Ladies Special 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Meghna, Babita, and Prarthana Reminisce Their Lives Struggles

Ladies Special 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna, Babita, and Prarthana meet again at wedding venue. Babita starts her commentary. Prarthana asks her to speak less and walks away. Babita tells Meghna she felt bad seeing her money stolen and offers monetary help. Meghna says she will take money from her friend. Babita if she wants social media friendship request, they traveled in train and shared seat, so they are friends now. Meghna’s friend Sunita meets her. Meghna says she is her childhood friend. Babita greets and walks away. Meghna asks Sunita to loan 500 rs shagun money. Greedy Meghna gives 2000 rs instead. Meghna says she will patym her.

After wedding, Babita suggests bride to not let groom near her until he finds his name in her mehandi hand and jokes one of her friend’s husband spent whole night searching

his 14 characters. Bride asks Bindu how much time her husband took to find her name. Bindu reminisces meeting her husband for the first time on her wedding night and seeing him nervous offers friendship first to make him feel relaxed. He says if they are friends now, he wants to confess biggest truth, they can only be friends as he married her under family’s pressure and loves someone else. She stands shattered. Out of flashback, bride asks Bindu what is she thinking. Bindu says nothing and congratulates her again.

Guests meet bride and groom. Prarthana meets her house owner/bride’s father and apologizing him for paying rent late pays 4 months’ rent. Old man says it is okay and says his daughter was 10 years old when his wife died and he bought her up alone, now he wants to settle down, so he wants to marry her saying he has own 3 BHK flat and will not take rent from her parents, her life will be settled. Prarthana walks away. Her friend says next number is hers. Rachna calls Prarthana, but she does not pick call.

Bindu’s friends see her sad and ask reason. Bindu says she gets sad remembering her wedding when she sees someone’s wedding. Friends say she is so jovial and her mehandi designs are so pretty, they want her to draw mehandi during all their wedding functions. Bindu excitedly says she carries mehandi cones everywhere and shows bag. Once they leave, Bindu gets sad going into flashback again where her husband Amar asks if she is shocked hearing his revelation. Bindu says it is okay, friendship is best thing in life and asks if there is problem in his kundali as he did not marry his girlfriend. He says his girlfriend broke up with him and went to USA, then he heard she married there, so he married Bindu on mota papa’s order, but during wedding he got his girlfriend’s call who said she is dying. He asks what happened to her. She apologizes for her mistake and should not have gone away from him and married Joy, she wants divorce now and wants to live with him, but it is too late looking at sleeping pill bottle, says he did right by marrying another girl and tries to consume pills. Amar stops her and says he still loves her. She says even she loves him. Out of flashback, he says she loves him a lot. Bindu asks if he also loves her. He says yes, if Kangana had not married in USA, he would not have married Bindu.

Meghna tries calling her husband Mandhar calculating howmuch thief stole from her. Mandhar picks call, just then police arrests him. Meghna’s neighbor Jyoti calls her and informs police arrested Mandhar. Rachna calls Prarthana and informs police came to arrest her brother. They both run towards their house. Bindu sits holding her mangalsutra.

Precap: Prarthana’s brother in police station tells her he did not steal car. Meghna stops police from searching house and says it is question of their dignity. Constable tells Prarthana that car’s owner came. Prarthana is surprised to see Bindu as car owner.

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