Lajwanti 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Lahore/ Amritsar border
Lajo eyes the muslim, as he walks away, oblivious that its her sunder. the muslim dealer sees this, and enraged at her attempt of running away, eyes her angrily, and then beats her with a whip, while she screams out sunder’s name, as it resonates in the jungles, and he too responds back lajo, but noone is able to see the other. They are both distraught and apalled. They continue on their journey.

On the way, the carriage stops, and the muslim dealer gets down to find what the matter, warning her not to try and be oversmart. Yakub stops lajo’s carriage and after asking them abou their names, and their destinations, he asks the muslim if they saw some hindu from here, in the disguise of a muslim, as he tells about sunder’s illegitimate crossing of borders. he tells about the stranger they gave lift, while lajo is curious to hear about a Hindu crossing borders. the muslim shows the way sunder went. Yakub goes in that direction. lajo asks him to have some shame, as the person who saved her life, and his too, he got behind his back to talk about him to Yakub. She begs him to have some humanity atleast. She again starts dreaming about sunder coming to save her, but he guffaws and says that she should come to reality as tomorrow she shall be sold at heera Mandi. She is apalled, yet hopeful still.

Meanwhile, sunder sits by the fire, along with some other muslim, as they talk about destruction of everything and ruins of the family, due to the war of partition. He remembers the massacre of his own family. He overhears a person saying that now his only hope is to find his wife at the Mandi. sunder gets alarmed as he had heard about it from lajo, when they met across the borders, but werent allowed to unite. he asks for the directions and immediately starts his journey on foot, resolving not to let lajo be sold at the Heera Mandi tomorrow. Later, in the night, while sunder walks in the isolated area, he collidfes into someone, with a blanket on him, and apologising he tries to moves ahead, but finds his hands hand cuffed. He is shocked as she turns around to find that its Yakub. He tries to escape but isnt able to. Yakub then beats him to pulp, and ties him against the tree, while he keeps muttering Hanuman Chalisa and Lajo’s name, despite yakub telling him to stop. he says that he cant as he has to go and save lajo.

Scene 2:
Location: Peshavar Cantt.
Lajo is made to sit inside a tent along with other ladies, who eye her curiously, while she cringes at their sight. They laugh at her belief that there is still someone who shall save her. One of the older women point out to her to have a goodnight’s rest, as after beibng sold tomorrow, she wont have one for a long time. she is horrified hearing their rants, and seeing their bruised and wounded condition. She starts singing the song that she sings for Sunder, while all others listen tensedly.

Outside, the men leeringly comment and pass lewd gestures, pointing at the ladies, expectant as to hpow they shall land their hands on this fresh meat, after tomorrow’s sell off at the mandi. one of the inebriated men, unable to control himself, tries to exploit a girl forcibly, while lajo’s dealer wrenches him away, asking him to have patience for one more night. the girl is disgusted. she takes out the poison bottle, and is about to drink it, when lajo rushes and stops her, asking whats she doing. she says that she had made a promise to her father that she wont herself be disrespected, and its better ton die than become a slave to such lusty men. Lajo is apalled and distraught to hear her heart wrenching tale.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore/ Amritsar border
Sunder continues to pester him to allow him to go lajo, as she is his life, and he shall forever be obliged. He begs yakub to let go of him, as he narrates his tale, and says that he needs to save ljo, but yakub says that his wife, Mariam was killed by hindu rioteers too, and hence today her death shall be avenged when he doesnt let sunder save lajo’s life. He says that till he doesnt die, with every last drop of blood outside his body, he wont be satisfied. Sunder keeps muttering lajo’s name, while yakub keeps hitting, grieving for Mariam. he goes unconscious. the screen freezes on sunder’s face.

Precap: The ladies ask lajo what shall be done, when they are publicly exposed tomorrow, at the mandi. lajo hopefully says that she shall search for Sunder. They tell her that the person who buys her wont be her sunder. but she is hopseful. Meanwhile, as she is set up for exposing, a person is shown to make his way througth the crowds, approaching where lajo is being sold, possible Jamaal.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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