Ladies Special 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindu Clear Amar’s Dilemma

Ladies Special 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar takes Mota pappa’s promise and says he will do whatever he says. Mota pappa says he promised before hearing what he wants to ask, he will forgive him because he loves and cares for him, but what about innocent Bindu, she cannot develop her love in Amar’s heart. Amar feels guilty. At Meghna’s house, Mandar stands reminiscing Meghna’s fight with neighbors and challenging to return their money soon. Meghna says she will find agent visiting card and drag him to police. Mandar says police will catch them instead for running business without license, she gave money to agent without any receipt. She says so what. He asks if she did not see how neighbors called their children as thieves, he was always against Meghna’s business idea but supported her, not now as it is question of their children.. She asks what will he do then. He says job as usual. Meghna sleeps on bed reminiscing her father pleading his boss to give him back job as his family is hungry. Boss says he will deduct 500 rs from his salary each month. Father agrees and touches boss’ feet. Next morning, Meghna while cutting Baba’s nails sadly tells him what Mandar told. Jyoti walks in and says she and Mandar are right in their own way like 2 sides of a coin and explain some earn crores in business and some lose, some are happy with job, means they are all right in their own way.

Amar sees Bindu sleeping and reminisces Mota pappa telling he promised Amar’s dying father to take care of Amar and not let him feel father’s devoid. He falls asleep. Bindu wakes him up in the morning and offers him tea. He sips tea and says it is very tasty today. Bindu describes her childhood story that once she cried in childhood seeing a labor carrying heavy bricks, her Faiba/grandma told she will cry more if she sees weight of emotions on people’s heart, similarly weight of guilt is out of his heart after reconciling with Mota pappa, so same tea is tasting good to him. She prays god that he and Kangana should live happily whole life. Amar reminisces Mota pappa telling he got him married to Bindu after much thought and giving example that roller coaster ride will be very exciting, but they cannot spend their life on roller coaster and should move on in life, similarly he should forget Kangana and follow all the promise made to Kangana during wedding. Out of flashback, he tells Bindu that he does not have place for Kangana according to Mota pappa.

Prarthana travels in local train with Viraj. Viraj asks why did not she scold him today even after crashing laptop. Prarthana says when he is doing his job loyally, why should she scold him. She asks why was he late today. He says he missed train, so he took taxi and got late. She scolds he would have taken 3-4 buses and reach office peacefully instead of wasting so much money. Viraj thinks peace after boarding 4 buses.

Amar tells Bindu that mota pappa wants him to forget Kangana. Bindu says he was dreaming about Naina in sleep and she is in his heart. He says he cannot outgo mota pappa’s order. Bindu says he is confused after recent events in his life, so he should wait till his mind calms down and then think clearly.

Precap: Amar informs Bindu that he will meet Kangana and clear everything finally. Meghna informs Prarthana and Bindu about being duped by agent and trying to file police complaint insist inspector she will not go until he writes her complaint.

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