Lajwanti 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Dhaba
Jamaal says that since he promised her, he would fulfill it, and asks her to come along, so that they can reach fast. finally they cross the borders and arrive. Jamaal congratulates lajo, that her amritsar has finally arrived, and asks her to wait there only, while he just comes, having checked on sunder’s whereabouts. she is thrilled and ecstatic. Lajo hopes and prays that the separation between her and sunder is finally over.

Scene 2:
Location: Gunwanti’s residence
the marriage rituals start as the priest starts chanting, while gunwanti and sunder eye each other lovingly. Meanwhile, lal asks sikka to come soon,and he comes dressed as lajo, and they decide that they shall enact their love story completely, as this is their last chance for sunder to remember back, and stop this marriage. They are determined. At the mandap, sikka’s friend starts drawing on the past life, of sunder and lajo, and how they met and their love story progressed. Sunder is distraught as he starts having flash backs of his past life, while gunwanti is tensed of his reaction. His condition starts worsening, as his memory haunts him, since lal does a recounting of their entire past life, with each and every notable twist and turn in their love story, right till their marriage, and even after that. gunwanti eyes them angrily, as he complains of a severe headache, everytime the name lajo rings a bell in his ears, and her voice calling out Baraatiji to her. He rests against the pole, while lal and sikka come to him, asking if he remembered everything back, and that lajo shall soon return. he is disturbed and asks for gunwanti. they are tensed. meanwhile, as sunder lies unconscious, in gunwanti’s arms, at the altar, as they sit for the rituals, lal and sikka comment and lament that their final trick fell flat too, as sunder didnt remember lajo or his past life. they think that now only when lajo comes and stands in front of him, shall he be able to remember the past. Gunwanti is apalled to find him in such a state.

Later, sunder regains consciousness, and he again starts the rituals with gunwanti, but is tensed wondering whether what he is planning to dois right or wrong, as he feels that the heart is at contradiction with the mind, and that some invisible force is stopping him. Gunwanti thinks that had her father been here they would have been happy, as this is what they wanted, and that they were destined to be married, and hence are here today. he thinks that it feels someone is stopping him. Lajo meanwhile arrives at their altar, along with jamaal, who comes enquiring about sunder, and get to know from someone that he stays here only, and they have come on a good occassion. they are happy. lajo hopesd and prays that his memory has returned. The priest meanwhile asks the bride and groom to stand up for the pheras. Jamaal and lajo come to the marriage venue, and lajo happily comments, as they watch the bride and groom, from behind, that this is one lucky wedding, with the blessings of the lord, and that its happening on the day of ramnavami. She looks at them adoringly, oblivious that the groom is her sunder. Jamaal meanwhile comments that maybe her baraatiji is also somewhere in this crowd. she lights up at that prospect, and they both surf around for sunder. Sunder is meanwhile alarmed, while chaman comes beside him asking whats the matter. As he turns to him, lajo catches a sidewise glance of him, and is shocked to see who the groom is. he turns away, and then she tries to get ahead, but jamaal stops her, holding her hand. he asks if this is her baraatiji. she complies and says yes. he says that he shall stop this nonsense rightaway and walks hastily towards the priest. The screen freezes on lajo’s shocked and apalled face.

Precap: As lal tries to do the gadhbandhan, he is unable to, and just then, a ghunghat clad lady, who is actually lajo comes and stands beside him. He asks her to do it and help him. she complies, and does the gadhbandhan. Her physical presence around him, unnerves sunder, as they remind him instinctively of lajo. Lajo stealthily takes his blessings. lajo eyes helplessly from under the ghunghat, as th pheras begin. She is distraught to see sunder getting married to gunwanti.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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