Lajwanti 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jamaal’s kabila
jamaal is distraught as lajo eyes him, lamenting at her condition. he then says that if he distanced them, now he shall onyl get them back. he begins to write saying that now he has the chance to get them united back. she says that she cant believe how he has changed. He says that her love has changed him, and now he is a changed man, due to her only. later, as they all sit down for iftari, nooran serves him a heavy and grand meal. he eyes lajo and thinks that his passion shall have to be his past now, and he cant let his madness for lajo rule his heart. lajo eyes him appreciatively, as they all sit down to eat. she is surprised at the power that true love has. Later, at night, lajo wakes up with a horrific nightmare seeing sunder hurt. she is too scared, when jamaal comes in tensedly, hearing her screams, and finding her palpitating furiously. he is boggled. he asks lajo whats the matter and if she is okay. she recounts the horrific nightmare, about sunder being hurt. he smiles, saying that it was merely a dream, and that Baraatiji shall be fine. he asks her to go to sleep, as there is still time for morning. He says that he shall send Nooran to be with her. she says that she cant sleep, as she saw a nightmare, and she wants to avert it. he asks her to trust him, that nothing shall happen to sunder. she thinks that she wont let anything happen to him, and that this time, noone shall be able to save them from being united, and she shall clutch onto him so hard, that they never separate again.

Scene 2:
Location: Gunwanti’s residence
Lal comes to gunwanti, while she is lost in the thoughts become sunder’s bride, saying that he wants to ask something from her. she says that she knows what he wants, and that he wants her to refuse for the marriage. He says that he just wishes to ask her, what would happen, when lajo returns back. she is stunned into silence. She is set to thinking, while he asks for an answer. she asks him not to doubt her integrity, as she cant refuse for something to which she never said yes, and that their story is being written by destiny. She asks whats the use of talking about something, that doesnt exist. he begs her to think of lajo. she says that she shall pray everyday that lajo is alive and sound, and if she returns, then this time around, she shall leave the world, handing lajo her sunder. he says that for the first time, he feels she is at crossroads, and leaves. she is tensed too. Later, while her hands don mehendi, she tries to make hands, while sunder comes and helps her, not to make food, and that she needs to sit quiet. she smiles at his concern.

Outside, lal asks sikka of his specila plan for Ramnavami. sikka explains everything while they both are helpful.

Scene 3:
Location: Chaman’s shop
The labourer comes and finds chaman drinking, in the shop, while he laments that this isnt good. chaman regrest that he wishes to get the apsara, that people desire for, and is enraged, as he reminds him of his wife. he sends the labourer off and is frustrated.

Scene 4:
Location: Gunwanti’s residence
As sunder prepares food for gunwanti and himself, and goes to the kitchen, chaman tampers with the food, by mixing some powder, thinking that when they eat, they shall sleep peacfully, and when she wakes up, he shall find a ruined gunwnati. he leaves stealthily. Later, at night, chaman, comes with a bottle of alcohol, and sits beside gunwanti fast asleep, caressing her. She wakes up, thinking that its sunder, but is aghast when she gets to know that its chaman. he says that the one she is expecting wont come, and that he is here. She tries to struggle free, but he says that noone shall come. she is distraught, while he tries to force himself on her. She tries to unlock the door, but he pins her against the wall, and then shushes her mouth, gagging her with his hand, and throws her on the bed, and leans in to consummate his relationship with her. She takes the glass bottle of alcohol, and says that she shall hit him. she throws the bottle, but it hits against the pic, helpd up on the wall, bearing sunder and lajo’s pic. it falls on the ground. meanwhile, chaman gets enraged, and viciously approaches her. she screams for sunder, and he wakes up in the next room and rushes to her. he continues to approach her, with the broken glass shard, while sunder comes in the way and a tussle ensues, wherein gunwanti stands tensedly, and then tries to go out, but her feet gets hurt. she goes out nevertheless. she rushes out trying to get sikka and lal. she narrates to them whats happened, and they rush in. chaman and sunder are distanced by lal, who lunges for chaman’s throat and then beat him to pulp, while sunder and gunwanti watch apalled. The constable comes and asks them not to resort to violence, and then arrests chaman for misbehaving with a woman. chaman tries to tell sunder that he is his brother, but lal doesnt let that work. chaman eyes gunwanti helplessly. she says that the lord gave him many chanbces, but he wasted them. he is taken away. sunder then comes to her, and comforts her, by hugging her, and she too collapses in her arms, as he eyes her lovingly. they walk off like that only. Seeing this, lal and sikka are tensed for lajo. lal says that its very difficult now, and they have to revive back sunder’s memory anyhow before the marriage. sikka and lal stand tensedly. Sikka says that he shall finish what they have thought of. In the next room, sunder attends to gunwanti’s wounds, while she asks him to let be. He says that he feels bad, that shje has to bear this due to him. She is ridden with guilt.

Scene 5:
Location: Jamaal’s Kabila.
Nooran’s aide teases lajo, as she dons the vermillion as it falls on her nose, that this means her husband loves her immensely. lajo says that she is alive only due to his love and his memories. lajo says that today is ramnavami, and now today only she shall meet baraati, and tries hard to contain her excitement, and blushes herself. the screen freezes on her ecstatic face.

Precap: Sunder and gunwanti are both excited as they get dressed as the bride and the groom, while gunwanti is unable to believe her good luck, and thanks the lord, that she shall be united with her lord ram today. Just then, lajo comes and slaps gunwanti tight across her face, who is shell shocked to find lajo there.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Y is she shock she kunow sundar love lajo n he loss his memory

  2. Very interesting thanks for the update

  3. Love precap

  4. Thank God lajo is back,wish sunder’s memory wil b back soon

  5. My family and I love this show so much.. we make sure to look at it at 11 pm every week day night on zee tv channel 780 on DIRECTV prepaid. It will be lovely if this also show on saturdays too… I live in Trinidad which is in the caribbean. I am indian decent. From 5:30 pm we are glued to zee tv. Sarojini – 5:30 pm , Satrangi Sasural – 6pm , kaala teeka – 7pm , jamai raja -8pm , santoshi ma – 8:30pm , , kumkum bhagya – 9pm. Ek tha raja ek thi rani – 9:30pm , meri sassu ma , 10pm , yeh vaada raha -10:30pm and then lajwanti 11pm 🙂

    1. Oh i forgot tashan e ishq – 6:30 pm. . My favourites are yeh vaada raha , tashan e ishq , lajwanti and jamai raja. I used to love ek tha raja alot but i hate the track

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