but she thinks if I say yes then he will ask what is his name, better I will say no. No I don’t know, says Vibha. Kabir asks really you don’t know my name, Vibha nods no. Kabir thinks hey Krishnaji my love doesn’t even know my name how shame is this. My name is Kabir, Kabir Dalal you can call me Kabir or whatever you like. Vibha asks whatever I like. I mean if you think my name is long you can cut short it, now tell me your name. Vibha says you know that already, then why are you asking me and arranges plate for him. Full name? Vibha Saha my full name not after getting married, Kabir says, after marriage you will be Mrs. Dalal. Vibha asks what? I didn’t hear. Kabir says, dal I mean did you made dal I get smell so and looks down with smile all over his face.

To be continued…

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