Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Jwala’s Evil Plan Works

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maithili reveals Raghav that Arun and Sadhna are not her real parents. Jwala’s husband disguised as a sadhu/saint visits Arun’s house and frightens Sadhna that her dearest daughter is in trouble. Sadhna gets tensed. He says if she doesn’t get her daughter married before poornmaasi, she will have to feed her unmarried daughter whole life. He then rushes away seeing his fake beard loosening. Maithili tells Raghav that her foster parents never made her feel that she is an orphan and in fact loved more than their own daughter, so she doesn’t want to put a burden on them and wants a simple wedding. He acts at first and says in fact he also wants a simple wedding without any financial burden on anyone. She gets happy and says she wants to study after marriage. He says who is he to decide her future, studying further is her choice. She says they think same. He laughs and asks if she will get him some coffee or not. She takes him in when Raghav’s father gets tensed seeing him and hides. Raghav tells Maithili that a sadhu has come to bless them. Father runs away warning Sadhna that his jaws are locked after telling truth and warns again to perform her daughter’s marriage before pooranmaasi to stop the disaster. Arun returns home and notices him running. He searches files thinking what is happening in his house. Sadhna informs him what sadhu told and insists for Maithili’s marriage after 4 days. Arun says its impossible and he doesn’t mind if his daughter is unmarried. She says she sacrificed so much for Maithili and he doesn’t value it. Maithili hears their conversation. Sadhna then yells at Maithili and boasts about her sacrifice.

Jwala angrily peels garlic. Rani asks how much ginger she wants to peel. Jwala says so much that hits Tiwari family’s nose and they agree for Maithili and Raghav’s wedding in 4 days. Rani says papa told his plan worked well. Jwala says Tiwaris didn’t call her yet, but she will be adamant till she succeeds.

Arun walks to Maithili and asks what is she doing. She says she is checking his medicine’s expiry date. Arun says what will he do when she gets married and leaves him, she likes Raghav and is ready to marry him, so what if he gets them married in 3-4 days. Sadhna says father and daughter should take a decision on their own and not blame her. Arun asks Maithili again. She nods yes thinking its a hurry decision, but maybe its right. Sadhna smirks thinking after Maithili leaves home, Arun’s attention will be only on her family. Jwala gets call and jumps in happiness informing family to get ready to take baraat in 4 days. Maithili sees family busy in wedding arrangements and thinks she will miss her mom’s scolding, papa’s love, Aarti’s fight, etc. Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki…song plays in the background. Jwala dances thinking she will throw a huge dowry demand on wedding day and throws garlic peel in air shouting her Raghav will be married in 4 days, imagines money falling on her. Raghav gets her out of imagination saying he doesn’t want to marry in 4 days. Jwala gets tensed.

Precap: Raghav over phone speaks to Maithili and cheers her up. Jwala thinks rich people will gift diamond ring to Raghav. Maithli exchanges diamond ring with fake one and thinks Raghav will wear this during their engagement.

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