Ladies Special 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna’s Growing Difficulties; Kangana’s Obsession For Amar

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Ladies Special 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar gets Bindu’s call and walks out of Kangana’s apartment. Kangana gets jealous. Bindu meets him outside apartment and hands him over food. He thanks her. She says she is doing it for Mota pappa. He praises that she helps other always. She asks how is Kangana. He says she is fine…Bindu says when a person does something usual, it is his/her helplessness, he stayed out of house whole night and did not even take Kangana to hospital, if she is fine. Amar informs that Kangana tried to suicide last night. Bindu is shocked hearing that.

Meghna meets client Babu bhai and shows inferior quality sample and says she need time to prepare better quality sample. Babu bhai says seeing her loyalty, he will give her 1 more day. She thanks him and asks advance. He promises to pay her full amount after sample is approved and says seeing her loyalty, she will succeed one day or will be in losses. Meghna says she does not have anything to lose and will only gain.

Prarthana insists Viraj to return her pass book. He says he will not until she takes back her money and starts story. On the other side, Amar tells Bindu if he was with Kangana. Bindu says he would not have let her attempt suicide, Kangnana is in deep pain and anxious fearing to lose him. Amar says he needs some time to sort out all this. Bindu says soon she will divorce him as promised. Amar shows his concern and says he trusts her and she can go and rest now. He returns to Kangana who starts yelling that Bindu came to take him back, she knows his family hates her, so why did not he let her suicide. Amar says Bindu is his friend and is helping them reunite. Kangana continues that he should go back to Bindu as he likes her and leave her alone Amar assures again that Bindu is helping them. Kangana says she is worried he will lose her.

Viraj continues his story looking at Prarthana’s passbook and says she saved 1,75,000 rs in 13 years for some reason. Prarthana says she wants to buy imported car. Viraj says as far as he knows her, she has some other dream. She reminisces her younger days when her mother finds money in her wallet and scolds her. She says she is doing parttime job in library and got her first salary, so she wanted to give it to her mother and even brought sweets for family. Mother gets emotional. Out of flashback, Viraj continues questioning her and she goes into flashback.

Mandar over phone informs Meghna that cloth merchant wants to sell whole bundle and not in meters and they need 75000 rs. Meghna calls Bindu and asks if she can get some money. Bindu says Amar is busy in emergency case, she will inform her in 1-2 days. Meghna thinks she does not have 1-2 days. Bindu sees 2 women fighting and tries to sort out their differences. Lady says her station can and she can go. Bindu heavy heartedly thinks it is time to leave Amar’s life.

Precap: Prarthana tells Viraj that buying house in Mumbai is her dream.
Bindu picks divorce papers from cupboard with teary eyes.

Update Credit to: MA

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