Lajwanti 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gunwanti’s residence
lajo is shocked to see sunder dressed as a groom, and is about to go ahead when jamaal stops her, and says that he shall stop this nonsense rightaway. he gets ahead, and then he whirls sunder around. he is shocked to see jamil and lajo. jamaal asks him to see lajo, seeing whom all are shocked. Sunder says that he doesnt remember anything. jamail shouts that he knows, and that he shall have to remember his wife lajo, who is his responsibility. A tussle ensues, and lajo slaps jamaal. She wakes up from her day dream, but seeing this, lajo stops him, and says that he doesnt need to say anything, as the lord sent him here so that they can know what lord has in store for them. jamal says that they shall leave then. Lajo is shocked to know that he doesnt still remember anything. She dons the dupatta over her head covering herself. Jamaal asks her to come along. she says that she shall properly bury her love. she then gets ahead and jamaal watches in shock. She stands behind them. the priest calls lal to do the gahdbandhan as he is the closest to them. he thinks that he cant do this grave injustice with lajo. As lal tries to do the gadhbandhan, he is unable to, and just then, he sees the ghunghat clad lady, who is actually lajo comes and stands beside him. He asks her to do it and help him. she complies, and does the gadhbandhan. Her physical presence around him, unnerves sunder, as they remind him instinctively of lajo. Lajo stealthily takes his blessings. lajo eyes helplessly from under the ghunghat, as the pheras begin, surprised to find that its gunwanti. She is distraught to see sunder getting married to gunwanti. Sunder’s feet stop right where lajo sits. then she retreats thinking that her work here is done, and its time for her to leave.But lal finds her leaving, and stops her way. he is shocked to find that the lady is lajo. she makes him swear and promise that he wont do anything that disrupts this marriage, while lal is apalled and aghast at her decision. She says that she had snatched this form gunwanti once, and she is being punished for that only. then she asks jamaal to take her with him, and she shall stay as nooran’s bandi. he is shocked, just then the azan starts, and he asks her to wait here only as its time for his prayers. Lal is frustrated eyeing her helplessly, while she says that she wont let her selfish interests be in the way of sunder’s life who is starting his life afresh.

Lal and sikka are disappointed, and they pin all their hopes on the lord, as jamaal too prays ardently. just then, sunder’s gadhbandhan with gunwanti catches fire, and he has flashbacks of lajo burning in fire, and all are shocked, while lal waits in anticipation of whats the outcome, as he screams lajo’s name, and lajo takes off his dupatta. He finally gets her memory back. lal is hopeful that the lord heard them. Lal shows sunder lajo, stanjding at the end of the room. They both eye each other overwhelmingly. Lal begs him to stop her now, or they shall forever lose her. He eyes her, while tears stream down both their cheeks. he then awkwardly eyes gunwanti, dressed as a bride. gunwanti understands this, and sets him freee, before he can say anything. he apologises profusely to her, while she says that she knows her true motive now. sunder then turns to lajo, who is overwhelmed to see him, as tears stream down their cheeks. he asks if she wont leave him ever. she denies, while smiling through tears, as they have flashbacks of their meet. jamaal comes in and says that his prayers have been answered, and after wishing them well, he departs. she eyes him going. meanwhile distraught and saddened, gunwanti leaves the altar, and goes inside. They all start searching and hollering for gunwanti. when they come to her room, it opens finally, after much kncking, and then they are shocked to see her in white plain clothes yet again. they ask her whats the matter. lajo asks why she took this yet again. Gunwanti says that she was, she is, and shall always be only for her lord ram. lajo compliments her on her nobility. they hug each other. Then gunwanti does the gadhbandhan and lajo and sunder get married yet again, while all smile. the screen freezes on their smiling faces.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Rimjhim u have updated this show but where is Satrangi Sasural written episode?

  2. What a lovely ending. We will always love this show and will miss it very badly. Me and my family love this show alot.. It is one of the best show on zee tv . No others can touch this..I am serious. We want to look at this show again from the begining . all the episodes from episode 1 . Will miss seeing you Sundar and Lajo. ❤❤????

  3. True love indeed never dies ❤❤❤???

  4. where z meri saasu maa written update Rimjhim ..last two days u r not updating meri saasu maa serial…but u r updating anothr serial…

  5. Miss you Lajo and Sunder………
    Hope you will come back!

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ohhhh its finished my word I didn’t even know that?!!.I ll surely miss it.loved sunder lajwant n jamaal smiles.
    wats I place of it?
    Not another dumb one lk etrere kkb? Sarojini too is going shell track?zee is wasting our time.I read n watch star plus n colors….stae plus is bringing in so ncy new movies. Zee u charging us too much in sa

  7. ?Carol Ann ⛵⛵

    How about Lajo sister in law who still live in prostitude house? It’s not completed without her happy ending life too, right?

    1. Oh yes. Even i was thinking the same.. they never rescued sunders sister Dulari and sunder never got to take revenge on safaraz for all the shit he did to his family. How can they forget that ??? They rushed too quickly to end this show.

  8. Why this show….with more original content than any other Zee show ended? And I got no warning that it even was ending. At least I got to see them on ZRA.

  9. This show ended rather abruptly with unfinished issues. Lajo and Sundar were both great in their roles.

  10. Patricia Ramrup

    I am from the USA and we loved looking at Lajo and Sunder’s Love story. Why the abrupt ending and so many unanswered questions? What happened to Dulari? I wanted Safraz storyline to show him being punished or have sympathy for a woman. And the last episode was not shown in the USA! Very unfair to us Zee TV supporters in the USA. Please give us a hint when a Serial is ending. We looked at Lajwanti religiously and cannot see the last epsiode?

  11. what happen 2 the sister in law

  12. Patricia Ramrup

    I am from the USA Connecticut. I Looked at the ZEE Rishtey Awards last night and why DID THE most boring serials and its people won the awards? Lajwanti was hardly nominated muchless given awards??? That was disrespectful to the cast, crew, writers, directors and the actors etc OF LAJWANTI. Does anyone read the Viewers Opinion here? I was shocked to see awards given to the wrong people. Value our opinion please we are the viewers who watch your shows. Thanks!

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