Lajwanti 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jamaal’s kabila
Lajo eyes jamaal wishing eid to everyone, while they are surprised to know that he is leaving for amritsar today, of all days. he says that he has some urgent work, that cant be delayed. lajo eyes him overwhelmingly. he finds her staring at him, and comes to her. He asks her if she is ready, and she thanks him for leaving this festival for her sake. he asks her to get going, as someone is waiting across the border for her, and that he prays that they are happy together forever. She says that she prays that nooran shall soon be blessed with a child. he thanks her for her wish, and then they get along to go. she eyes around the place and gets a little reminiscient, while he smiles at her. then she walks past him, and he follows her.

Scene 2:
Location: Gunwanti’s residence
Sikka is busy preparing the marriage venue, when lal comes and asks whats he doing, and if he has forgotten about their plan. Sikka says that everything is ready, but the drama people havent come yet, and god knows when they shall come, as other wise their plan shall be ruined. Lal prays to the lord, that now everything is in his hands, so that sunder’s memory comes back, and he remembers lajo.

In her room, gunwanti is dressed as a bride, while the friends tease how handsome he is looking. she goes out to check for herself. she remembers how the last time, she had come dressed in white at the altar, and then also remembers the commotion it had caused. she is distraught as she remembers it, but then thinks that finally the lord did give her sunder. Sunder and gunwanti are both excited as they get dressed as the bride and the groom, while gunwanti is unable to believe her good luck, and thanks the lord, that she shall be united with her lord ram today. Just then, lajo comes and slaps gunwanti tight across her face, who is shell shocked to find lajo there. lajo asks how could she do this. gunwanti says that she cant believe and is very happy that she is alive as they had thought that she died. lajo asks if she felt that she shall get back her lost or rather slept love. Gunwanti denies. lajo says that she knew somewhere her thoughts werent pious. She says that she always doubted that gunwanti waits for the day, when she wont be around, to claim sunde,r and her doubts were justified. she asks her to atleast have found out, whether she was alive or dead. gunwanti asks her to let her speak. lajo says that nothing remains to be heard, but much remains to be spoken, as gunwanti wasnt made and shall never be his, and asks what right she had to take this decision. Gunwanti says that she had every right. she says that the truth is how she found sunder, and helped him cope. she says that before even knowing the truth, lajo started accusing her. she says that this is true that she is going to marry sunder, and that she donned this mehendi for him, but because he only gave her the right, since she supported sunder who was swaying away. she asks what right is she talking, as she has every right, as she got sunder back together, and that he doesnt even remember her, and that she is merely a horrific nightmare for him, and now she can only give him pain, while she shall give him happiness. she tells how the name LAJO affects him, and says that this marriage shall happen, and noone shall stop. lajo warns that she wont allow this marriage to happen. Gunwanti says that noone can stop it. Just then, she is jerked by sunder, who asks her who was she talking to, and who shall stop their marriage, as there is noone here. she is shocked to realise that she stands alone. he makes her believe the reality, that they are actually getting married, and she should stop doubting. she eyes him tensedly. he comforts her, while she says that its too much happiness for her to digest at once, and that scares her. he is alarmed to hear this. he asks her to keep looking in his eyes. She complies. he says that this shall alleviate her pain and scare.

Scene 3:
Location: Jail
cHaman’s wife comes and tells him that she wont leave him at all, and that she wont be able to stay without him. he asks her to forget him, and move on, since what he did was unforgivable, and he is mortified with guilt, and now he deserves to rot always in prison alone. sunder comes and says that he neednt, as he is his brother after all. chaman apologises saying that he has done a despicable and heinous crime, which he cant check at all. He says that he is still family, and hence he wont let chaman’s life be ruined. Gunwanti too comes, and says that she wants to let bygones be bygones. Chaman says that he doesnt deserve her forgiveness. His wife says that he means the world to her. Sunder asks for him to be released. the constable says that this isnt possible. she says that she takes back all accusations. they then release chaman, and he is scot free. chamana sks sunder to never call himself alone again, as his brother is with her. they hug each other.

Scene 4:
Location: Dhaba
Lajo and jamaal wait at the dhaba, while she is lost. He asks if she shall eat anything and she denies. he asks why, and teases her that she seems impatient to meet sunder, so much so, that she doesnt want to eat. he asks why her happiness when they started is changing into sadness. she says that he doesnt know how to lie, fareb jaan. she gets angered, and he says that he knows how to revive her back. she says that he has lost his memory and he doesnt remember anything. he is shocked to hear this. she says that he doesnt recognise her. He asks why she didnt tell. she explains what happened when they found each other the last time, and how he couldnt recognise her. Jamaal is shocked, and then apologises too. She says that he is forgiven the minute he decided to send her to Amritsar. he asks her to rush along then. she is still boggled. She asks him how is he so sure that Sunder is in amritsar. He says that his stature cant be stopped by any country or boundary and the person who he is searching for, is furthermore close to the heart. she asks how. he says that its because that guy means the world to her. she gets tensed to hear this, while he eyes her lovingly. she asks if he cares for her so much. he says that he just wishes to fulfill every dream of hers. she smiles and then gets tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Jamaal congratulates lajo, that her amritsar has finally arrived, and asks her to wait there only, while he just comes, having checked on sunder’s whereabouts. she is thrilled and ecstatic. Lajo hopes and prays that the separation between her and sunder is finally over. meanwhile, as sunder lies unconscious, in gunwanti’s arms, at the altar, as they sit for the rituals, lal and sikka comment and lament that their final trick fell flat too, as sunder didnt remember lajo or his past life. they think that now only when lajo comes and stands in front of him, shall he be able to remember the past. Gunwanti is apalled to find him in such a state.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I think jamaal did something to sundar so he wont remember lajo

    1. I dnt thnk so jamal do why all drama of india base on lost memry i hate it.

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