Ladies Special 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Special Gift For Amar

Ladies Special 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraaj with Prarthana and her father walks in and sees his mother throwing tantrum and Rachna fanning her with news paper. Mother says it is very hot here and they should get AC soon. Racha says Viraaj will do something. Mother says she wants to get out of this mess soon. Viraaj opens door hearing door bell and sees Seetaram with his suitcase. At Meghna’s house, she tries to fix Mandar’s tie watching video but fails. Mandar fixes tie watching video and says he did it. Meghna says she made him fix it. Their nok jhok continues. She takes selfie with him. He says he likes her in sari. She says modern dress is only for today and they will remember it via selfie later. They both then leave home for children’s school interview.

Kangana gets cake for Amar. Aamr cuts cake while his colleagues clap for him. Bindu calls him and congratulating him says she has a special surprise for him at home. Amar says he will return home soon then. He thanks Kangana for cake and says he is going home as Bindu called him. She asks when will she spend time with him. He says soon and starts praising Bindu that he is healthy today because of Bindu, she sacrificed so much and prayed for him, all the credit goes to her. Kangana gets jealous and asks what about her and her father’s contribution. Amar says he is thankful to them, but even for surgery Bindu convinced him and increased 2% chance to 200%. Kangana stands burning in jealousy while Amar leaves. Punith walks in next and taunts Kangana. Kangana angrily throws paper weight on him. He says it is nice murder weapon and acts as throwing back on her. She gets afraid and says truth is Amar loves her and will marry her. Punith says he will pity on Amar if he marries psycho woman.

Sitaram gives money to Viraaj and says he got it by stealing car logos from his house and selling them. Prarthana’s father asks if one can earn money from car logos. Viraaj says costly cars are costly because of their logo. Sitaram shows a few more antique pieces and says he will sell them and get more money. Prarthana says no. Sitaram asks to accept her sasumaa’s cosmetics at least as they are costly they cannot get them even after selling their blood and kidneys. Prarthana is stunned to see 10,000 rs tag on a small cosmetic bottle. Sitaram says her sasumaa is a high maintenance lady.

Meghna and Mandar attend interview. Interviewer lady greets them in English. Mandar requests to interview them in Hindi or Marathi. Lady continues interview and asks what they do. Mandar says he is a manager at… Meghna stops him and says they have a garment factory, Swapna garments. Lady asks why they want to admit their children in this reputed school. Meghna says she wants to move on with change. Mandar says he was happy with old school as it teaches them their traditional past. Lady says she liked their modern and traditional thinking and asks their address. Mandar gives chawl address. Lady feels weird and Meghna feels angry.

Precap: Bindu gives divorce papers to Amar as gift.
Jyoti’s son asks Meghna were are Sachin and Swapna. Meghna says they went on a school trip.
Jyoti says she cannot afford school trip. Meghna says she would have sponsored.

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