Lamp Of Love Episode-36: A shocker for Vidya.

Hey Fam I know everyone is stressed, depressed and so on feelings which can’t be expressed in word due to the news of show getting off air, but remember one thing the show has given lots of good memories, taught good lessons, gave good cast members and finally this BB family. Everything has an ending but this one is unexpected and abrupt, that’s the reason we cannot accept this, but still we have time, this week TRP decides, so stay positive that our show will be safe and ANIRUDH ROY CHAUDHARY is also safe, whatever happens stay positive, strong and be proud that we are fan of BARRISTER BABU  which is one of the best ITV show.

The episode starts with Anirudh picking up the telephone after his continuous ringing. Radhe Krishna, says the person opposite in telephone line. Anirudh says Badimamma, How are you? I am fine Anirudh, you forgot this old lady so that you didn’t made any call for me, now in that list Kabir also added, he hadn’t called me it’s been 10days, says Badimamma. Anirudh gets scared as Badimamma comes to know about Kabir’s condition, she will get panicked and her health will affect. Anirudh says, Arrey Badimamma you are not old lady you are our young lady. Badimamma laughs and says Chup, now tell me how is your work going on and how is Bondita? Anirudh says, with your blessing our article has been moved to high court and Bondita is absolutely good. Badimamma says, I am very happy to hear that and wish lord Krishna always keeps you both happy, get married soon okay! Anirudh smiles and tells as your wish Badimamma, she asks where Kabir is? Anirudh stammers, Bondita gets the phone from Anirudh and tells Radhe Krishna Badimamma. Badimamma gets surprised and asks isn’t this Bondita? Bondita says, Arrey whoa you identified just with my voice and asks how is she. Badimamma says, she is fine and asks about her and they speak for some time, she asks to give phone to Kabir. Bondita says, he went to court for some important work and tells her that she will inform him once he returns. Anirudh looks at her in stun as she is saying all this in casual tone. Badimamma says, oh no problem, Bondita beta I just called to remind Kabir about his birthday. Bondita in excitement asks Badimamma when is dada’s Birthday? It is next week Thursday, Bondita asks did dada born on Ram Navami? Badimamma says, yes beta he was born on ram Navami, I used to celebrate his birthday every year in grand manner, but for past few years he is busy with his work. Bondita says, don’t worry this time we will celebrate and hangs up the phone. Anirudh looks at her with amused face, Bondita shakes him and asks what happened, Anirudh says, Bondita how did you manage this well, she says because I am Roy Chaudhary bahu and laughs at him.

Thakumaa asks Som shall we continue with Ayurveda medicine, Som says anything is fine but I trust you more than me so you continue with Ayurveda kaakimaa. Thakumaa smiles and says fine then I will arrange medicines for him and calls Tapur to help her. Vidya feeds Kabir, he looks at Vibha. Vidya speaks with him to distract but he answers looking at Vibha. Vidya asks Vibha to go and rest as she will feed him, when she was about to leave Thakumaa comes there. Vidya doesn’t care and continuous her work. Thakumaa asks Kabir how he is feeling now by keeping her hands in his heads, Kabir says, I am okay, she tells that he will be treated by Ayurveda medicine, Kabir nods with a smile.

Chandrachur, Tupur and Sampoorna discuss about the Puja in the temple. KSj comes there and tells that he had called Pandit ji, to check there horoscope and the auspicious time to start the marriage preparation. Anirudh comes there and asks kaka marriage this soon? KSj says, then what you will get married straight at your 60s. Tupur laughs and says dada don’t delay or else the bride will choose some other groom. Anirudh looks like someone his taking his life, it’s not like that kaka, we both said okay for marriage then what. Chandrachur says, then what marriage. Anirudh looks at him and says, Chandrachur you too joined with them and making fun of me. Chandrachur nods no and then yes. Sampoorna says, okay enough don’t make fun of him and asks Anirudh when actually he wants to get married. Anirudh says, Sampoorna maa that is Kabir is not fine, let him recover. Tapur says, we told him about this and he was the one who suggested for marriage. KSj tells them not to listen to Anirudh, by that time Pandit ji comes, KSj welcomes him. Tupur gives Pandit Ji the horoscope, he checks them. KSj waits for his word. Pandit Ji says, these both horoscope are destined to be together, no matter how much storm comes their relationship won’t break for seven births. KSj gets happy and says I know my bahu is the Lakshmi of our house and he asks pandit Ji when can they get married? Pandit Ji says, 45 days from today, the day is considered as big muhurat of this year and best day for them to get married. KSj and everyone gets happy.

Anirudh and Bondita sits in the garden. Bondita says, Badimamma told about dada’s birthday. Anirudh tells, yes Bondita he was born on ram Navami, she says we have to celebrate this time. Anirudh says, sure we have to and asks her about their marriage. Anirudh babu I always wanted to get married to you, if it is today or some other day I don’t care about that, says Bondita and buries her face in his chest. Anirudh kisses her hair and asks then you are ready to become Mrs. Roy Chaudhary from Miss Das. Bondita looks into his eyes and says Mrs. Anirudh Roy Chaudhary, Anirudh hugs her tight and smiles.

Som comes there and tells Kabir that Thakumaa will take care of is medicine and he will nurse his wounds, Kabir thanks him. Thakumaa looks at Vidya and gets irritated, she calls Vibha and gives the medicine in her hand and tells her to take care Kabir. Vidya turns towards Thakumaa and sees her giving medicine to Vibha. Vidya keeps the bowl in the table and snatches from Vibha and says, Thakumaa I will take care this, you just tell me when and which medicine I should give and moves towards Kabir, she keeps her hand in his hand and tells I will take care him and smiles. Thakumaa walks towards and tells this is not the medicine which your doctor prescribe, this is Ayurveda it has certain time, limit and consuming level. Vidya says, you teach me I will give, Thakumaa takes back the medicine deliberately from her hand, this is not your cup of tea Vidya and it needs practice. Vidya asks then how can Vibha do this after all she is always in kitchen and doing cooking. Vibha looks at her with innocence all over her face. Thakumaa says, only she can ace this work and gives the medicine to her. Vidya says, Thakumaa you don’t want me do then at least tell her how to do don’t play with Kabir’s life. Tapur gets angry and asks Vidya to mind her words. Vidya says, Tapur did I say anything wrong? Is there any logic the thing which I can’t do can be done by this Vibha and laughs cunningly. Kabir gets angry and says, not to speak ill of Vibha. Vidya tells I am speaking for your well-being Kabir, why are you getting angry at me? She goes near Vibha and tries to take medicine from her, Thakumaa stands in front of Vibha and tells my decision is final, Vibha says, I can’t risk his life by giving this to Vibha who deserves to stay only in kitchen and asks why she is not allowing her? Thakumaa says, because I trust my student, Vidya asks means? Vibha is an Ayurveda Vaidh. Vidya gets shocked. Kabir looks stunned.


To be continued…

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  1. Wow di!! It’s nice episode💕❣ loved it💕❤
    Vidya is very irritating …. but I liked the way you have framed the character 💕💕💕💕
    And yes! Be positive and we are trying our best to increase the trp💕💕💕❤❣🤞🏻

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Shreee, it really means a lot.

  2. I am the first waiting for the thanks for uploading sis😍😍

  3. Fabulous episode😍😍😍😍

  4. Nice episode

  5. Sreya Susan Roy

    Soo beautiful ❤️❤️,I missed ur FF so much,thanks for spreading positivity through you ff 😊😊

    I liked the way u said ❤️🔥Anirudh and Bondita is destined to be together and nothing can break their relationship🔥❤️,I think u knowingly added that part so that we can get happy and hope for ARC’s re entry soon in Orginal show 💖💖💖

    And Thakuma rocked today by showing vidhya her place 👏👏

    Waiting to read the next part soon …🤞🤞✨✨✨

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thank you so much sreya , ARC will be back soon, keep watching BB 🙂

  6. Wonderful episode.. Keep Rocking Kritisha..What is the meaning of Ayurveda Vaidh?

    1. Ayurvedic doctor
      I mean in this case maybe she had learnt ayurvedic treatments from Thakumaa.

    2. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Hasini, yes what Prakrati said is right.

  7. Sukanya Gogoi

    In between the tension you made our day😍keep writing dear

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Sure and Thank you Sukanya 🙂

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    Loved it bunu 💕

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      Thank you so much Dora, next episode will be out today 🙂

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    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Aww that’s so sweet di, thank you so much 🙂

  13. Neha Choudhury

    @kritisha di and @lopa di I am totally loving ur FF pls continue this even if the show goes off air and I hope bb will be the longest running show and the best show ever on ITV…

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Sure neha I will continue ff 🙂

  14. I know u were busy in pooja holidays but still I refreshed everyday(4days🥺🥺) to check whether you have uploaded the next episode.
    Today thakuma rocked😎😎 Aniditha as always amazing💜💜💜

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Ramya not only on Puja holidays, I was in my assignments and test so I couldn’t upload I will try to upload atleast couple of days once 🙂

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  16. An indeed another splendid work of urs!An excellent work Kritisha!
    I want to ask in the last fanfic of urs if it is possible if barrister babu goes off air then can u continue the left storyline of the show too parallel to ur storyline as I had only read first fanfic & that’s urs as I never read fanfics but tried to read at least once & got impressed with ur writing skills the moment I read ur random second or third episode that I went back to ur first episode & completely read all ur fanfic up to today including those which I was unable to read due to my studies as I being a yr older to u I can say I can’t even portray something so creativily that u do so I thought if u can write a story from the point where the show ends as ur fanfic concepts even match with the real story of barrister babu so how good it will be if ur readers can read the after story of the real show which is getting closed on a very high note where it has a great potential to showcase so much in the show,in this way everyone will be glad that barrister babu hasn’t even finished,rest is up to u if its ok.

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Prakrati I am truly overwhelmed by your gesture that’s so sweet of you, yeah I will try for sure and let you know soon and yes i am hell excited if I take up the story from where our BB will quit I hope our show runs for some more time, but writing from that will really be challenging but I will do it for our Fam, thank you so much for your suggestion:)

    2. Thanks Kritisha for taking my suggestion into consideration.

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      It’s my pleasure Prakrati 🙂

  17. Lovely episode 💖

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  18. Cutedewill

    Excellent episode dii….and it has appeared at the right time….
    Waiting for Kabir’s bday celebration…was just wondering how do you manage to involve all the characters of the story in each and every episode….just fabulous…keep up the positivity you spread and may more and more people notice your work and the number of smiles increase each day ( by reading your ff)

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      That really means a lot Cutedewill, Thanks a lot and Kabir’s birthday celebration will be one bang on episode:)

  19. Super episode …….

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      Thanks Reema 🙂
      Next episode will be out today 🙂

  20. Nice episode di
    Pls try to give precap for our happiness

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      thanks Rupa, actually tbh I want to keep up with suspense, If I give precap that will some how kill the suspense, but I will try.

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