Ladka Deewana Aya (SanVeer) Chapter 5 – Savitri Devi College And Hospital

Hi guys…how are you all….hope you have had a good day…and i hope you enjoy this episode…..and one thing more do you want Kabir and Veer as brothers? It will play a crucial part in this fiction…let me know down below…!!

MY HEART STOOD THERE IN DISBELIEF… could have he done this to me… heart shattered into a million pieces…HE HAD……i did not even want to talk about it………i assembled my stuff and essentials and crashed back to my house pouring my heart out to ice cream…….that was the only thing that could comfort me right now….my phone beeped and beeped but i was not ready to pick the PHONE……i had been hurt but no like this…..i could not control myself anymore and i called Pragya to tell her but only one thing she heard was cries and tears….she rushed to my house and came running to my bedroom to comfort me…….and soon i had told her whatever i had seen and like a best friend she took care of me….joining my sorrows to make them less…!!!

Soon, it was time for college….i had gotten over my sorrows and attacked my wardrobe to assemble an outfit to show that i was a strong and independent woman who did not need a man’s shadow to stay safe…i adored myself into a yellow lace bardot top with light wash jeans with a brown frill shoulder bag and wore black high heels and embellished myself with stud earrings with an silver necklace to adore my body…..

As soon as i reached college all eyes were on me like not looking at me but glaring at me…i stepped up the stairs and made my way up to Pragya…..i asked her what was going on and she only replied with two words….He’s Back…i stood their with disbelief but i remembered my promise i made to myself that I WILL NOT LET BOYS TAKE CONTROL OF ME and brushed it off…Pragya kept asking me if i was fine and i replied that i am and what will he do if he is back….Someone tapped to me on my back and i spun around to see Veer who kept asking me what happened and why i was ignoring him but i only said one thing GO AWAY…..i did not or want to talk about what happened that night…i left to which veer kept asking Pragya what had happened to which she told him everything which made veer realise what he had done which upset me..!

He ran behind me and ran until to the point i got annoyed and asked him what his problem was to which he replied its not what you thought it to be….i replied with do i have fool written on my forehead…he kept nagging me until HE CAME AND TOLD VEER TO BACK OFF, what was he doing here and what did he have in plan to do to me……I could not believe he had come back and i rushed to my room,i could not live he was back to ruin my life…..i broke my mirror and took my wrist to finish my life because i could not take it anymore but i was interrupted by Veer……..!

Precap:Sanchi is in the rain in a stranded place and veer asks her who that boy was and she is about to tell veer but she falls unconscious….veer decides to…!!

  1. Thanks Amna for updating and who is this boy and what did veer do… dying out of suspense

    1. AMNA_star

      thanks and you will find out in the next epsiode

  2. Nice update and yes i want veer and kabir as brothers…….then it will get interesting….!!

    1. AMNA_star

      thanks tartie

  3. i love this so freaking much amna…..thanks for posting this and kabir and veer as brothers yes

  4. amna thnanks for this update and what has veer done an d who is thst boy!

    1. AMNA_star

      your welcome and you will get the answers in the next episode

  5. LOVE this episode…..update soon

    1. AMNA_star

      thanks and will soon

  6. I am in love with this episode but how come you don’t use speech anymore? (i’m sorry if i hurt you ok)

    1. AMNA_star

      thanks and i dont use speech because i dont like writing in that format

  7. It’s amazing dear, mysterious one,i hope the mystery will unfold soon
    I will definitely like veer nd kabir as a brother.
    Post next one soon. Take care.

    1. AMNA_star

      thanks for your response and will update soon tc

  8. Ziyarasheed

    God, not fair Yaar. Again you left us on pins. What did sanchi see and what is all this drama about. And even the update was too short. It’s like practically you took us on a short drive and drove in circles to drop us at the same point. Pls pls pls tell us what happened….

    1. AMNA_star

      i ll have an extra long update today or tomorrow which answers yours question

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