Ladies Special 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna Over-Practicality Worries Mandar

Ladies Special 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana meets Bindu in local railway station and asks why did she call her here. Babita says 2 rats barged into her house and bit all her family’s clothes, they even were about to cut gas pipe when she entered on time and they ran away. Prarthana asks her to trap rats and throw them away. Bindu starts another story. Prarthana asks to stop her stories and tell the reason she called here. Bindu thinks she has to keep her busy till Viraaj executes his plan. Viraaj reaches Prarthana’s house and knocks door. Rachna (artist changed now) opens door. Viraaj says he came here to take her and uncle’s blessings. Rachna asks him to come in and speak to uncle while she gets tea for him. He walks to Prarthana’s father who fumes reminiscing Prarthana emotional breakdown. Viraaj greets him. Rachna brings tea for him. Viraaj says he did wrong by lying Prarthana and wants to give the happiness she deserves.

Prarthana asks Bindu the real reason she called her, if Amar is fine. Bindu says he is fine and wants to rejoin hospital, but he cannot do surgeries. Prarthana suggests to hire an assistant for Amar who will be with him all the time and help him in all his chores. Bindu tries to explain her that she has to look positive side of life and stop negative thinking and move ahead in life. Viraaj returns to her and signals his plan failed, reminiscing Prarthana’s father yelling at him that he would have trapped Prarthana with his buttery talks and is a lier and kicks him out of house. Bindu gets up and leaves suddenly telling Prarthana hat she has some important work. Prarthana thinks what happened to her suddenly. Viraaj walks behind Bindu thinking he has to somehow convince Prarthana.

Puneeth excitedly reaches Meghna’s house with certificates and asks why she called him. Meghna says she needs an accountant for her finance department. Puneeth gets more excited thinking she will offer him a job. Meghna says she needs someone who is at least MCom pass and has prior experience with added computer knowledge. Puneeth gets sad hearing that. Meghna notices file in his hand and asks if he is going somewhere. He says for job interview and walks away sadly. Mandar gets sad noticing this. Meghna tells family that tomorrow is Gudi parva and they will get new clothes for everyone. Mandar confronts her and asks when house is newly painted and she needs new people, why she wants to spend on old people. Meghna asks to be specific. Mandar asks why did she call Puneeth and broke his heart. She says she needs a qualified person for finance department. He asks if she wants to replace Jyoti and break even her heart. Meghna says there is no emotion in business and she will do whatever is best for her business. He asks even with breaking old relationships?

Bindu and Viraaj walk towards Meghna’s house to seek her help. Puneeth sees Bindu and stops. Viraaj hides seeing Puneeth. Puneeth asks what is she doing here. She says Viraaj. Puneeth shouts where is he, he will not spare Viraaj. Viraaj gets tensed hearing that.

Precap: Rachna informs Prarthana that Viraaj had come to apologize, but her father kicked him out of house. Father shouts he left decision on Prarthana. Puneeth sees Viraaj and brutally trashes him.

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