Lajwanti 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Brothel
sarfaraz comes in, and tells lajo to understand what wafa is saying, or else they have other ways. lajo stands defiantly, that she wont do any such thing. he gets a liquid filled bottle, that she shall have to drink it, and then under the influence of it, she shall dance herself. lajo dstands helplessly, as they gush it down her throat. she goes unconscious. He tells that ada jaan shall perform the first mujra in hallucinated state, just like wafa did and asks her to get laho ready. in her inebriated state, lajo is dressed up as a pr*stitute, by wafa jaan, after sarfaraz leaves. lajo’s head gets dizzy. He again enters and smirks seeing her dressed up properly. he commends on her beauty. Lajo says that she wont dance nor would she let dulari dance too. he eyes dulari viciously, and then grabs wafa by the hair, and hollers for sikander. Sikander and sarfaraz grab wafa, and then tell lajo, who is dressed as a pr*stitute, that if she doesnt comply to their wishes, then they shall shove the poison down wafa’s throat, while she is scared. Lajo says that death is better than this, and asks how can he take the life of his own sister. She asks wafa not to be scared. he asks why she wants wafa’s murder, as she would be responsible. lajo says that he being a coward cant go ahead and do it. he takes it on his ego. he counts one, two…while dulari protests. lajo viciously asks him to give wafa poison if he so dares. they make wafa drink it, much to lajo’s shock and horror. wafa falls on the ground, unconscious, while lajo tries to nudge her awake. she apologises to wafa, saying that she had no clue he could actually mercilessly do it, or else, she would have complied to his request. he guffaws and asks wafa to get up, as lajo said yes. Wafa gets up and evilly smirks at lajo, saying that wafa wont die so easily. he clarifies to lajo, who is boggled, that she drank sherbat, but this is posion, as he holds a bottle, and asks her to remember how he had massacred her family. lajo is apalled as she remembers. he says that once he gets fanatic, he had it avenged, that he shall have the daughter and bahu of the bharadwaj family, dancing just like his mother did. She curses and asks how shall he go with the burden of his sins, and says that his time is near now. he eyes her sternly, and asks wafa to get her, and then leaves.

Sarfaraz comes and asks them all to have patience, as ada shall soon come, promising the best of Mujra in all town. he leeringly eyes the money that they got. wafa gets ada, with her head covered, while they both are tensed. lajo is distraught and apalled, as she takes centre stage. sarfaraz introduces her with great appreciation, while the leering men ask her to reveal her face. he asks them to have patience, as the night goes on, they shall see more and more of her. he asks ada to start it, by smiling. they leeringly pass comments. Lajo apologises to the lord for not being able to save the respect of the bharadwaj family. she lifts her veil, and they all comment on the beauty, as she is exposed to the males gathered there, while people start throwing money at her, while she is mortified with embarassment. wafa and sarfarz smirks evilly. Music starts, and then she starts gyrating to the tunes, resignedly, attracting the attention of the leering men, while all watch amused, and start forcing themselves on her, while she tries hard to shove them away, disgusted and apalled. while dancing, she twirls, and then falls in the hands of jamaal peshawari, who makes it his night. the shock alarms her and then wakes her out of her dream, wherein she was imagining all this.

Scene 2:
Location: Rented place, Amritsar
Gunwanti comes out of the washroom, with open hair, while sunder comes out from his room, freshening up, and he is mesmerised as he eyes her, while shr puts clothes on the strings, for drying, oblivious of his piercing watch, as her hair sway in the air. he comes up and stands against the sheet, that she has sprayed on the string. As it moves past due to the wind, they confront each other, both aware of their longing for each other. A romantic eyelock follwows. just then, the landlord comes hollering for her, and she gets tensed, and composes herself, and goes out. he asks for the rent, while she says that she shall pay soon. he insults her, and

Sunder steps in, and asks him to back off, as she said that she shall pay. he insults him too along with her, and asks her who is he, and how is he related to her. sunder grabs him when he eyes her leeringly. Gunwanti is tensed. the landlord asks them to pay up, or else, pack their bags and get lost. Gunwanti is apalled, and immediately apologises on his behalf, and begs him to forgive him, as sunder isnt well. Gunwanti says that she shall pay him. he asks who shall give her work. She talks about the new job. Sunder barges in and says that he shall give him the entire money and she neednt work anywhere, and thats a businessman’s promise, sounding like the old sunder. gunwanti eyes him shocked. The landlord says that they shall see, and if they cant pay, they should leave themselves. he leaves. She eyes sunder and tells him that he neednt work, as he isnt well, and the landlord is exaggerating. sunder says that he cant bear this as a man that the woman goes out to wotk and that from this day forth, he takes his as well as her responsibility, and eyes her lovingly, while she looks at him overwhelmed. he leaves. she asks what did he just say, as when he had gone with lajo, she had resigend herself to this fate, but now these statements, have reignited love in her heart too.

Scene 3:
Location: Brothel, Peshavar
Lajo is petrified, as a shadow makes its way through the store room’s door, while praying for the lord to save her. seeing that its jamaal, she is shocked. jamaal approaches her, while she retreats by reflux, until she is corner. he holds her by the throat, and corners her against a pillar, saying that she might try and run all that she wants, but his trap shall suffocate her freedom everytime. she is disgusted and apalled. the screen freezes on her apalled face.

Precap: Jamaal says that its better that wafa informed him of her whereabouts, thinking that she saved her. Lajo says that the innocent girl doesnt know, that she didnt save but indeed landed her from frying pan into the fire. He says that its enough torments now, and that its time, for her to rest in his kabila, as his wife and the begum sartaz, Aisha. He grabs her, and picks her up over his shoulders. She is apalled and struggles hard. Meanwhile, in the temple, Sunder screams out lajo, as the puja thali accidentally falls on his tattoo, wincing in pain. Gunwanti closes her ears, hearing the intense screams.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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