Lamp Of Love Episode-30: Vidya creates ruckus.

Hey! guys, there was lots of suggestion for Kabir and Vibha’s couple name but most of you said VIBHIR so I am going with that. Truly overwhelmed by each one of your responses, continue to shower the same love.

The episode starts with Anirudh and Bondita reaching RC haveli. Bondita calls Thakumaa and KSj, they both comes there. KSj says, “Bahu tells us good news”. Bondita clears her throat and says, “Ksj our work is passed to high court and smiles at them without her teeth visible but her lips curves to maximum extent”. Thakumaa folds her hand and tells our duggamaa should fulfill all your wishes. Bondita and Anirudh looks at each other. Thakumaa asks where Kabir is. Bondita tells, he must have reached home long ago, isn’t he not home. Anirudh says, he left immediately and we were in court for some time. KSj tells we might have not seen him, Sampoorna comes there and tells Kabir is in room and signs Anirudh, he understood that something is wrong. KSj asks them to take rest.

Vidya waits for Anirudh and Bondita in study room. Anirudh tells her that there work is passed to high court, Vidya smiles and tells that she knows that already, Bondita asks how? Vidya tells, she is reporter but her live team has already captured the news, now it’s her turn to give it has elaborated news, she asks them to fresh up and join soon as she wants to interview them, and also asks them to call Kabir. Bondita leaves to her room Anirudh calls Tapur who was walking past there room. Tapur sees Vidya there and without even looking at her says, yes dada, do you need anything with her voice plain without the enthusiasm it has, and Anirudh asks her if she is okay? Tapur says, “Yes dada and smiles, Anirudh senses something is definitely wrong”, he asks her to call Kabir with informing him that they have interview with Vidya. Tapur thinks, Kabir dada is already upset with all the ruckus this Vidya created, if he sees her face again, no doubt he can slap her. Anirudh calls Tapur and asks what are you thinking? Tapur says, nothing dada I will call Kabir dada and leaves.

Anirudh goes to meet Sampoorna as she signed him something. Anirudh knocks the door to her room, Sampoorna opens and asks him to come inside. Anirudh asks, Sampoorna maa is everything fine? Sampoorna says, Anirudh to be honest no, Anirudh looks at her with shock covering his face slowly. Anirudh says, Sampoorna maa tell me what happened? Sampoorna narrates the incident.


Vidya gets angry and raises her hand, Vibha closes her eyes with fear of getting slapped but doesn’t feel anything she slowly open her to see Kabir holding Vidya’s hand. Kabir comes in front of Vibha and he throws Vidya’s hand with the force he held and asks what are you doing? Why are you raising hands? Vidya with staring at Vibha says, Kabir look at this and shows her dress where Vibha spilled soup in her dress, do you know? This was gifted by my dad and this woman… Kabir screams don’t say this woman, she is Vibha, and do you get that? Tupur and Sampoorna hears the sound that Vidya creating and they both goes to her room and sees Vibha standing and crying. Sampoorna asks what happened, why you people are fighting. Kabir with full anger says, Vidya you can clean the dress, but for this you shouldn’t raise your hands. Vidya asks why you are so concerned about her, “okay fine, what if this happened with you”, will you leave her forgiving. Kabir comes closer to her and says, I am not bought up teaching this, in fact no matter what, I will not raise my hands against anyone especially women. Kabir are you insulting me for this woman? Kabir starts to speak but Vidya says, “sorry Vibha” I mean you are the one always insulting me .Tupur says, Vidya didi don’t mistake me but is this really needed to be dragged. Sampoorna says, what Tupur said is right, Vidya give me your dress I will make sure that it is washed well, and she goes to change. Vibha cries inconsolably, Sampoorna asks to take her to room. Kabir looks at Vibha, his heart feels like thousand needle piercing seeing his lady love crying and moreover he cannot console her. Sampoorna asks Kabir to rest for a while and not to worry about this. Tapur comes there and asks what happened as she saw Vibha crying, Sampoorna tells I will tell you and sees Vidya coming out changing, she gets dress from and her and tells her to control her anger. Vidya smiles with slight movements in her lips.

(Flashback ends)

Sampoorna says, Anirudh the day Vidya came, I think she isn’t liking Vibha as everyone is supporting her, but there is no fault of her here. Anirudh looks on and says I will take care of this and asks her to not make Vibha to help Vidya as its creating more problem. Sampoorna says, Anirudh if Thakumaa comes to know this she will be very angry as already she is not comfortable with Vidya. Anirudh nods and says that, Sampoorna maa I have to go for interview now and tells don’t worry I will take care of this. Sampoorna thinks, whenever I see Kabir I am seeing Anirudh himself but Kabir is comparatively less anger and gives stern smile.

Anirudh goes to Bondita to check whether she is ready and sees her combing her hair, he goes without making noise and hugs her from back. Bondita drops down the comb and says, Sakha babu you and looks into the mirror. They both stuck in the picture that is reflecting in the mirror, the picture is probably them standing still looking at each other through mirror. Anirudh says, Bondita aren’t we both look beautiful and rests his chin to the side of her neck making his cheeks and her cheeks touch. Bondita says, yes Anirudh babu and blushes. They hear someone coming, Tapur comes calling Bondita didi, Bondita removes his hand which has been rested in her waist for this long time and corrects herself, and Anirudh stands with some distance. Tapur comes inside and says, dada what are you doing here? Anirudh in stuck says, I came came… Bondita interrupts and tells he came to check whether I am ready or not, right Sakha babu? Anirudh nods fast. Bondita asks what happened Tapur. Tapur says, di that is… and struggles to tell. Bondita asks is anything important? Tapur says, yes di that is Vibha…

To be continued…

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  1. Wow. Excited

  2. Sreya Susan Roy

    Nice one , Iam happy that kabir took a stand for vibha and why this Vidhya has problem with Vibha ,she is giving me vibes of sanjana from krpkab 🤣.

    And Anidita’s scene are cute and beautiful as always 💞💞.

    I was just imagining what will happen if kaka or thakumma sees Anirudh amd Bondita’s hide and seek romance .
    Kaka will be like satyanaash 😂😂😳 and Thakuma will come up with some of her popular quotes 🤭🤭 and will decide to get these 2 married at the earliest 😁😁✌️

    1. Yeah di, vidya is really irritating but not as much as miss serendipity because vidya gets rightful answers from every member of RC family.
      Thank you kritisha di for showing positive sides of all characters.

    2. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey thanks Sreya, haha you have to wait till they get caught to see what Thakumaa and KSj says.

    3. Kritisha Sengupta

      Ya Maria, you are right, you can see difference between Ms. Serendipity and Vidya in upcoming episodes.

  3. Loving anirudh bondita’s hide & seek romance… Waiting for many such amazing episodes

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey thanks Maria 🙂

  4. Yaar hamara ani toh chupa rustom nikla ree🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈kya romantic banta zara seriously tc and ksj dekhna inko romancing karte hue by god😱😱🤪🤪😳kritisha ur amazing as always and I really the way u script every and each part and characters 💯💯is really wow loved itttt❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Just wait for the fun when they are getting caught.
      Thanks Puja 🙂

  5. Sukanya Gogoi

    Mind Blowing dear.You have presented each and every point of the story very beautifully in your writings.keep growing 👍😘🤗

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Sukanya keep reading 🙂

  6. Didii,Ramya here.You are making me to comment on every episode which I have never done (social introvert🤣🤣🤣). I’ll try my best to comment on every episode hereafter.What an episode dii .Good thing about ur ff is everyone in RC family are positive.I love it.but our Anirudh Babu has become too naughty 😂😂😂.And I also love how u reply to each and every comment ur amazing dii💕

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Ramya I really love to interact with you all. And I am so happy that I have changed a social introvert girl into this fun loving, you can comment in all episodes. Thanks and welcome 🙂

  7. Mria

    Sis….frm now I’ll call u as diror sis….do u wat this means….that meand director …diror sis….❤❤this is wat I’m able to say….just awesome

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Mria this means a lot Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Lopa

    Anidita scenes ❤️
    I guessed that Kabir will take stand 😊

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Your guess turned into the plot di.
      Anidita and vibir are love

  9. Amazing episode sis 😊
    Anidita scenes was cute and romantic 💖

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Muskaan, you will get to witness more such romance soon 🙂

  10. Amazing kritiksha di💕💕❣.. I am always excited to read your ff …
    And what tapur wants to tell Bondita?🤔🤔🤔
    And I love anirudh and Bondita scene…
    And this vidya is a arrogant lady but it’s ok, without a villain, a series become dull , actually villains make a series more more more interesting.
    Last but not the least , loved it as usual❣❣❣❣💕🌺❣🌺❣🌺💕❣🌺❣🌺🌺❣🌺❣

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      That’s right Shreee without villain the show lost is charm, Thanks for loving 🙂

  11. Cutedewill

    11th …….Amazing episode …… Suspense again and that’s what makes your episode briliant
    I can literally imagine the scence of the flashback and all of it just because you portray it so well…
    I just dont have enough words to explain how I felt. reading this one

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Cutedewill thanks and I am glad that you are able to imagine 🙂

  12. HARSHI Sis

    Wow anindita scenes nyc🙈🙈
    Super di
    Vibir nyc name
    Episode very good di keep rocking

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Het Harshi sis thank you 🙂

  13. Beautiful and power pack episode

    Post soon

  14. Kritisha Sengupta

    Thanks Rashmi, will post soon 🙂

  15. Srishti @

    Again Superb episode di, you are presenting each and every character very beautifully,Here everyone is supporting each other(Support system) 😘😘😘 Shabash kritisha di !!
    Waiting for next episode ….
    Lots of love and respect for you 😍😍

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey, Thanks Srishti that Shabash Kritisha bought a wide smile in my face.

  16. Srishti @

    And I want you to include Batuk da also in your ff soon

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