Ladies Special 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar Surprises Kangana

Ladies Special 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar over phone informs Kangana that Bindu signed divorce papers. Kangana excitedly jumps and says she cannot believe it. Amar says she has gone mad and he likes her madness. She asks him to come home, she will order dinner and cake for him. He says not today as he if feeling sad for Kangana, they got what they wanted, he needs some time to get over it. Mota pappa wakes up and hears his conversation and falls asleep again. After sometime, Mota pappa snores loudly and Amar is unable to sleep. Bindu is also unable to sleep due to Moti mummy snoring. They both walk out of their rooms and sit on sofa. Amar says her eyes are red. Bindu says she is worried for Prarthana and Viraj, their life changed so suddenly. Amar says yes. Bindu says sometimes they wait long to get something and sometimes they get it suddenly, sometimes it is the other way. Their chatting continues. Prarthana and Viraaj don’t get sleep hearing Rachna’s snoring. She messages him if he is awake. He replies yes. She says romance on chat is nice. They both go to kitchen to prepare coffee holding each other’s hand. Punith sitting nearby studying on laptop asks to prepare coffee for him also. Viraaj asks what is he doing. Punith says he is studying. viraaj asks in dark. Punith says he did not want to disturb them. Viraaj says he is not getting sleep. Punith says he can understand as he lost everything so suddenly. Viraaj says let us pray for papa as he is looking at us from heaven.

Meghna sitting on local train station bench with Mandar asks him if they will get their children’s admission in that school. He says yes. She says they should as she is Swapna Garment’s owner. She asks if he will love their third child. He says yes. She says after delivery, she will shift to a high rise apartment; falls asleep on his shoulder. Khadar bhai sights Ramadan moon and prays god to clear Mandar and Meghna’s differences. Baba also prays god same. Mota pappa prays for Bindu and Amar’s unity, Moti mummy also prays same. Next morning, Bindu and Amar are seen sleeping on sofas, Meghna and Mandar on bench, Punith and Viraj/Prarthana on dining chairs.

Next morning, Sachin and Swapna return from school trip and ask Mandar if aayi/Meghna will scold them. Mandar says so. They walk into home and call Meghna. Meghna happily hugs them. They ask if they can meet Sachin. Mandar permits. Meghna says Jyoti will create issue. Mandar says she will not and reminds her that they need to meet Khadar bhai. Family meets Khadar bhai, children wish him Eid Mubarak. Meghna offers him sevaiyan.

Precap: Mota pappa dances and says he found first alliance for Bindu. Mandar alleges Ram for stealing his item. Meghna warns Mandar to dare not touch her employee. Jyoti takes Mandar’s side.

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