Lajwanti 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Dargah
Sunder and lajo are overwhelmed to see each other after a long time, and he takes off the thorn from her leg, and then stands to confront her, while she is all teary eyed and emotional. they both hug. Then they finish their rituals together. Sunder and lajo hold hands, and he says that the lord did find her, and that they are united at last. Lajo smiles at him lovingly. meanwhile, yakub finds them from a distance, as they are lost in each other. They however dont realise it. But when yakub comes till there, he finds them gone. he gets to searching them.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
meanwhile, sunder and lajo run on the road, free as a bird, when she is sure that sunder would have come one day definitely to save her, while sunder thinks that he did fulfill his promise to come and save lajo. they eye a shed nearby, and sunder says that they should spend the night in here and can start tomorrow, as noone shall come to search for them here, so as to go back to their land, where they shall always stay together, and noone shall tear them apart. he asks her to have faith on him, and then they enter the shed.

Scene 3:
Location: In the shed
They come inside the shed when she finds him tensed. he says that he had forgoteen how baraatiji sounded in her voice, and narrates how hewas all alone and desolate without her. she too narrates her tormentous tale, as to how she searched for him in everything. She kisses him on the tattoo numerously. He kisses her on the forehead, and says that they might be males, but he got weakeneed without her by his side, and is very happy that he found her yet again. She asks him if he even knows what happeneed, since she left his hand, and is abou to narrate what sarfaraz did…whemn sunder turns away and asks her to stop, as he wont be able to bear what she says. then he hesitantly brings up whether Sarfaraz touched and then swears that he shall give a befitting punishment to him. Lajo is aghast to hear this. she rushes to him, and hugs him sayng that he didnt allow anyone to touch her. He shushes her saying that god is kind on them. she innocently asks what would have happeneed had someone touched her. He asks her not to veen bring this topic up ever again. She hugs him, to calm him down. he says that he shall never leave her, as she is his, and then kisses her. She says that she is extremely hungry.

Later, sunder reshens up, and eyes lajo bathing, through a straw sheet, while she shys away at his gaze. they have a romantic banter, while he gleefully eyes him, as she too sees him mischievously. then she comes out wearing a dhoti and kurta, the only clothes available. A light hearted jester and amusement ensues. they dance together, and are about to go in, when they are startled by someone’s noise. A peer baba sees them together and warns them, that they hould go through the fires of partition yet again, and that destiny shall not be decide by the lines on the hands, but the lines on the ground, between two countries shall decide their destiny. they are scared and tensed to hear this. lajo expresses her scare,. but sunder asks her not to worry, as they dont believe in such sayings. she asks him to be with her, and never part again. They go in. he dons her hear with the vermillion, and says that they shall write their own destiny.
By the night, lajo douses the lights, as he comes close to her, and they get physically intimate. As they lie spent in the bed, someone’s shadow looms over them and then leaves.

A person notifies takub about sunder’s whereabouts, and when he comes to see the shed, he finds it empty. he goes out and again searches. meanwhile, lajo and sunder run for their lives. Sunder shows her the indian flag at a distance, and says that its their country and once they cross this stretch, then they are free. they make a final sprint for it, as they hold hands and run. But in between them and the final line, jameel comes and stands on the horse. they are shocked to see him. Yakub and his men too arrive. Sunder identifies her as his wife, lajo. Jameel says that its his possession, worth 1000. Sunder is shocked to hear this from him, as he eyes lajo, who is aghast. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Sunder and lajo part yet again, as sunder is being taken by the soldiers, and lajo is left there. they start beating him up, while lajo tries to get free from Jameel’s grasp. Lajo is distraught as they take him away.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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