Ladies Special 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna and Mandar’s Makeover

Ladies Special 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu suggests Mota pappa and mummy to get her also married after Amar and Kangana’s marriage. Moti mummy interferes. Bindu says if they don’t her to remarry, then fine. Mota pappa says her idea is right. Moti mummy asks what rubbish he is speaking. Mota pappa says Bindu is his daughter and he will find a boy for her. Bindu gets nervous. Mota pappa says he will find a much better boy than Amar from his community. At Meghna’s house, she comes out wearing modern dress. Mandar stands amazed with mouth open. Meghna shuts his mouth. He asks what happened to her. She asks if she is looking beautiful and gives him suit pant to wear. He says he does not like it. Baba says suit does not suit Mandar. Meghna insists Mandar to wear it as they are going for their children’s international school interview. Mandar asks if she does not like the school they went. Meghna explains him value of upgradation and asks if he is using same old phone. He argues that she is working hard to send her children abroad, what if they don’t return. She says she knew he would give similar example, did not he see even Viraaj and Amar studied abroad, but returned back to their parents. Mandar says they only 2 cases, more than 50% abroad studied students are settled there and never returned to their parents. Meghna scolds him not to be always negative. On the other side, Ram asks Jyoti to give him tiffin soon as he is getting late for Meghna’s work. Jyoti taunts he has become Meghna’s peon. Ram says Meghna has many responsibilities on her and she is handling alone in her pregnancy. Jyoti says if Meghna was right, she would not have left her alone in her pregnancy. Ram continues taking Meghna’s side and walks away. Jyoti says they all love Meghna and wants her to change her one-sided behavior. Mandar comes out wearing blazer. Meghna gets excited seeing him in blazer and complements him. His tantrums start and he says

Amar returns to hospital after recovering from surgery. His subordinates congratulate him and hope he will take transplant center’s forward. Amar takes his seat and coughs. Punith asks if he is fine and goes to get water for him. Kangana enters and hugs Amar. Amar reciprocates. Punith returns. They both get conscious, and Kangana asks Punith to bring Amar’s subordinates.

Prarthana informs Viraaj that she served 5 different teas to mummyji, but she did not like even one. Viraaj says mummy ji likes special Darjeeling tea. Prarthana says let us go to darjeeling then. Viraaj says mummy will change over time. Prarthana’s father brings long grocery list and says Viraaj’s mummy odered it, but he cannot understand a few items. Viraaj takes list saying he will bring it.

Bindu speaks to lawyer and requests her to get Amar and her divorce as soon as possible. Lawyer says court does not agree so easily and needs both party’s consent. Bindu says then there is no problem at all. Moti mummy asks Mota pappa if he will really get Bindu remarried. He says no as he knows what is in Bindu’s mind, he knows what to do and has thought about it well.

Precap: School interviewer asks Meghna’s addresses, Mandar gives chawl’s address. Bindu over phone informs Amar that she has a surprise birthday gift for him.

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