Ladies Special 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Will Meghna change her mind?

Ladies Special 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prathana and Viraj: Prathana present watch to viraj, and both remember how Viraj lied about his original 5 lac watch as fake of worth rs. 1000.. And prathana that was tell but its 100% fake, later viraj say he shall keep this gift always.. Than viraj gift her watch too and say he bought at rs. 300 price, prathana tell to do bargin in future.. They get romantic, and laugh when their bed doesn’t break…

Bindu, Mota papa, Mota mummy, kangana and Amar: Bindu ask why they doesn’t like kangana?? Mota mummy tell her how she behaved bad with her staff before amar introduced kangana to them!! Later Bindu and Kangana talk how to create impression on Mota papa and mota mummy by showing real kangana, which make kangana tense.. Bindu says about her good behaviour, her work etc.. At night Amar pratice by stiching, so that his hand work properly.. Bindu praises him.. Amar say he can soon do operations.. Bindu say due to kangana and medical science his hand got fine, but amar says its because she had belief that his hand can get fine, otherwise he wasn’t ready for operation even.. Bindu try to give credit to kangana, but amar gives credit to him..

Mandar and Meghna: Mandar try to get inside house when meghna stop him saying he will not come, as he left them by choice but Mandar say he shall stay out, as he is also stubborn… Later mandar is shown sitting on suitcase, when meghna taunt stop being watchman, and don’t give be stress otherwise.. Mandar say you may have complications as she had during sachin delivery, and meghna cries… Both come inside and remember with cute fight how they handled swapna togather.. Mandar say children need both parents, meghana cry and say I shall work hard alone.. Mandar say you ladies start to cry for wining and goes with his bags… Meghna wipe her tear and say you left by your choice but will come by my choice only…
At night baba and meghna talk, when baba explain her that do not let Mandar go that much far that he can’t even listen her shout or voice.. Meghna thinks..

Precap: Viraj father met with an accident.. Mota papa ask Amar if he hadn’t got heart attack, will he had signed divorce papers??

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