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Thank you guys for your lovely comments, thanks to the silent readers too and would try to reply each and everyone for your wonderful comments. Really sorry for the delay as i was stuck with bundles of work load. I penned down the next part, would try to post it soon. Tc.. Happy Weekend 🙂

Recap : Here

Little Laksh started to cry holding Ragini tightly as if he is not ready to leave her. Sanskar carried Laksh and took him out as he was crying. Maruthi’s mother Vedavati came behind Maruthi and questioned him, “With whom he is talking with?”

Maruti replied her, “I told you na maa that few days back someone called me to know about our Laksh Veduri, I am talking with them”.

Ragini greeted her, just then Sanskar came back along with little Laksh (now-onwards I would denote him Lucky instead of Little Laksh) and gave her to Ragini. Vedavati screamed Krishna Annayya (brother). Maruti was puzzled looking at his mother’s reaction. RagSan were equally puzzled looking at her behaviour.

Maruti questioned her, “Who is Krishna maa?”

Vedavati pointed towards Sanskar and said, “My eyes can’t cheat me, he looks exactly as Krishna Veduri, Krishna Annayya used to had a light moustache and beard, but this boy’s body manners are exact replica of Krishna”. RagSan and Maruti were astonished hearing Vedavati. She exclaimed, “In our album we have Krishna Annayya’s photo, I can show it to you”, and then she asked them to open the album and showed the picture which Ragini screamed looking at saying that, “She know this eyes very well”.

Vedavati exclaimed, “This photo is almost during his final days, so he was not much recognisable, but I should have his photo with me, as Maruti’s father loved his brother a lot, wait I will go and check for that photo”, saying that she went into her room. Maruti exclaimed, “May be because of her growing age she might had confused”, but Ragini’s eyes were totally immersed on that photo, yes she can now find out that the person’s eyes were similar to Sanskar’s. She was not able to believe her eyes. In mean while Vedavati brought a pic which has Maruti’s father along with Krishna Veduri. She showed it to RagSan, looking at which RagSan were choked. It seemed like Sanskar’s black and white photo. Maruti was equally shocked, as he never remembered his Uncle as he was almost on the death bed when he started recognising people around him.

Sanskar was speechless looking at Krishna Veduri’s pic. He kept mum all through the way to Hotel. He recollected Vedavati’s words that, “Krishna Annayya was a gentleman. He had a golden heart which Laksh got, I don’t kow how his wife looked like, but they were separated and don’t know the exact reason”

Ragini questioned Vedavati, “Aunty don’t you have their family pic”

Vedavati replied, “No beta none of us really know how she looked like. It was love marriage when Krishna went for doing Law in Hyderabad, where he married the girl”

Ragini questioned, “Aunty at least someone might be from your family knowing her”

Vedavati replied, “Yes Krishna’s mom and her niece knew her. Krishna’s mom wanted to get him married to her niece ‘Kalinda’ but against her mother’s wish he married Ameena”

Sanskar startled, “Ameena!!!”

Vedavati exclaimed, “Yes, she is a Muslim girl, which irked his family and they never wanted to accept her but one fine day, Krishna’s mom said that they are going to Hyderabad, to bring their Son and his family home as she is going to become dadi and when they returned back it was just Krishna and Laksh with them, and after few days we came to know that Krishna got addicted to alcohol to forget Ameena and after few years he died. Laksh was never treated nicely by his grandmother. Kalindi got married to some else. Krishna’s mother tried a lot to get his son married to Kalindi but he never accepted saying that he can never forget Ameena and all because of him Ameena committed suicide. After Krishna’s death Laksh was taken care by my husband and rest you know as Maruti told”

Ragini questioned, “Do you know in which college Krishna studied?”

Vedavati gave her all the details whatever she knows. Ragini dragged Sanskar after collecting all the details and got into the cab. Sanskar came out of his thoughts when Ragini pulled him out of the cab and checked in to their room.

Lucky slept on Sanskar’s lap and he calmly kept him on the bed. He looked at him and whispered, “U r my son Laksh, we have this bonding from births”. He turned towards Ragini and exclaimed, “I came here to find about Laksh (Gadodia) but after coming here I am coming to know about myself Raagu. Lucky is my Son Raagu, he was born for me again, to remind me about my past. I have to find about Krishna Veduri now. I have to know about Ameena, what I did with her, that she committed suicide”

Ragini was downhearted after listening Sanskar, she felt a jolt after knowing his concern for Ameena. She know’s that Ameena is no more alive, but still she is afraid that Ameena’s past might take away Sanky from her. She agreed to him saying that we will go to Hyderabad saying that she went into washroom.

Ragini started to cry pouring her heart out and silently she cursed herself for always delaying to propose her love for Sanskar. She forgave him, but waiting for a right time to accept him whole heartedly. She cried saying, “Lucky you had already left me alone and now Sanky is also going away from me. Why did you do with me Lucky, why did you leave me, along with you I am losing every important person in my life. Why did you leave me Lucky? I am all alone here Lucky, I don’t even know how would I be able to face all these alone. You were always my moral support but even you left me thinking that I don’t deserve anyone. She cried out lying on the floor

Suddenly she heard Lucky crying and she ran into the room. She started to feed him milk. Sanskar looked into her eyes which were swollen and red. He questioned her, “What happened Raagu?”

She didn’t reply him and kept quiet. Lucky drank milk and he fell asleep. Ragini took the bag to take out her night dress. Sanskar approached her and questioned her again, “What happened Raagu?” Her eyes were misted again and she might explode at any moment, so she turned and tried to get into the washroom when Sanskar stopped her holding wrist.

He neared her and exclaimed wiping her tears which already started to flow, “Cry out Raagu, don’t burden your heart, I know you are missing our Lucky. Aunty and Uncle are not here at least now you cry out”. She hugged him tightly and cried out miserably. She was uncontrollable and Sanskar didn’t try to stop her as he know that it is very important for her to lighten her heart as it got burned from few months. She finally slept crying from long time and hugged him tightly so that he could not release himself from her cuffs.

Morning when she woke up, she found herself on one arm and Lucky on another arm who is sleeping peacefully in his papa’s warmth. Ragini looked lovingly at Sanskar and kissed on his forehead and went to get freshen-up. Sanskar who was half slept woke up by Ragini’s kissed but behaved as if he is asleep. He smiled after she left the room and whispered in Lucky’s ears, “Finally your mamma started to forgive me. We are happy one Family now. I guess, I have to surprise her with something, what do you say Lucky”. Lucky woke up giggling hearing Sanskar.

RagSan along with Lucky took flight to Hyderabad and landed after 2hrs. They went on search of the college where Krishna had studied and finally were able to find it after much difficulty. They found out 1951 batch list and tried to contact people who studied in that batch, finally luck favoured them and came to know about a person who is in old age home. RagSan went to Old age home to find about Krishna and his love story.

Ragini murmured, “Sanky do you think that person would remember anything?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Let’s try our luck Raagu, I have to somehow find about Ameena and the reason why we broke with each other after Laksh’s birth “

Ragini felt sad and lost in thoughts that what would happen if Ameena also took rebirth and is searching Sanky as he was doing now. She was upset and a kind of fear developed that he might leave her if he gets back his Ameena and also would take away Lucky from her as per the agreement. Her thoughts were disturbed when the receptionist said, “You can meet Vasu uncle ji, he is waiting for you in the guest room” and she guided them to the room.

As soon as they entered the room, Vasu exclaimed, “Sanskar and Ragini right!!”

RagSan were shocked as it’s their first meeting and they haven’t informed Ragini’s name, they just told that it’s Sanskar who came to meet him to know about his classmate Krishna Veduri.

Ragini questioned, “Uncle ji, how do you know my name?”

Vasu exclaimed, “I know about both of you, I will tell you everything only on one condition”, both of them agreed instantly then Vasu said, “You have to call me Dadaji as Lucky used to call me”

RagSan were stunned hearing Lucky’s name from Vasu. He continued, “He shared each and everything with me”

Sanskar questioned him, “How do you know Lucky?”

Vasu answered, “He was the first person who came to meet me in search of Krishna and Ameena”

RagSan were Stunned and exclaimed, “Krishna and Ameena!!!”

Vasu exclaimed, “Yes, he came to know about his parents Krishna and Ameena, he wanted t know their story like that we shared a special bond, he used to call me weekly once after that but from past few months there was no call from me, I was very worried for him, one day when I called to Swara’s number as Laksh’s phone was not reachable then from her parents I came to know that Laksh and Swara…” and he started to cry.

Sanskar put Little Lucky in Vasu’s Lap and said, “Dadaji he is our little Laksh and we call him Lucky, he is back to us” Vasu was glad meeting Lucky and the little one was very happy looking at Vasu.

Vasu exclaimed, “He always used to say that one day you guys will come here to know about Krishna and Ameena, he was right. Ragini beta he always used to talk only about you and Sanskar, he loved you both more than his life” RagSan eyes were misted hearing Vasu.

Precap: The first kiss of Krishna and Ameena. Ragini shares about her insecurities with Sanskar.

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