Lakshmila by Cynthia (Intro and episode 1)

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Hey guys, I am Cynthia and I have decided to write a FF on this cute couple. I may have some mistakes, so please correct me so.

I hope you will like it?

The FF will start from Ram and Lakshman in Sage Vishwamitra’s Heritage.
The brothers greet the Ashramvasi(public of the heritage).
Ashramvasi: We are very fortunate to have in our ashram, we don’t know how to thank you for guarding our beautiful ashram from evil asur’s.
Ram: Don’t make us small by thanking us, your protection iis our first priority.
Sage Vishwamitra arrives there.
Sage Vishwamitra: Ram and Lakshman come with me.
They go.

Sage Vishwamitra directs them to the hilltop.
Sage Vishwamitra: From now on, you both are staying here.

Urmila: I want to visit somewhere.
Mandavi: Me too.
Urmila: I have an idea, remember when pitaji told us that we could visit Sage Vishwamitra.
Shrutkeerti: Oh ya, I remember.
Sita come there.
Sita: What are you three discussing?
Mandavi: Woh, didi, we were discussing about visiting somewhere.
Shrutkeerti: And Urmila didi suggested that we can go to Sage Vishwamitra.
Urmila: So who gonna convince pitaji?
Mandavi: You can do it Urmila.
Urmila: No you do it!
Mandavi: No you do it, because you are younger.
Urmila: No didi, you are older didi.
Shrutkeerti stops their arguing.
Shrutkeerti: Alright, I will do it.

They go King Janak’s room.
Shrutkeerti: Didi, I am scared, I am going.
She tries to run but Urmila holds her pallu.
Urmila: Don’t run of you just said you will go.
Shrutkeerti: Alright.
They go to King Janak.
King Janak: Putri’s, do you wanna say some thing.
Shrutkeerti: Woh, um, woh, woh, bade…pitaji…woh.
King Janak: Woh, what.
Urmila(whispering): Just say it.
Shrutkeerti closes her eyes and breathes.
Shrutkeerti(says this very fast): We want to visit somewhere and we have decided to go to Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage.
Urmila: Pitaji, remember when Sage Vishwamitra came here, and he invited us and you said we could go in some time.
Mandavi: Please can we go there, oh please.
King Janak: Yes but not now, because its gonna be dark soon, tomorrow you could go.
Urmila: Oh pitaji, you are the best father in this world.
Sita walks in.
Sit: Urmila, you are right he is the best father.
Sita hugs Janak.

The hilltop(in Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)
Ram guards and watches the heritage, he walks left and right.
Lakshman comes there.
Lakshman: Its gonna be night soon, vaiya it something, you have ate nothing.
Ram: Have you ate something?
Lakshman: If my brother doesn’t eat how can I eat, please vaiya eat this fruits, I heard they are very delicious.
Ram: Ok you too eat.
They eat.

Taraka’s place…
An asur comes to an spooky place, he is in a rush.
Asur: I saw that two warriors came to guard Vishwamitra’s heritage, I heard they are really good at Warcraft.
A lady turns around.
Taraka: Do you think they are better than my sons. Subahu and Maricha.
Asur: No, but…
Taraka: Go now!!!

Sunaina serves dinner to every one.
They start eating.
King Janak: There is a good news, Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga is coming to stay.
Sita: Pitaji, that is indeed good news that chote pitaji and choti ma is coming here.

Dashrath is shown sleeping.
He moves around in the bed.
Dashrath(shouting): Ram!!!
He wakes up with a shock.
Kaushalya comes there.
Kaushalya: Maharaj, are you okay.
Dashrath: I am very worried about Ram.
Kaushalya: Please don’t worry about him, I am sure he can take of himself.
Kaushalya puts Dashrath in bed.

Hilltop(in sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)
The sun is shown.
Ram and Lakshman are practicing warcraft.
Lakshaman goes and gets water for Ram.
Lakshman: Vaiya, have some water.
Ram drinks water.
Lakshman: If you need something please call me vaiya.

Chandrabhaga and Kushadwaj arrive in Mithila.
Mandavi and Shrutkeerti runs to them and hugs them.
King Janak hugs Kushadwaj and Queen Sunanina hugs Chandbhaga.
Precap: Lakshman collodes Urmila and drops the flowers from Urmila’s hands. Urmila says to Lakshman to apologise, Lakshman says sorry, Urmila insists him to say sorry 100 times. Lakshman ignores her and goes.
Sorry for boring epi.?
Thanks for reading?

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  1. Amalina

    Didi how can u say sorry for boring epi ha??? its an amazing epi, plz continue and post the next epi asap. Thank you soooo much di, for writing a ff on laskhmila! it was a longtime since i read one on them.

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks, and I might not be your didi, coz I am only in class7. I will update asap.

      1. Vanshika

        She’s also in class 7th dear ?

  2. Vanshika

    Now I’m going to kill u.. And that’s not a joke you’ve made many mistakes ..
    1. I didn’t find u b4 this ff is much better then my ff lakshmila first meet n den luv which was on d same concept if I had found u b4 I would’ve asked u to help..
    2. You’ve hurt me by saying that its a boring epi..
    3. Cn u pls ryt bhaiyya instead of vaiya? Actually I’m saying this cos it tuk me long tym to understand..
    N lastly don’t evr underestimate urself u r such a gud writer you’ve written so well now I feel I should have started my ff from dis part only, cos I had started it from the sisters reaching ashram.. You’re gr8..
    Ur ff is very interesting bt I hope my comment wasn’t too boring ?? sry fr that n I’m not going to kill u dear that was jus a joke ?????? love u ? plz update soon ?

    1. Cynthia

      Sorry, ok I will write bhaiyya, if you wanna kill me visit London, I will tell where I live, so you can kill me as soon as possible.?

      Thank you for reading, I thought it was boring, and I was writing this ff from a month, but every tym I try to do it it gets deleted.?
      And lastly, I am not that good writer, though I learnt writing skills from my school so the credit goes to my teachers.

  3. cynthu dear!!!! i will be angry if u call this boring , it was fabulous , loved it a lot , sita janak hug and all the other scenes were good , happy that u r writing on my favourite lakshmila , precap looks very interesting , cant wait more , update soon . eagerly waiting …….

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks a lot di, I am happy u loved it. I will update next epi asap. Will try to make it interesting.

  4. Padmaja

    Hey cynthia dearie how can u call it as a boring epi uh???? Really it was an awesome one…. I loved it soooooo much… it is way better than my ff… I love ur concept…. precap is fabulous… pls update asap…love u soo much dear ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks padma di, love u too❤.
      and its not better than ur ffs really, u cant say this, u r a fantastic writer.

  5. Sreevijayan

    Awesome start my dear

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