Ladies Special 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Viraj Helps Meghna Financially

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Ladies Special 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu returns home sadly and seeing flower vase reminisces Mota pappa telling she can decorate house the way she wants and Amar will like it. She then looks at pillow covers and reminisces Mota mamma praising her. She then reminisces Amar’s incident and thinks she wants to meet Kangana and clear misunderstanding. After sometime, Bindu cuts vegetable with Mota mamma when Mota pappa asks if she spoke to Amar, when is he coming home. Bindu says he is still busy with emergency patient and don’t know if he ate nor not. Mota pappa fumes that Amar always ignores himself and asks to call him and ask if he ate something. Bindu says okay.

On the other side, Prarthana informs Viraj that her dream is to have a house in this city. She did not inform anyone as people would just feel pity on her, but not support her. Viraj asks if she did not inform about this to Puneeth and her parents. She says no and warns not to inform anyone. He says he can understand it is a question of self-respect. Prarthana says if she does not return his money, it is a question of her self-respect. Meghna after trying to lend money from all her sources fails and walks to station. She stops seeing Prarthana and Viraj. Viraj hears her phone conversation and asks her to send new year train party’s videos. She sends and seeing money in Viraj’s hand asks whose money is this. Viraj gives it to her and says it is hers. Prarthana says it is Viraj’s. Meghna says she cannot take money from him. He says she can return it to Prarthana when she wants to and gets into local train. Prarthana asks Meghna to keep it as Viraj will not take it back easily. She gets into ladies train and thinks Viraj is mad. Viraj sends her singing video to whole office staff and her. Prarthana gets angry and calls him. He flirts with her and says he sent her video to whole office staff, let them see her talent. They both reach office and Viraj asks staff that nobody should praise Prarthana as nobody saw her singing video. They repeat same. Prarthana gives them extra work and asks them to do overtime tonight. They get sad. Prarthana asks Viraj to follow her into her cabin.

Meghna calls Mandar and asks to buy cloth for sample dresses, she will pay in cash. She reaches home and shows 2 lakhs to Jyoti and says a friend gave it. Mandar hears that and takes her inside. Meghna says Viraj gave it forcefully. Mandar asks what if they get income tax raid. She says she will tell them truth. He laughs and asks her to stitch sample dresses now.

Mota pappa speaks to Amar and asks him to come home right now as he wants to see him. Amar informs Kangana who panics and asks him not to leave her alone. Amar speaks to Bindu who says she will be with patient until he returns from home. He informs Kangana and says Bindu is coming here until he returns from home. Kangana throws tantrums again, but agrees. Bindu picks divorce papers thinking it is time to get out of Amar’s life and let Kangana in..

Precap: Meghna meets tailor who rudely behaves with her. Bindu shows divorce papers to Kangana.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kangana is obesive and greedy lady! She needs to be out of the show! I mean to delete her! And let Bindu and Amar stay in peace!! I beg you!!

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