Lajwanti 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Near the border
Lajo and sunder hear har har mahadev and find a hoard moving in huge numbers. she asks where are they going. they say that they are headed towards India, as its the responsibility of the govt, to get Indian people safely across borders. she begs them to take them along too. He complies, but says that only males can go, and a fema hoard is following behind, which she can take. they ask for proof of their being a hindu, as she seems muslim by nature. but she shows them the tattoo, of Baraatiji, and they are convinced. She is told that only males can go. lajo asks him to come along to the border with this crowd, while she meets him there only, as he shouldnt be seen here, since this is yakub mirza’s area. he then gets along, while she says that this time around, she shall defeat destiny, and not let her baraatiji be separated from her ever again. she eyes him longingly, as he leaves.

As men pass and eye her indiscretly, Lajo thinks that she is still in a stranger’s land, and beforelong someone holds her as hindu, she should don the burqa. she comes back dressed in a burqa. Her hand is held by someone, and as she turns around, she is distraught to find Yakub, holding her. she tries to wrestle free, but he holds her back, asking where is Baraatiji, as he thought he had sent him to heaven, but he is destined for hell. She says that he cant have anything happening like that. he forcibly takes her away from there.

Sunder, meanwhile sits near the border, trying to remember what lajo told, but isnt able to remember anything at all. He bangs his head in frustration, as he winces in pain, due to the splitting headache.

Scene 2:
Location: Peshavar Jail
Yakub gets her to the same cell, wherein her baraatiji was kept, while she gets emotional. he says that she wont get him now, and cant rot in jail for life, until jamaal comes to take her. She says that she wont ever see his face again. He asks her to be here and live his memroies, as those are all she has left now. She says that lovers cant be stopped from uniting at any cost, and says that they couldnt capture sunder, and they wont capture her too. He smikrs and begins to leave. she curses him for being an embarassment to the males, as he sells woman, in the garb of being an official. he shuts her up, and then asks the constables to keeo a close watch. After he leaves, she eyes the walls, scribbled with Baraatiji ki lajo, and collapses on the floor, distraught and apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Amritsar Camp
Gunwanti makes a make-shift temple, and after her prayers, she starts serving people food, wherein lal, and other men are eating. as usual sikka and others eye the food hungrily, whereas lal is least interested, lamenting whether his friend sunder even got food or not, and hopes that he is fine across the borders, as its been many times, and there has been no news of him or lajo. Gunwanti tries to appease him saying that there are many forces behind their uniting, and that they shall cross all barriers, and come back soon, having found each other. She gets onto serving others, and finally to a person, under the blanket, who thanks her, and she recognises his voice as sunder’s. when she lifts the blanket, she is shocked, while he doesnt recognise her. she brings this to others’ attention, but they are all shocked, when they find that despite their repeated attempts, he isnt able to remember anything. He remembers lajo as they mention her, but the minute the past starts coming up, he has a piercing headache and then falls unconscious. They are tensed. They hurriedly decide to take him to the doctor.

Scene 4:
Location: Rented hall
Gunwanti asks them to call the doctor. Lal says that they dont have money for the doctor’s visxit, and apologises to sunder. Gunwanti says that she shall give, as she has still that right on him. lal comments that sunder is lucky to have a friend like her. she says that he is unfortunate, as his lajo is gone. Lal hurriedly leaves for the doctor. she then eyes him. A person comes in asking who they got now. He callously comments to gunwanti if its her boyfriend. she is apalled. They ask him to be humble, and let him in, for humanitarian sake. He asks how can they talk about humanity, in such trivial times. He says that sunder’s bed shall need extra rent. Gunwanti complies. the doctor comes and checks him, and tells them to get an x-ray done immediately. she says that he cant remember anything. The doctor says that he suffered major mental trauma, that he doesnt want to remember. gunwanti talks about lajo. the doctor asks them not to stress her, and asks them to definitely get the X-ray done. They comply. he leaves.

Scene 5:
Location: Peshavar Jail
Lajo, while the constable is asleep with the bunch of keys, beside him at the table, makes a rope of her dupatta, and tries to grab the bunch of keys. In her repeated attempts, they fall on the floor, causing a clanking sound, that wakes and alerts the constable, while she is shocked and scared too. she eyes him apalled. He goes back to sleep. She stealthily comes near the bars, and then again with the dupatta, tries to get the keys close to her, within her reach. finally, she is successful, and then she starts trying one key after the other, and gets successful in opening her cell too. She rushes out. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: While walking and rushing ahead, she collides into sarfaraz, who eyes her boggled, as if almost recognising her. She apologises for her mistake, while he is still confused. A strong wind gushes, and the burqa unveils her face, and sarafaraz is shocked, and then amused to see lajo, in muslim attire, while she is too shocked and scared having confronted him yet again.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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