laksh kills kavya!!!!

laksh kills kavya!!!!

here is the written update.

WU-Maheshwari boys are visible.They are behind the bars.Ragini signs the papers and bails the ladies out.She says her name is Miss. Ragini.Also thanks the inspector and says she can only bail out the ladies as she doesn’t have enough cash.
Sanskaar looking cute in black.EmbarrassedLadies come including Swara’s BD.OuchRagini talks with ladies when RP asks her- itne paise aaye kahanse?Ragini says she has arranged some money and will come back to bail out the men.Police says they can’t free them.
Ragini shocked and inspector shows Swaragini a video on laptop.He says they have recovered Kavya’s dead-body and Lucky was there.They reached the spot on time to arrest him.Two constables bring a handcuffed Lucky.Sujata asks him if he has murdered Kavya.Inspector says yes aur wo bhi gruesome murder.

Lucky says he doesn’t regret his actions.He apologises to Swaragini.He regrets that again he failed to believe Swara.He says he can’t even take Ragini’s name after she has done so much for the family.Lucky comes inside the jail where Maheshwari men are standing.
Ragini and ladies go while Swara’s BD goes to talk to Sanskaar.

Starts of with Ragini signing Maheshwari’s bail paper, all the women are bought out but the men as still locked up and then the officer shows something to Ragini on the laptop and then two officers bring Lakshay in who is cuffed and also place him with the rest of the Maheshwari men!

Ap asks what happened to kavya

police says kavya is dead

sujju; how is it possible we didn’t do anything we are in lock up

police brings laksh handcuffed

laksh apologizes to swara and ragini

  1. why do they have to arrest everyone for laksh’s mistake

  2. I think Kavya’s dead is also a drama…

  3. They are making it more and more drama…
    I think it will be raglak itself???.
    I want that new entry for Ragini,..not Karthik,the other one.

  4. Yr they are repeating same track … phle urvashi ab kavya..

  5. what the hell is bd ?

    1. as helly has gone to ahmedabad for her exams she is not able to come for shooting
      so her duplicate is acting the scenes

  6. Oh god!! More drama…but i’m happy that laksh will atleast realise his mistake but why did he kill kavya? So much suspense…


    pls unite raglak soon……. r give some other pair for rags……… n is jail a favourite place for MM hosue r what?……… people keep sending everyone to jail except for rags who was never punished for her own mistake…….. but i m glad that she s positive n her new look s awesome………

  8. What is bd?

    1. as helly is at ahmedabad for her exams she is not able to come for shoot
      so her duplicate is doing the scenes

    2. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      seriously?????? no this s so unfair…….. this s cheating. we want helly nly…….

    3. yea helly will do it when she comes back
      now they need someone for helly to get the scenes correct

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