Ladies Special 31st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar Breaks Bindu’s Heart

Ladies Special 31st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mota pappa asks Amar if he wants for forgo Bindu’s sacrifices, her services, her good nature, etc. Amar says only he knows what Bindu is for him and nobody can take Bindu’s place in his heart. Mota pappa asks then why he is giving Bindu’s place to Kangana. Amar says he loves Kangana and Bindu is his friend. Mota pappa asks why can’t he love his friend. Amar says because he loved Kangana before he met Bindu and he cannot change his feelings for anyone. Bindu gets disheartened hearing that and with teary eyes says Amar is right, it is time to reunite Kangana and Amar.

Prarthana is busy cooking when Meghna calls her and asks how is the situation now, how is her mother-in-law/MIL. Prarthana says her MIL is a big problem creator and describes all her tantrums in details.

At Meghna’s factory, Meghna promotes Khadar bhai and makes him her new factory’s in-charge. She says she will promote all her hard working employees, she opened one more factory within 6 months with her hard work and will continue climbing success ladder. Mandar walks in next to take Meghna for children’s school admission interview. Khadar bhai happily informs about his promotion in new factory. Mandar is surprised to hear that and confronts Meghna for not informing him about her new factory and making him feel a stranger. She asks him to get inside home first.

Mota pappa and mamma fume hearing Amar’s answer and show concern for Bindu. Bindu says they should accept the truth and approve Amar and Kangna’s wedding. They say they consider her as their daughter and how can they see her life being ruined. Bindu says if they consider her as daughter, they should get her married to someone else after Amar and Kangana’s marriage.

Precap: Meghna and Mandar attend school interview ready in modern attire and blazer, Mandar tries to speak truth and Meghna boasts about her business and lavish life.

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  1. Meghna Mandan story is now like Hindi medium 2017 movie.

  2. Somebody should tell Amar big fact, which Kangana and her father hid from his family about big risk involved in his surgery and also about excessive bleeding from his neck post surgery due to Kangana’s father .

  3. Abdallah zawiya

    Prathna has ruined viraj family she is a shadowless fool she has destroyed his family may God never give a person a wife like prathna

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