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Hi Guys…..Hope you’ve had a good day….I’m finally back so i will be updating Ladka Deewana Aya every tuesday….hope you enjoy this episode….let me know what you think in the comments below…..I’m also thinking of adding a negative character…so let me know what character you want as the negative male lead…….

Days had past on from Veer asking for the homecoming dance….and nagging me at school….but i had a feeling burst in me,which was happiness which i could not understand because i should have been angry and guilty why i accepted his offer…but i felt happy….Was i FALLING for him…..but a thought came to mind that i should not be charmed by him because he would hurt me sooner or later….but i could not control my self….i had happiness rushing down my veins..!!

I stumbled towards my bed and cuddled myself with my bear thinking of Veer and me….but i also had thoughts bounce in my mind that i liked Kabir….but were those feelings over…was i attracted to Veer….i could not control these thoughts and fell to my deep slumber….I awoke from my slumber and cruised across to the window to observe the beautiful horizon accompanied with birds who sang their mesmerizing tunes….FINALLY IT WAS THE DAY FOR OUTFIT SHOPPING….i planed to go with my best friend Pragya…..who was there for me in bad times..!!

It took us hours and hours to find the perfect dress…….but i finally found my perfect dress…….it was a flowy red bardot dress which showed of my sculpted shoulders…..i embellished that with wavy tassel earrings which showed off my ears and i wore a bracelet which shone on my hand……….!!Finally it was Homecoming Day….i jumped of my bed and rushed to Pragya’s house to get ready for this BIG DAY….and finally after a 5 hours we got ready…..Veer was horning his head off outside Pragyas house but he did not know that photo shoot awaited..!!

I rushed down and told him that we needed to shoot pictures and after explaining to him he agreed and we went to the studio to shoot the pictures….!!

Photographer:Assemble into a line from veer to sanchi to pragya to karan….

Sanchi:This is so fun Right VEER”

Veer:For you and not me, how do you girls do this???

Photographer:Now hold your partners waist and get together close!


Veer proceeded closer to me and tightened his hands around my waist and carsed my hair and we posed and i know this photo would be be memorable to me and Veer ………

Finally…we had completed our photoshoot and we reached to the venue of homecoming… surrounded the venue and gave me romantic vibes…….me and pragya turned ways and i went to take pictures with my friends and there i saw Isha giving me the stare but why? I did not have feelings for kabir or did i feel jealous…..she came close to me and said watch your back sanchi…..!! I felt intrigued why she said those words to me……what had i done now?

I did not take her words seriously and i had an good time and then the music blasted to its highest pitch (There’s nothing holdin me back)…..I felt an slight touch to my waist to find Veer cuddling me and said 5 words that touched me ‘ everything starts with a kiss ‘and he captured my lips into deep and passionate kiss. I put my hands around his neck and hugged him and i said the best words that could have come out of my mouth ” I Love You ! “…….soon the night went past in moments but me and Veer had captured our best moments ever in our lives…..i felt like something had been completed……

Kabir stood in shock and looked at the ground with disbelief…..i rushed to ask what happened as a friend and not a lover because i had found my soulmate already…….

Sanchi: What happened kabir……

Kaabir: i wanted to tell you this for a long time that…….um i

Sanchi: What kabir…..say that?

Kabir: i like you ALOT and want us to be more than……

Sanchi: im sorry but i love Veer…..

Kabir:but why that ruthless boy……you BELONG WITH ME…..

Sanchi: Don’t say that about Veer and i have to go……….

I rushed out of the venue with different emotion running down me……..but as i stood outside i warched the worst thing ever………



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  1. ChandanaSSV

    Thanks you for continuing the story….. The episode was just osm….. ???…. Tc dear….. Eagerly waiting for the nxt post….

  2. Love it….finally You updated

  3. No problem dear ,fabulous ep….
    And about neg lead add a new character & if able add some jellisi track….(its just my point of view sry if you r hurt)

    1. AMNA_star

      i was thinking of a jealousy track to and take care

  4. Loved the episode..and i would like an negative character such as vidyut..and i would like an veer and kabir as brothers please…….

    1. AMNA_star

      thannks for your opnion

  5. really enjoyed it and please a new negative charcter and when will season 2 begin and when will the next episode be out/……

    1. AMNA_star

      season 2 will begin in episode 15 and i will be posting reguarly now

  6. Fantastic update….please dont discontinue this

    1. AMNA_star

      thanks and i wont discontinue this yaar

  7. lovelt yaar…..jado kardiya mujhbar and i want them as brothers and i want an negative leed

    1. AMNA_star

      thanks dear and i will have a negative lead

  8. Ziyarasheed

    Good to have you back dear. But what was with all these suspense….what is veer upto. And what did Isha mean. If Kabir loved sanchi then what was he doing with Isha. And the biggest question, what did sanchi see. Did Isha step in.???
    Pls come back soon with all the answers.
    And since sanchi has been hurt by both the men, I want you to turn sanchi’s character into a strong and bold one with I won’t take any of your nonsense wala attitude…

    1. AMNA_star

      You will find all your answers in the next two updates and ill have one episode by tonight or tomorrow

  9. It’s awesome dear, Post next part soon

    1. AMNA_star


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