Lamp Of Love Episode-34: Mystery in RC haveli.

Hey fam, some of you think that VIBHIR is getting more screen space, let me clear that I want you all to understand there characters well as they are introduced in FF, as we have much exposure to our ANINDITA through our BB,I am focusing on their personal life and some of you may think that now the social issue has become less, I want to showcase both their personal and professional life. You will get to witness lots of social issues along with ANINDITA personal life growth to as both are important. Please keep patience and I will try to give best upcoming track.  Comments are always welcome, if you all feel something like the story is revolving around same place or focusing only on specific characters or story getting dragged, do let me know.

The episode starts with Bondita and Anirudh rushing to the hall where Vibha screams. Vibha pats Kabir in his cheeks and asks him to open his eyes. Anirudh gets shocked seeing Kabir lying unconscious, he lifts Kabir and place him in his lap, and he sees blood in his hand and legs. Anirudh asks Vibha what happened, before she could answer, Somnath and Thakumaa asks Anirudh to lift Kabir as he is losing blood in his hands. Vibha keeps her hand in mouth and cries inconsolably, Bondita and Tupur take her to room. Anirudh makes Kabir to lie in bed, Somnath checks glass pieces in his hands and tells them that it has to be removed immediately. KSj asks whether they have to take him to hospital, Somnath tells no need as he has emergency equipment’s in home and rushes to get. Thakumaa checks his leg and tells the blood has stopped and asks Tapur to bring the medicines. KSj says, Anirudh how this happened? I am very hurt after seeing Kabir like this. Som removes the glass pieces and says, Anirudh dada we have to do stitches. KSj asks Thakumaa to check whether it can be treated without stitches. Thakumaa says the wound is deep so stitches is must.

Bondita and Tupur consoles Vibha and asks her what happened? Vibha says, Bondita didi he was about to go to his room.

(FB starts)

(Note: Vibha just confess the accident part not what they spoke. I included the part for readers to get clarity)

Kabir tells Vibha that he won’t even harm her in dream, all he want is to give her love she deserves and spend his life with her. Vibha looks at him with shock all over her face. Kabir frees her hand and gets up, he asks her to not think about this and says,” Vibha nothing can happen without your concern”. Vibha gets up and stands in front of him and congratulates him for his success in case, Kabir feels happy as this is first time she is speaking with him after Holi. They both walk besides each other towards their room. Kabir walks looking at Vibha, he sees glass in the path she is walking, when she was about to keep her leg, Kabir pulls her towards him without realizing that there is water down, he slips and falls in the cupboard that is placed, he pushes Vibha to the cushion placed near them, she falls with the support of his hand without getting hurt, when they sigh relief the cupboard falls on Kabir’s leg making him to fall  with his face getting banged on floor and his hands getting pierced by glass that was down. Vibha gets shocked and screams Kabir babu and pushes the cupboard aside and goes near him, Kabir lies unconscious.

(FB ends)

Bondita and Tupur looks at Vibha and wipes her tears. Tupur asks, but Vibha is there someone you saw before this incident, Vibha tries to recall and says, no Tupur didi, as I was facing the garden I didn’t notice. Bondita asks her not worry and goes to check Kabir leaving Tupur with Vibha. Bondita goes to the garden area and looks around to check, she sees water spilled and glass pieces with Kabir’s blood stain, she bends down and takes the glass pieces and realize that it is broken deliberately, she wonders who would have done this. Vibha says, Tupur didi is Kabir babu okay now? Tupur keeps her hand in Vibha’s head and says, I don’t know Bondita has went to check right, don’t worry Kabir dada will be fine and smiles.

Thakumaa nurses his wound in legs and a small scratch in his head, Anirudh asks whether Som is giving anesthesia. Som says, no dada as he is unconscious not needed, Anirudh tells he don’t bear pain Som and tears roll down his cheek. Thakumaa says, the injury in head and leg are not deep so he will recover soon, but his hands take time to heal. Bondita comes there and asks if Kabir is fine? Som says, treatment is done Boudi, he will be fine soon and asks everyone to go and rest. Bondita takes Anirudh aside and tells whatever Vibha said. Anirudh gets shocked hearing and asks but who did this Bondita? I don’t know Anirudh babu.

Ksj and Thakumaa sits in their room, Thakumaa says, duggamaa has saved him from danger today. Ksj nods and tells he is somewhat relived now but he will be normal once Kabir gets conscious. Chandrachur comes there and tells Thakumaa, he has arranged everything for Puja in temple day after tomorrow but will it be right if we proceed this now? KSj thinks for a while and says, Jamai babu we will wait till tomorrow evening if Kabir gets well we can proceed, what say Kalindi? Thakumaa says, Kabir will be fine tomorrow so your decision seems good.

Vidya sits in the rocker and thinks about Kabir, Koyli comes there and gives milk to her. Vidya asks her if Bondita is in her room. Koyli tells that they are in Kabir’s room. Vidya asks why? Are they discussing there? Koyli says, no Kabir malkin has injured. Vidya with her kohl shining eyes gets up from the rocker and stands shock, she asks how did this happened. Koyli says, I don’t know completely, he slipped in water it seems and leaves from there. Vidya goes to see Kabir.

Vidya sees Bondita and Anirudh speaking and goes near them. Anirudh asks, Vibha you are fine right? Vibha nods yes, her eyes has swollen, she asks how is Kabir now? Bondita says, he is good but still unconscious. Vibha stands there thinking, how can she ask them to see Kabir? For the first time Vibha’s heart is pondering to see him as he was the one who saved her. Anirudh sense Vibha struggle and asks her to see Kabir. Bondita calls Som and tells him to allow Vibha to see Kabir. Som says, Vibha you can see him but don’t disturb him. Vibha enters the room, the room which has sound anytime is now silent only the fan is making his noise, her eyes has become dry to even shed tears, she looks at him and thinks the person whose eyes express lots of feeling is now lying unconsciously. Vibha goes near him and touches his hand that has band aided. Vidya comes there, Anirudh and Bondita sees her. Vidya asks how it all happened, Bondita explains everything, Vidya thinks something and tells them that she will see Kabir first and without their answer she rushes to his room, she sees Vibha there and goes near her and lashes out for disturbing him. Vibha says, I didn’t disturb didi I just came to see Kabir babu. Vidya raises her point finger and tells don’t call him like that, she hold her by fore arm and says, you have seen now you can go and pushes her slightly. Vibha wipes her tears and turns but her saree pallu gets stucked in Kabir’s watch. Vidya without calmness tears the saree and asks her to go.

Anirudh asks Bondita about the marriage plan Thakumaa and KSj discussed. Tapur comes there and asks Bondita didi, my future dada looks so handsome right? Did you see the photo? Anirudh asks what photo? Bondita did you see the photo of the man. KSj comes there and says, we all saw the groom photo and he is perfect match for our Bondita. Anirudh asks how you can decide that, did you ask Bondita about her concern. KSj asks him to shut his mouth and says, Bondita respects our decision and that is final, do you have any problem with Bondita getting married? Anirudh says, yes. KSj asks then tell me what the problem is?

To be continued…

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