Ladies Special 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Wish To Help Meghna

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Ladies Special 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana and Viraj spend whole night in local train after being tied by thieves. In the morning, passengers enter train and free them. They get down train hurriedly. At home, Punith worried for Prarthana walks towards door to search her when Prarthana walks in. He emotionally hugs her, and she says she is fine. Viraj enters next. Rachna sees his shoes missing and asks what happened to him.

Mandar helps Meghna in household chores and seeing her stitched frock reminisces her stitching it whole night. He walks to her and asks why did not she sleep whole night. She says she will speak to him after filling water. He prepares choc milk for her. She drinks and says it is very tasty, asks how was her frock design. He says whatever she does will be best. She says whatever he prepares for her will be best. After sometime, she informs him that she asked her neigbor ladies to stitch different design frocks for her and she will take order showing it to clients, will pay them extra wages once she gets paid. Mandar asks if they agreed. Meghna says why not. He says she is she is more than superwoman.

Amar sees Mota pappa with Bindu and Mota mamma counting money and asks what are they doing. Mota pappa says they are counting Bindu and Mota mamma’s savings, and Bindu will invest this amount. Bindu informs Amar that she will invest her savings in Meghna’s company as she needs help. Amar says she can take help from him as he wants to see her and her friend happy, he can do at least that for his friend.

Meghna, Prarthana, and Bindu meet at local train. Prarthana describes how thieves attacked her and Viraj and took away their mobile and wallet. Meghna informs that she has started her garment business again and shows her stitched frock. Bindu informs she wants to invest in her company and describes about Amar’s decision to help them. Meghna says she is lucky to have a friend like her and thanks her. Bindu says there is no sorry and thank you in friendship.

Kangana attends a juvenile patient and frightens boy’s parents that he has heart issue, so she will call Amar. Amar reaches hospital and checking boy says it is food poisoning and boy will be alright in a week. He asks Kangana to his cabin and scolds why she frightened boy’s parents. She says she did not have any other option to meet him, he is ignoring her since many days. He says he loves her, but he needs sometime. She says she cannot see him with Bindu. She tries to hug him, but he pushes her and asks to behave in public place.

Prarthana reaches office and finds a new mobile as gift from office. Das calls her and says he sent reward for her help in presentation, she saved company’s dignity. He says he heard her mobile is stolen. She asks how does he know. He nervously says someone informed him in office. Viraj helps sketch artist prepare thief’s sketch and says he befriended them and they revealed a lot about them. Prarthana says sketch is enough to search them and walks away. Das asks if he is worried about his belongings. Viraj says he would have given his belongings himself, they should not have taken Prarthana madam’s belongings. Das senses his growing attraction towards Prarthana and suggests him to get recommendation letter from Prarthana and join board of director, he will not meet Prarthana after that. Viraj thinks how can he do that.

Precap: Kangana insists Bindu to meet her at least for 5 minutes. Mandar and Meghna’s romantic nok jhok. Punith collapses and Prarthana rushes to him.

Update Credit to: MA

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