Lamp Of Love Episode-28: Anirudh and Bondita’s confession.

The episode starts with everyone eating Mishti doi. Vibha keeps in her hand and looks at Bondita, Anirudh asks Vibha don’t you like it? Vibha says, not like that dada but I can’t eat this right? And keeps her head down. Kabir tells you can eat whatever you like there is no restriction for people to eat. Sampoorna tells, they are right Vibha, don’t think too much, now come on have your Mishti doi. Vibha still keeps in her hand hesitantly, Kabir moves towards her, she gets tensed and rolls her eyes to see what everyone’s reaction. Kabir says, I think Vibha will keep this only in her hand and he takes the pot from her, so he turns to Bondita and Anirudh and they three say at a time, we will break this rules. Kabir takes a scoop and extends his hands towards her mouth and says, don’t just look at me, open your mouth my hand is hurting as it is extended for long time, everyone asks her to eat, Vibha opens her mouth and Kabir feeds her and he gives the pot to her again. Tapur closes her eyes and tells this is heaven, everyone looks at her and nods the same. Bondita tells but it can’t match my rashogulla and rolls her tongue. Chandrachur tells now Bondita thinks of rashogulla and will forget us. Bondita says, Jamai babu don’t pull my legs and keeps her mouth puff, everyone laughs at her. Vidya observes Kabir who is hearing the talks but his eyes are fixed on Vibha, occasionally Vibha also looks at him. Vidya thinks why he is always behind this girl Vibha. Sampoorna asks everyone to sleep soon as they are already twelve past, after long chit chat everyone leaves. Kabir and Vibha’s room has same direction so they both walk, Kabir walks behind her looking at her hair that is waving like water falls. Kabir calls Vibha, she stops and turns. Kabir asks her to take care, Vibha looks at him and nods her head with her eyes now looking at her feet. Kabir goes to his room and looks through window and sees Vibha reaching her room and preparing herself to sleep.

Thakumaa after finishing her morning arti asks Bihari to call everyone for breakfast. Everyone reach there breakfast table and sits. Sampoorna serves them. Bondita jerks, Tapur asks what happened di? Bondita in hesitation tone says, nothing Tapur and eats her breakfast in fast mode. KSj asks, bahu what is this you are eating this fast? Bondita says, Ksj I have some important pending work so I have to do that soon, that’s why. Vidya comes there and see everyone having their breakfast, she sees next to Kabir no one has occupied so she walks towards him. Tapur keeps hands on her head, Chandrachur asks what happened? Tapur says, Jamai babu this fragrance is causing me head ache, I think this Vidya whom you bought doesn’t take bath it seems, and she has poured one bottle of scent I think. Chandrachur controls his laughter and asks Tapur to eat. Vidya smiles at Kabir, he too smiles at her. When she was about to sit near him Kabir gets up. Vidya looks at him and asks why did you get up? Don’t you like me sitting here? With almost in a sad blended with anger tone. Kabir tells nothing like that I have finished my breakfast so I got up to wash my hands. Vidya doesn’t seem convinced, smiles deliberately.

Bondita walks towards her room, someone pulls her. Bondita says, what are you doing Sakha babu? Anirudh says, can’t you see I pulled you and what I said yesterday? Bondita smiles and tells seems like you started your work morning itself, starting from dining table. Anirudh looks at her eyes while his hand caressing her hair. Anirudh says, Bondita I asked you something, Bondita tells you said that and recalls the moment they spent yesterday.

(Flashback yesterday night)

Anirudh gets tensed after hearing what the man said, without delaying he reaches to Tulsipur River. As it was night, there was darkness surrounded in all direction. Anirudh screams Bondita and walks like a mad searching her, suddenly he feels someone is pushing. Anirudh falls on the ground by standing in his knees and before he gets up someone blindfolds him. Anirudh realizes and keeps his hand and asks who this is? by holding the hand that tied him and says Bondita. Bondita says, shhh and takes him by holding his hand, she removes the piece of cloth that is tied in Anirudh’s eyes. Anirudh gets shocked looking at the place and looks around him. The place is beautifully decorated with candles, flowers, his favorite balloons and the sand art that was crafted Anindita with a small barrister robe touch. Anirudh sees a table and a mat near that and table decorated with rose petals, he goes near that and sees his favorite dishes are also placed. Do you like this all Sakha babu, Bondita asked him, Anirudh turns towards her with the same shock he had when he looked at this place for first time and asks what made you to do this arrangements. Bondita says, Sakha babu I did all this arrangements for you and only for you. Anirudh gets stunned, Bondita takes him to the table and makes him sit and she sits opposite to him. Anirudh asks Bondita you was angry on me right? Bondita gets emotional with tears rolling down her eyes. Bondita says, I can’t be angry on you Sakha babu. Anirudh asks then tell me what happened on Holi. Bondita nods and tells that day.

(FB to Holi celebration)

Bondita tries to lift Anirudh, she says Sakha babu you are intoxicated come we will go inside. Anirudh without looking at her tells, Saudamini I will not go anywhere. Bondita gets shocked. Everyone gets shocked hearing Saudamini’s name. Tapur says, “oh god what is dada saying my heads are spinning Sampoorna didi”. Bondita says, Saudamini, Anirudh looks at her and tells you know what mini is very bad no Saudamini he keeps his face shrink and says why should I call her mini, he keeps his finger on his lips and sounds shhh and signals Bondita to bend down and says, we have to talk silently if she came to know that I am speaking ill about her, she will not harm me but she will hurt my love. Everyone looks confused. Ksj asks Som to take Anirudh inside, Anirudh doesn’t obey. Anirudh holds Bondita’s hand and tells you look like my Bondita, I mean if she grows up then she will be like you, but you don’t look that beautiful comparing to my Bondita she is a chaand. Anirudh suddenly starts to cry, Bondita holds his face what happened? Anirudh says, I am very bad I didn’t loved Saudamini, in fact I don’t know what is love right back then, I wasted my time on her by ignoring my true love. Thakumaa tells Ksj I don’t know what is happening. Anirudh says, that Saudamini gave so much torcher to my Bondita, when I thought everything is over then came this Azadi express, he disguised himself as train and did circumference around Bondita. Bondita looks everything with wet eyes. Azadi express is actually a good woman, but shoti I didn’t loved her and my love doesn’t understand this and always picks up fight with me and what I did in return I gave her hurt as wound that to very deeply and cries like a child. Bondita stands still hearing all this, Anirudh looks at her by bending and looking deep into her eyes and smiles and claps and shakes, Bondita holds him, he tells I love to bent because then only I can see my love. Anirudh keeps hands on his head and says, oh wait here I will show you my love and goes inside haveli. Bondita gets emotional and tears falls, she thinks duggamaa Sakha babu loves someone else now how will I tell what I feel. Anirudh comes back with a picture and shows her. Anirudh says, this is my love and my wife Bondita no no no, Bondita Anirudh Roy Chaudhary she likes to be called in this way and gives the picture of them that was taken when she was 12 years old. Bondita gets happy seeing this. Anirudh says, I love her very much but you know what I can’t say her because she is my responsibility but after she went, I started to feel that she is not only my responsibility but also my love, my world and my everything screams Bondita I love you. Everyone looks shocked but as well as happy on seeing Anirudh’s confession.

(End of Holi celebration FB)

(Back to yesterday night flash back)

Anirudh gets shocked upon hearing what Bondita said. Anirudh gets up from table, but Bondita holds his hand and asks how long will you hide the truth Sakha babu, truth has come out one day luckily I get to know this soon. Anirudh gets tensed by thinking Bondita knows the truth and fears of rejection. Anirudh tells, Bondita I am so sorry I didn’t expect  this and blabbers. Bondita in fraction of second hugs him and tells I love you, Anirudh gets stunned. Bondita says enough Sakha babu and broke their hug and looks straight into his eyes and says, “Enough I can’t tolerate any distance here after, Anirudh remains silent. Bondita says, okay fine I think I misunderstood that you love me and made all this arrangements, no problem we can go home and turns, Anirudh holds her and pulls her straight towards him and hugs her so tightly and says, no Bondita you can’t go I love you too Bondita, I love you and gets emotional. Bondita too hugs him tightly, even air cannot enter between them. Anirudh plants a kiss on her forehead. Bondita takes him to the table and both enjoys there dinner. Anirudh asks what does that mean. Bondita asks which means. He points his finger to sand art and asks what Anindita is? Bondita smiles and says that is blend of her name Anirudh and Bondita gives Anindita and smiles. Anirudh says, arrey Sabash Bondita and they both laughs. Bondita says okay Sakha babu we are getting late we have to go home. Anirudh asks her to call some other way as he is not only his friend now. Bondita thinks, Anirudh looks at her face which now has the reflection of moon which made her more beautiful. Anirudh couldn’t resist lifts her, Bondita says, Sakha babu what are you doing? I won’t leave you until you call me some other babu. Bondita says, what madness is this and tells fine I got one, he looks at her with eagerness, Rakshas babu. Anirudh opens his mouth wide and spins carrying her in his arms. Bondita says, stop it Sakha babu and laughs, okay now serious I got a name. Anirudh says no this time I will say, you will call me Anirudh babu. Bondita gets shy and tells no one call their husband by name and hides her in his chest. Anirudh says, achcha but we are not husband and wife yet after marriage you can call me pati babu till then Anirudh babu, if you want you can keep pet names also and teases her, they both hug each other and Anirudh kisses her. Bondita feels some thousand butterflies are flying in her stomach.

(FB ends)

Bondita says okay Anirudh babu, are you happy now? leave me we have lots of work to do. Telephone rings, Bondita picks up and says what?

To be continued…

Hey guys, I hope you all like today’s episode. I know this episode is long but actually I felt this would be best if I portray both the incidents  Don’t forget to comment your views.

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    And Kabir look at ur friend ani. At ur age he already got married twice and will remarry bondita. But you did not even got married for a single time why?? (Kidding). Marry vivha soon. That girl Vidya is eying you…(sigh of relief that Vidya is not eying at ani).

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Haha Thanks, Hello for compliment, actually I thought how it will be if Bondita call him Anirudh babu so I included. Ani doesn’t love Manorama it was just his thought that the feeling is love but it is actually infatuation, his inner self doesn’t know what is love, due to his age he was just 22at the period they won’t have much exposure and know difference between love and infatuation .

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