Lamp Of Love Episode-35: Anirudh falls in the trap.

The episode starts with KSj asking what problem does Anirudh has on Bondita marriage. Anirudh says, kaka Bondita has just started her career that’s why I am saying nothing else and looks down. Bondita opens the envelope which has groom photo and controls her laugh seeing it. Sampoorna asks her to control, as this is one of their plan to make Anirudh confess. Bondita asks really? Sampoorna just signs with her eyes. Bondita thinks Anirudh babu is going to mess for sure before that I have to alert him. Thakumaa says, Anirudh we have enquired about groom, he is very sweet and also said that he will support Bondita in all her step. Anirudh says, how is this  possible no one can support Bondita better than me. Tapur who stands next to Som says, now everything will happen according to our plan and shows her hand, Som taps her hand and smiles. KSj asks what are you saying Anirudh? “Yes kaka no one can support Bondita other than me and Bondita also knows this”, says Anirudh. Chandrachur whispers to Tupur that Anirudh is coming deliberately in our web, Tupur laughs. Ksj in his firm voice says,” I have finalized, Bondita will get married to the groom which we have chosen”. Thakumaa tells to Sampoorna, not bad Trilochan Ji is performing well. Anirudh says, kaka Bondita is my responsibility so I will decide and one more thing did you ask Sumati maa about Bondita marriage. Ksj says, Ahan Anirudh Bondita is only your responsibility that’s why we have found partner for her and we have asked Sumati and she is very happy with the groom we chose. Bondita thinks, how we can convey him, he is very focused on arguing. Thakumaa says, Anirudh we are taking Bondita to our village temple day after tomorrow as our ritual, to take blessing from durga maa. I am saying right this marriage cannot happen, says Anirudh. Kaka pulls his hand and asks what your problem in Bondita getting married is, you always want a best life for her then why are you standing as a wall now. Anirudh screams because I love her. Bondita keeps hand in her head and thinks this Anirudh babu is emotional babu only in my case that to emotional maximum, I love her kaka, you always understand my feelings now can’t you see that in my eyes, says Anirudh. Trilochan gets teary eyes, he hugs Anirudh and says I did this all just to hear from you, do you think your kaka don’t know about your feelings. Tapur says, yes our plan has worked and everyone claps. Anirudh fakes an angry look and everyone looks at him, he laughs with them. Thakumaa and Ksj blesses them. KSj says, I am going to welcome my bahu soon. Bondita gets emotional. Anirudh takes the photo from Bondita and asks which groom they have selected and gets shocked seeing his disguised photo as Roopa. Chandrachur says, how was our plan Anirudh and taps his shoulder. Anirudh says, my family has become the best planners and smiles.

Vibha prepares food for everyone, Thakumaa comes there and asks why are you doing this Vibha you can take rest right and pats on her shoulder. Vibha says, no Thakumaa I like to cook for you all. Tupur comes and tells no one can beat Vibha in cooking. Thakumaa asks Vibha to prepare porridge for Kabir as he is not advised to eat any other things and tells I will inform whether he is going to take siddha or Somnath medicine, if Som says Siddha then you have to take in charge by giving medicines for him on time. Vibha says, Thakumaa don’t worry I will prepare porridge and tell you. Tupur says, Thakumaa did you tell what happened to Vibha. Vibha looks at them and asks what happened? Thakumaa says, all good news Anirudh has finally nodded for marriage with Bondita. Vibha gets happy and says, I know Thakumaa Anirudh dada will tell his love for didi.

Bondita says, Anirudh babu you have become fast babu. Anirudh asks what? Ahan I was trying to sign you that all these are actually preplanned. Anirudh pulls Bondita and tells this fast babu can do other things also fast, Bondita pushes him and says, naughty babu and runs. Anirudh chases her and they end in garden. Anirudh lies in Bondita’s lap and she caress his forehead, she tells Anirudh babu I feel everything is happening so fast, Anirudh asks if she don’t want to get married. No, I didn’t mean that in fact I am really happy that I am going to get married with you, what I meant is everything happened in short span, but this too looks good, says Bondita and kisses his forehead. Anirudh asks what you did Bondita with his face looking surprised, she kisses him again and says can’t you feel Anirudh babu and smiles at him. Bondita says, Anirudh babu I have forgot to say you something that day I got a call you remember. Anirudh nods. Bondita tells that was regarding to take up a case which is related to polygamy. Anirudh gets up and now sits opposite to Bondita holding her hands and tells that is really good Bondita. Bondita says, but I can’t do that sole handedly I need yours as well as Kabir dada’s help but dada is now not well. Anirudh pats in her hand and tells Kabir will be fine soon don’t worry.

Vidya sits near Kabir holding his hands, she thinks it’s been couple of hours but Kabir hasn’t gained consciousness. Tapur comes there and asks why are you sitting here Vidya did? Vidya says, I thought of wait till Kabir gets consciousness. Tapur tells her that he is under anesthesia effect and I am not sure when he will wake up, you go and rest, I will inform once he regains consciousness. Vidya tells no problem I will wait. Tapur smiles and leaves. Bondita comes there and sees Vidya, she asks did Kabir dada woke up? Vidya shakes her head conveying no. Kabir murmurs something, Bondita goes near him and calls dada are you fine? Kabir tries to open his eyes slowly, Anirudh also comes there, and he sits in the bed and holds his hand. Kabir opens his eyes and sees Anirudh, Bondita and Vidya. Kabir says, Anu I am… fine, Mithi… and smiles at her, Vibha, Vibha… Mithi is she fine? Bondita says, dada she is fine wait I will ask someone to call her. Vidya goes near him and asks how he is now, he says fine and smiles. Som comes there and asks how he is feeling now? Kabir says he is feeling little dizzy. Bondita asks Sampoorna to call Vibha. Sampoorna asks Vibha to take porridge along with her. Vibha comes there with porridge, Bondita asks her to see Kabir. Vibha keeps the porridge in the side table and asks how he is now, he looks at her with his eyes conveying what his heart says. Vibha can understand and sheds tears. Somnath asks Vibha to give him porridge, Vibha nods and takes the bowl. Vidya asks her to stop and says she will feed. Kabir rolls his eyes. Vibha gives the bowl to her, she takes the towel and pins towards his chest, and Anirudh makes him to sit.

Telephone rings, Anirudh picks. Radhe Krishna, Anirudh says Badimamma…

To be continued…

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  1. Thankyou Kritisha

    1. The episode is Fantastic

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      Thankyou Hasini😊

  2. Florina

    Wow, it’s amazing di.. and I guess I am first today♥️♥️❣️❣️
    I love your ff soo much♥️💕❤️❤️
    With much love Shreee💖♥️💕❤️

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thank you so much Shree🤗

  3. your writing skills are amazing sis 🤩👏I’m really addicted to your ff. I’m always waiting eagerly for a new episode of your ff. That’s much I love ur ff Kritisha sis 😍😍

    1. And also waiting for the next episode of our lopa sister’s ff.pls upload it asap sissy 😋❤

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  4. Sreya Susan Roy

    Thank u for posting ur ff today , got some peace of mind❤️❤️❤️

    And like always its superb ,yaa ANIRUDH becomes very emotional when its related to Bondita 💞💞

    Anidita is the best ❤️

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Yes they are best sreya
      Thank you so much 🥰

  5. Cutedewill

    Ohh such a sweet RE – confession 😂😁😂
    And as usual it’s just fabulous dii…

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  6. Honestly saying you can be a director ☺️…. I really loved to read ur fanfiction… Keep writing and I love today’s episode ☺️💘

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  9. Super di🙂
    Good to see u and makers in almost same track
    Pls upload next episode soon💖

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  10. Fantastic episode like always
    And ani’s confession was nice waiting for next episode your writing skill was amazing you should become a good writer

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      Thanks for the compliment Muskaan ☺️☺️
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  11. Yaar kash hamme thumare ff jinta romance bb mein dekh pate par koi nahi but I love ur writing I was every day scoring updates plss update next soon

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  12. Today in BB,I was surprised to see widow and river track same as ur ff.I’ll be more happy if they show more Aninditha scenes in the show like Ur ff.much love to you💕. keep writing

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Ya even I was surprised to see that but river track got mismatched 🥺🥺🥺

  13. Anushi

    It was a way funny and very interesting😂❤❤❤ Makers too started to follow your ff kritisha, esp, bondi fighting for widow case and that river wala scene omg, how could the wavelenght sink this much😮😍

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Anushi yes I was also thinking the same but the river scene was just totally opposite 🥺

  14. BeautIfully written.

  15. Lopa

    Amazing episode bunu ❤️
    Finally Anirudh confessed his feelings in front of everyone 🙈

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      Thank you so much 💗 dii

  16. Mind blowing episode

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      Thankyou Rashmi🤗💜

  17. An amazing episode Kritisha!
    Congrats ur storyline of a widow case like is getting telecasted on real Barrister Babu & finally Chandrachur thanked Anirudh in the show.I think the writers of BB had read ur fanfic episodes & got really impressed with ur tremendous good job & decided to go with the first case of urs of a widow case after Anirudh for Bondita where the widow after the death of her husband is not getting accepted by inlaws & Bondita is being criticised for that .

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Prakrati thankyou so much, it was actually a happy moment watching that episode and your explanation has got me smile widely😊😊😊😊💜

  18. Super episode di just rocked it finally anirudh become fast babu

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thank you Harshi sis

  19. Kritisha Sengupta

    Hey Prakrati thankyou so much, it was actually a happy moment watching that episode and your explanation has got me smile widely😊😊😊😊💜

  20. U r most welcome.If Barrister babu ends then plz u don’t stop writing we will never feel its end and maybe if the directors will get impressed by ur writing if they read ur fanfic that they should not end the show.

  21. Can I suggest u something Kritisha if u don’t mind?

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Ya sure Prakrati.
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