Lamp Of Love Episode-29: Good news for Barristers Anirudh, Bondita and Kabir.

Hey guys just a couple name for Kabir and Vibha that will be interesting I think.

The episode starts with Kabir arranging the files and preparing to leave for court. Bondita comes there and asks is he ready? Kabir nods and they both walk out from study room. Kabir glances at Vibha’s room and walks past her room to notice that she is not in her room. Anirudh waits for them in jeep and they leave to court. Bondita says, “Sakha babu after our general discussion I have to leave to meet villagers to convey regarding my meeting with Viceroy”. Anirudh says, “fine Bondita”, but you have to reach campaign office too right? Bondita tells, yes Sakha babu, I have to meet few women there and you both don’t forget that we have interview with Vidya today. Kabir says, Mithi I don’t find this Vidya will cope with us and works along with us, she is asking too many questions and scratches his forehead. Anirudh says, Kabir her profession was such where she wants to ask questions to people. Kabir says, but Anu we are barristers do we always question or ask for evidence in whatever our people is saying. Bondita with her mouth and eyes twisting says, this look valid Kabir dada, we will see to that, she is helping in our campaign work so we cannot deny that as we really need some data, only she can give that.

KSj asks Thakumaa whether Bondita said her anything. Thakumaa says, neither I asked her nor she did say anything. Ksj tells it’s really good to know that Anirudh realized that Bondita is not just his responsibility but also he loves her, Thakumaa smiles and tells that yes I was very happy but I am worried just about one thing only, it would have been good if Anirudh confessed these feeling when he is not intoxicated. Sampoorna comes there saying whatever destined to happen will happen, it is destined that Bondita should know Anirudh feelings in this way, so we cannot stop that. Thakumaa says, you are right bahu we have tried so much things to make Anirudh understand his feeling but all went in vain, but duggamaa bought the entire truth in fraction of seconds.

That was first time Bondita seeing Kabir wearing his barrister robe, she says, dada this looks absolutely good for you and smiles widely. They had a panel discussion regarding polygamy and this is an important day in their life as this is the first thing they three joined hands for. Anirudh felt proud seeing Bondita in their discussion, to be precise only woman barrister there. Anirudh keeps the collated points they have collected so far to abolish this polygamy act and today they have to debate about the very first thing they have to eradicate for polygamy and it should be accepted by other barristers after some healthy discussion between them and if judge finds that their debate is worthy then he will allow them to proceed further by applying to high court for passing the very first step to abolish polygamy.

Tupur helps Vibha in cooking and she asks how she is now and can feel any dizziness still. Vibha says, no didi I am fine and my life is also smooth after meeting you all. Koyli comes there and asks Vibha to give breakfast to Vidya in her room as she is not well and informs her that she is heading to market with Thakumaa and leaves. Vibha keeps everything in a plate and tells Tupur that she will be back. Chandrachur comes there, Tapur asks what you want and why are you here to kitchen? If you want anything if you would have called me and speaks fast, Chandrachur keeps his finger in her lips and says, Tupur why are getting tensed shouldn’t I come to kitchen and Tupur starts to speak again this time he seals the moment with kiss just to make her calm, Tupur who didn’t expect this sudden behavior, turns around with shy all over her face, while her face had turned into pink and her hands start to shake, she says, what are you doing? If someone sees then, Chandrachur says, then what they will think we  are husband and wife, I can even lift you now and within eye blinking he lifts her and he keeps her hand covering her face. Chandrachur says, Tupur whatever I feel here same like our haveli and laughs.

Bondita starts the discussion by saying that the very first thing is female infanticide.  I think Barrister Bondita Das is mad, why are you bringing female infanticide here? Bondita and everyone turns from where the voice came and sees Mr. Vinay Basu standing. Anirudh in his stern voice asks him to wait till she completes. Mr. Basu looks at other Barristers sitting there and tells them to not waste their time listening to a woman barrister and tells that woman can make round roti not a case sheet. Anirudh says, I think Barrister Basu forgot that his first loss was against a woman Barrister, if needed I can make you recall that. Everyone laughs looking down, Mr. Basu feels embarrassed, and he stares at Anirudh and thinks I will destroy you at any cost. Anirudh comes closer to Mr. Basu and says, don’t think that I forgot what you did with Vibha, I am just waiting for right time, Kabir hears them and comes near Mr. Basu and tells how dare you can do such act being a barrister aren’t you ashamed? And shows his anger thinking how much Vibha had to go through because of him. Everyone asks Bondita to continue, Mr. Basu leaves from there.

Bondita says that we have to reduce female infanticide soon, as that is one of the root cause for polygamy and explains some cases that were bought to the court, judge looks over there paper work. Kabir takes his turn and says if the law is strong then people will fear to do such daring act, actually first we have to stop midwife guessing baby’s gender, every barristers in panel agree to his point. Anirudh says, respected honor you may think why we made this as our first priority it’s all based on stats on how much case recorded and this point to be noted that there are lots of cases happening secret, by our survey we came to know that this is top among them. Judge takes his time and finally congratulates each and every barrister for working towards this and says, I am passing this to high court for further steps and says the court and panel is adjourned. Bondita, Anirudh and Kabir gets happy hearing this.

Bondita and Anirudh comes out of court and they sit under a tree and talks about how the panel discussion went, Anirudh holds Bondita’s hand while she keeps on talking and she senses that Anirudh is not listening but looking at her hand, she takes her hand and asks you didn’t listen to what I said, what are you doing with my hand? And fakes any angry face, Anirudh takes the hair strand that has fallen on her cheek, Bondita gets shy and her body starts to shake, Anirudh asks what Bondita I just took the hair strand you are getting shy and teases her, Bondita says, Sakha babu you are… and looks at him, he asks I am? Bondita says, nothing Anirudh babu. Anirudh smiles at her looking at her with full of love saying hearing my name from you, I realized how beautiful my name is, Bondita puts her down in shy and turns back, Anirudh looks around and sees no one around, leans forward his blazer touching Bondita’s blouse, Bondita feels like a chill passing through her spine, before that feel could complete, she felt Anirudh’s lips on her ear lobes, she turns away quickly and closes his mouth with her hand, he kisses her hand, she takes her hand and says, Anirudh babu you have become naughty babu and smiles with shy all over her face.

Vibha takes breakfast to Vidya’s room. Vidya sees her and asks her to come inside, she asks Vibha to serve her and observes Vibha to each inch. Vidya asks how did your husband died? Vibha looks at her and starts to get scared, due to her fear she spills the soup on Vidya. Vidya gets angry and raises her hand, Vibha closes her eyes with fear of getting slapped but doesn’t feel anything she slowly open her to see a hand holding Vidya’s hand.

To be continued…

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  1. Lopa

    #KaVi (though I don’t want to give this name 😅)
    And episode is 👏👏

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks dii
      And your first name suggestion has something to do in upcoming

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      You are late today shrishti
      By the way how was the episode? 🤔

  3. #ViBir ?
    And the episode is amazing….
    I loved to read your update….the way you are explaining social issues is awesome

    Even now also in some parts of the county female infanticide still happens , but 70 % people have stopped doing it..
    I hope in future this 70 % turns into 100%..

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey thanks shreee, glad that you liked it and vibhir is taken into suggestion😊

    2. ❣❣❤

  4. Super episode 😀….
    I really don’t know what name should I think for Kabir and Vibha. 🤔🤔.. Maybe #Kabha #Vika. 😅

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Harishini
      Your suggestion sounds different 😊

  5. Sreya Susan Roy

    Episode was so nice ❤️❤️, here we have Mr Basu and in show we have Mr Subodh,both are competing with eachother to get bezzati from Anidita😂😂
    When I read ANIDITA’S scene I was smiling and blushing continuously 💞💞 . And when I imagine that scenes Kuch kuch hota hai mujhe 😂😌
    Seriously Anirudh babu has became Naughty Babu🤭😉🥰

    1. @Sreya Susan Roy
      Aaaaa dekhe Zara kisne kitna Kiya hazam(beizzati) ??

    2. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hahha yes Anirudh this side will be coming soon in our original BB. Thanks Sreya ☺️
      Ya before Subhodh I have introduced Me.Basu😅

  6. Sreya Susan Roy

    Couple name which came to my mind for Kabir amd Vibha is❤️ VIBIR ❤️

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      That’s taken into suggestion Sreya ☺️

  7. There are 5 pair of love birds in ur ff. TriKal, AniDita, ViBir, Som-tapur, chand-pur.
    Was waiting for polygamy case hearing. Finally it came.
    But wherever I see the name chandrachur. I feel irritated. I forgot that he is good in ur FF.
    You almost include all the characters in every episode. That’s a good thing about ur FF.
    And hey ARC don’t bother our cutie. You, CC n kabir have become too naughty nowadays.

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      All my male leads are becoming too naughty right?😂
      Ya everyone is love birds in my ff.
      But Som and Tapur is not yet.
      You will get to see more of polygamy 😊

  8. Grt fan of ur fan fiction used 2 eagerly for ur update than BB update.. 2day episode was so vry cute

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Lavanya Thanks 😊
      Iam glad that you liked it this much 😌

  9. Nice episode Kritisha 👌
    Couple name may be VIBIR or VIKA

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Satya thankyou so much 🤗
      And couple name is taken into consideration 😀

  10. Nice episode Sis and anidita scene was awesome and the female infanticide is a serious problem and you are showing this is really nice
    Couple name may be vibir or kavi

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Muskaan Thankyou ☺️
      Vibhir has been into lots of our fam members mind so will take that💞

  11. Sukanya Gogoi

    Dear Krirti my eagerness level for you ff new episode is same with the Berrister babu new episode. Both of your and Lopa’s ff became a part of my life.Keep writing, My best wishes is always with you😍

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Sukanya, Iam really happy to see that you loved this as much as our BB🤗

  12. HARSHI Sis

    Umm first of all episode was so good and no words
    Name vika and today another neme of anirudh naughty babu 😂😂

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Haha yes Anirudh has become naughty
      Thanks Harshi Sis🤗

  13. Mind blowing and cute episode post next one soon

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      Thanks Rashmi 😊
      Next episode will be out soon.

  14. Upload next episode fastly ……please pls plslsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspslsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplzplpslspsls

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Will post soon Kavya 😊

  15. #vibir would be great 🙌🏻
    Today’s episode was lit ❤️loved it ….keep going lots of love

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Your suggestion is taken.
      Thanks Thrupthi 🤗

  16. Kritika Mishra

    ViBir’s children can be named Veer and Abha . Meaningful and made of their parents names.

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Woh woh you have decided name even for their children that is so 🆒😎

  17. Anushi

    asusual u killed it kritisha, no words to say, lot of love for u dear 😘
    and for kabir and vibha – vibir, habir, kavi, vika, kabha guess i told all possiblities of combined names😅 but i like vibir, it sounds good

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Haha you made all possibilities that’s so great versi and thankyou so much ☺️💞

  18. @kritish sis, i know i am much late to catch up on ur fictionals, but trust me i loved every part of the story..lots of love.

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Thanks Sp:) That’s okay read when you get free and shower your comments ☺️☺️☺️

  19. Kritisha Di just want to know where you are from? seriously became a huge fan of your writing skills.I hv never commented on any social platform but I can resist myself.You will go places.I feel that ur a Tamil girl just asking out of curiosity. Waiting for your next episode.Cheers💕

    1. Pls do reply when u see my comment.Luv u Di

    2. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Ramya first of all thank you so much. You really made my heart smile and Iam really happy to hear this, I know tamil but Iam Malayali. next episode will be out soon. Much love to you ❣️

  20. Cutedewill

    Couple name— just like Nibir(Nisha-Aneri and Kabir-Mishkat)….we should go with Vibir(Vibha-Eisha and Kabir-Mishkat)…..
    Acc. to me I would love to read more and more about #ViBir alongside our cuties #AniDita

    Loads of luv & luck
    @Kritisha di…

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Thanks Cutedewil your suggestions are taken into consideration ☺️

  21. Hayee todays episode is like❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I have imagined while reading it was🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 ayyo appa 🤪🤪romance ki gadi and #vibir will good for sound hope to see wonderful updates❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Ayoo appa Iam gladu that you liked my episode.
      Thankyou Puja ☺️

  22. Srishti @

    Lovely episode di😘😘

  23. Srishti @

    Waiting for next part eagerly….

  24. That hand must be of Kabir.
    My suggestion is KaVi.

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