Lajwanti 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the crematorium
kausar is shocked to see him alive, as sunder sits up straight, while she removes the top logs. the priest claims that its miraculous. she says that she was about to sin, by burning him alive. he is still dizzy headed and in a trance, while she says that she knows he is unstable, but right now, they need to leave immediately, so thathe can get to the border, as if her brother, Yakub, as much as gets to know about him being alive, he would again try to take his life. She shows him the bangle, that proves lajo is still alive. He eyes it unable to comprehand and fathom anything, as he looks around listlessly. she says that first, he has to arrive at the border, to be safe abnd secure, wherein she shall get his lajo to him, so that they can be united. She says that they should get along, as they dont have much time. he comes down. kausar asks the priest for one last help, after he has been of so much help to them. the priest complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Jamaal tenthouse
Lajo is super excited at the prospect of sunder being alive again, as signalled by the diya alighting yet again, after dousing. she excitedly screams that sunder is alive, as she chants the ardaas. Just then, she hears Norran’s screams and wonders whats the matter. Meanwhile, in her tent, nooran screams in stomachache, while the maid attends to her. jamaal comes in asking whats the matter. She complains of severe stomach ache about his wife, and he rushes to get the hakim. the hakim comes and checks her Pulse. then he tells jamaal, with great unfortunate luck, that she doesnt have the good luck to become a mother, and sire him an heir. he gets agitated that he waited for five years, and now he gets to know that its in vain. hakim says that she doesnt have much blood, and then takes their leave. jamaal is frustrated, as he eyes her, and tells the servant, to prepare, as when she is awake, she should be at her mother’s, as she isnt needed here anymore. she complies. he begins to leave. He then comes back to ask the maid, to call for the priest immediately. After she leaves, in compliance, the wife gets up and begs him not to do this, as she belongs here, as his wife, by his side. she says that she shall try again, or else they shall adopt, and asks him not to leave her, as she needs him. He says that those who cant fulfill his needs, he doesnt need them at all. he storms out. She cries incoherently. the maid tries to console the wife, asking her not to cry, as its in vain, since they wont affect jamaal at all, and comments that she has never seen a more emotionless man in her entire life. Nooran gets tensed. She says that she deliberately ignored his evil motives, and that she has to pay the price for this sin. she says that she only wanted his love, but maybe she didnt deserve that in the fate. She asks her to hurry up, as they have to leave, before she has to see the unbearable scene of her own husband marrying someone else. the maid blames lajo, and his incessant pbsession about her, since she came. the wife says that she doesnt wish to hear any word against him, and maybe god is punishing her for something, as she is infertile, and cant sire him an heir, one that he wants and needs the most. She wonders how this happened. she is in despair, while the maid servant tends to her.

Meanwhile, Jamaal comes to lajo’s room. She asks what did he do to his wife. He says that he didnt, but whatever was done, was done by destiny, and informs what happened, and how she is being sent to her mother’s. he says that he doesnt need her now. she is shocked, and asks what kind of a man is he, and whether woman have any existence for him or not. she says that right now, his wife needs him the most, and he is deserting her, and asks if he even has a heart. He asks why is she so sympathetic to her, as she isnt related at all. Lajo retorts that she isnt, but he is, as nooran is his wife, and asks if even understands what it means. she asks him to go and ask her Baraati, what it means, as he doesnt even deserve to be called a human, as an animal even is better than him, and that he is worse than Raavan. he says that he is, but whatever is happening, is on its own. jamaal tells lajo, as she is tied, that the whole world is working towards uniting them. He says that now he shall get to spend quality time with her. He says that now he shall do what even Raavan didnt do with Sita and caresses her face, saying that he called the priest. he then tells her that he shall marry her, and then she shall give him the heir that he needs. She is apalled to hear this. He says that she should get ready to get married to him. she says that it wont happen, as she shall live and die with sunder, and asks him to refrain, as his madness shall cost him dearly, as marrying her is far stretched, he wont be able to even touch her. he says that he can consummate his relation with her, even before marriage, if he wants, but he doesnt want to, as their child shall be illegitimate then. he says that he cant let that happen. he says that their heir shall get the rightful place, and it shall be called aisha and jamaal’s heir, their son. The wife hears this from outside, is apalled and distraught. Inside, he says that he needs an heir the most right now, and she shall give it to him. She says that Nooran Bibi is like her elder sister, and she would never do that to her. She says that nooran is his rightful wife and that this right is only hers, and when a woman curses, he wont be able to get back on his feet. she says that maybe her voice isnt reaching the lord, but she is sure, that norran’s lord shall be understanding her pain and apathy. The wife prays ardently outside, overwhelmed at lajo’s words. He says that she told him whats a woman, and now he shall tell her whats a man. He says that men decide their fate, and lord himself has given them the right. he says that Nooran’s fate was decided the day, he was informed, that she wont be able to sire a child. he says that its for later to be decided, that she shall be able to sire a child or not, but she become someone else’s wife, that he wont accept. He asks her to ready herself, for being her servant, while he is the master. he leaves while she is distressed. she eyes the diya, and hopes sunder comes soon, still keeping her hope alive, to be able to get out of this ominous phase, and that his life is the greatest strength, for her to go on, and she shall find a way to avoid tomorrow’s trauma. nooran comes in and hears this She asks her why has she lost hope. nooran asks what can she hope for, as he is marrying her. Lajo says that its all in her hands, as she can stop this marriage, by freeing her right now, and helping her meet her baraati ji. Nooran is aghast and asks if she isnt scared of his ire. Lajo says that she is not scared of anything, and she only hopes to meet him. She rants excitedly as to how they shall overwhelmingoly meet each other, when they finally do after this separation. she says that she awaits that moment, and begs her to take her to sunder. Nooran denies and gets to go, saying that this would be catastrophic. She says that it would be catastrophic if she doesnt listen to her request. Lajo begs her to rethink and do what she tells her to, as its three lives in question, her, sunder’s and Nooran’s herself. Nooran is set to thinking, but then hastily walks out.

Scene 3:
Location: Near the border
Sunder walks listlessly on the road, dressed in muslim attire, remembering what kausar had told him, that he needs to go to the border, and wait by the dhaba, wherein he shall have to remember that he has to pose as a Muslim, and wait for her to get back to him, his lajo. he continues walking as he spots the dhaba.

Scene 4:
Location: Jamaal’s tenthouse
Later, while she is packing her bags, Kausar comes and asks nooran whether she recognises this bangle. nooran remembers how she had snatched it from her hands. kausar says that this bangle is proof that lajo is somwhere here only, in this Kabila. Nooran says that there isnt any lajo here, and asks her to go away from here, or else she shall tell her husband that she is here yet again, and this time around, he wont spare her. she eyes nooran tensedly. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Lajo and jamaal, sit both dressed, for their nikaah, while he is served a drink by the maid and nooran. Lajo is extremely tensed and worried. As they wait, he drinks and finishes it. his eyes roll over, and he falls unconscious. Lajo is boggled and eyes nooran. nooran tells Lajo, that she mixed afeem in his drink, and tells that her maid, shall leave her at the border, where her Baraati ji is waiting for her. Lajo is ecstatic and emotionally overwhelmed to hear this, as she eyes nooran with gratitude.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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