Ladies Special 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Meghna Insists Mandar’s Boss To Apologize Mandar

Ladies Special 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu prays that Ashok’s girlfriend Kangana should get divorce from her husband soon to marry Ashok. Ashok thanks her and says after 6 months, Kangana will divorce her husband and marry him, Bindu can stay with them if she wants. Bindu says there is no need for that. Bindu’s father hears their conversation and asks Bindu why did she hide such a big secret. Bindu’s father tells that he knows her secret that she prepares excellent Chinese dishes. Bindu relaxes. He gives her home made snacks and says Faibaa/grandmaa sent them for damadji. Ashok enters and touches feet. Father hugs him. Ashok says he is having fever and asks to get his checkup. Father says he will be fine with herbal concoction. Bindu says she will get papa to hospital, it will take 23-25 min. Everyone


At Prarthana’s house, house owner Sawant enters. Father congratulates him for his daughter’s wedding and apologizes for not attending wedding as he was busy in recording. He asks Prarthana to serve water to owner. She does. Sawant says he is busy and came to speak to Prarthana and takes her out. Puneeth thinks why did he take Tai out, what is so important. Sawanth takes Prarthana out and asks why did not she inform him about Puneeth’s arrest, he would have used his contacts and freed him beforehand. Prarthana says she managed. He insists for marriage and says he has not deposited rent cheque and will wait for her call. She says she does not his help from hereon and will deposit rent cheque in his account directly. He walks away fuming. Prarthana reminisces her earlier days in office when boss tries to get intimate with her and she walks out of job. Puneeth walks in and asks what was owner telling. Prarthana says he was discussing about rent. He insists. She says she told him already. He gives his promise and asks to tell truth and gives his promise. She stops. He hugs her emotionally and says she used to tell him everything like a bestfriend, now what happened. She tells him whole story. He fumes that he will break old man’s bones. She stops him and says this is not the first time, she is facing these kind of harrassments since years, thanks brother for listening to her like a true friend and says whatever she will do now without fear, she needs his help.

Meghna takes Mandar to his workplace to make his boss apologize him for calling him thief in front of whole society. Mandar requests her to return home as boss may dismiss him from work. She says management changed whole staff except him because of his honesty. She gathers staff and asks if they love their dignity or not. Boss enters and asks her to go home and asks Mandar to get back to his desk. Meghna insists boss to apologize Mandar. Boss says he will give 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 rs increment. Megha insists that Mandira’s self-respect is not so small, they don’t need boss’ money,boss should apologize. She walks away telling Mandar she will wait for him outside, it is his decision now. Boss asks Mandar to take 2000 rs increment and get back to his desk. Colleagues suggest Mandar to accept increment as wife will agree with a gift. Mandar looks at Meghna and resigns job. He walks out smiling at Meghna. Meghna happily runs and hugs him.

Precap: Meghna decides to open own garment factory. Prarthana tells Puneeth that Sawant wanted to buy her, she will not forgive him. Bindu takes her father to Ashok’s hospital. Ashok’s girlfriend hugs him. Father stands shocked while Bindu stands sadly.

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