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Lajwanti 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jamaal’s kabila
lajo continues to do her work and pray, while the morning sehri is going on. While jamaal is asleep, nooran stealthily comes and successfully manages to come and take out the dagger. Then she goes to lajo’s room. She then comes to lajo, who asks whats the matter. nooran says that she has come to finish the work. she says that she came back and saved her life, but this life is worse than death. nooran says that she dies every single time jamaal eyes her, but she neednt worry, as she has a plan now. Nooran says that she needs her life back, and takes out the dagger that she has hidden in her back, and lajo is surprised and shocked to see it. lajo asks whats she doing. Nooran aims the dagger at her, while lajo is scared and closes her eyes in shock. just then, jameel comes in the way, and gets stabbed in the chest. he collapses on the floor. lajo asks for the hakim to be called immediately. She asks what she did. nooran says that she wanted revenge from her, but killed jamil instead. Nooran is distraught, as to what she did with her own hands. She then blames lajo entirely for everything, and asks her to get lost. lajo asks her to be sane, and not indulge in petty affairs. But she asks her to get lost, as she wont let even her shadow be against him. lajo gets up to go, but he holds her hand, even in his unconscious state, which finally slips, as he doses off. lajo is aghast and walks off, while nooran attends to him, and tries to nudge him awake.

As jamal lies on the bed, and nooran attends to her, her bandi comes and says that hakim is not to be found. she asks her to go and search for him anywhere, as the wound is pretty deep. lajo comes and asks her to step aside, as she can stitch up his wound. Nooran asks why isnt she gone yet, as she had asked her to get lost. lajo says that he had saved her, and now she has to reciprocate. nooran eyes her tensedly, asking how can she do this, qwhen she hegrself tried to kill her. lajo says that had she been in her position she would have done the same. she says that nooran did what she thought was right, but rigth now, she should let her do what she thinks is right, or else it shall be too late. nooran complies, and asks her to hurry up. lajo attens to him, saying that right now, eh needs medicines as well as blessings. lajo cares for him, while nooran prays.

Scene 2:
Location: Amritsar
lal is eyeing the pic, when gunwanti comes and says that he was right, and that she has understood that sunder needs to be with lajo, to complete each other. she says that she did what she did, just to save him from the pain which was caused by memories of the past, thinking that it was doing him good, as at the end of the day all that he wants is sunder to be happy. Lal apologises for his rude commwents. She doesnt mind it, and says that she did what she did, only for sunder’s happiness. sunder comes wishing that he wants to see her happy, and gives her the day’s earnings. She says that she is happyif he is. lal eyes his burnt hands, and asks whats going on, and how did this happen. He says that these are marks of hard work. lal laments at what he used to be, and what he is turned into. sunder says that he doesnt want to be disappointed thinking about the past of which he remembers nothing. he says that he has taken out every memory of the past. Lal reminds him that he was married to lajo, and about his past life, as he can if he tries a little. he makes him see the pic, while he stares at it tensedly. lal asks him to think about lajo, and try and remember. he eyes lajo, and then has hazy flashbacks, while lal narrates their story. lal says that he would have to remember her, while sunder’s condition gets severe. Gunwanti is tensed to see him like this. he winces in pain holding his brain. he begs gunwanti to keep him sane and save him. she prays and begs him to take the pic away, and promises that she would help him gethis memory back, but not right now. He says that he is highly tensed for him. she says that he said that he saw lajo being hit by a bullet and maybe lajo is dead, thats why he is trying to bury his memories too. he is distraught.

Later, gunwanti takes the pic, and sits beside the temple. she apologises to the lord, that she is going to commit a grave sin today, and thats by separating ram aka sunder from sita aka lajo, who are otherwise inseparable. she says that she can be branded selfish, but she has to do it for her sunder’s sake and if her decision is wrong, then she has full belief, that they both shall be united once again. she burns the pic from lajo’s side. Lal rushes in just then. he says that he wont let it happen, and there is no fire alive, that can separate them. he says that there is noone who can separate them. he says that her reality is exposed yet again. She stops him with her hand, and asks him not to speak up what he is thinking, that he is selfish and doesnt want his memory back. she says that she knows he thinks she is guilty and she wont try and change it, but she would try and change sunder’s life, as she cant see him tortured and be in pain like this, and if this proves that she is guilty then so be it. she says that today she shall accuse him, that he doesnt care for the life of his brother like friend. he says that this is false accusation, as he cares for him more than anything. she says that its true, as everytime he tries to get sunder to remember lajo, his condition worsens, and asks if in his bid, to get him to remember lajo, he is willing to risk sunder’s life. She says that this pic shall not bring back sunder’s memory, but hopefully it doesnt take away sunder’s life, as right now, its merely inflicting wounds on his brain. he understands and says that he had gone selfish for a while, as he remembers the same sunder as before, who was living for lajo, both being inseparable, but thins have changed now, and he should adapt to it, and so should sunder too. he then tells her that he wont ever bring this pic in front of sunder again, and maybe lajo shall onyl be a memory from hereon. he leaves, while she is apalled herself, as she breaks into tears.

Later, gunwanti is working, when chaman comes and asks whats she doing. She doesnt respond. he then again asks her as to how can she stay on in these colours all her life. she says that she neednt discuss this with him, and asks him not to bother for her. he takes out a red saree, and asks her to wear it. She doesnt take it, saying that she is happy with her white and her devotion to ramji. he says that he cant see her like this, as he is her ramji, and cant bear to see her so dull. She says that she has her Ramjia nd he neednt take tension for her. he says that he has always adored her, and asks her to comply now atleast. she says that she can never accept anyone else, and that she is grateful that he did so much for her, but he shouldnt hope anything else. he says that one day, he shall overpower her, if not by love, then by force. She leaves, wrenching off his hand. the screen freezes on chaman’s tensed face.

Precap: Sunder tells gunwanti that she doesnt need to be disguised as a lady in white desperately hiding the colours of her life, as soon her ramji shall fill in these colours. she asks when would he come. he says that he is standing right in front of him. she is overwhelmed and unable to respond. chaman eyes them from a distance, that gunwanti may have found her ram, but she hasnt had an encounter with raavan yet, as once that happens, he shall taint her image so badly, that no ramji shall be able to salvage it back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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