Ladies Special 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kangana’s Increasing Arrogance

Ladies Special 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar gives his medical reports to Puneeth and asks him to throw it in dustbin as everyone is behind his reports and wants to try resultless treatments. Puneeth says Mota pappa and Bindu are trying hard to help him. Amar says he does not want them to strain themselves and spoil their health for them, today Bindu collapsed standing in temple que. Kangana hears their conversation and thinks if Bindu’s eyes were red because of that. Amar walks away asking Puneeth to not throw reports and don’t give it to anyone. Kangana walks in and asks Punnet to give Amar’s medical reports. Puneeth says he cannot. Kangana shouts if she has to take driver’s permission now. Puneeth says he is Amar’s assistant and is just following his orders. Kangana continues yelling at Puneeth and tries to snatch file, but he does not. Amar enters, and they stop. He returns home and feeds medicine to Bindu and says she and Kangana are both adamant and describes how Kangana showed her arrogance and asked why he and Bindu’s eyes were red and why did not sleep whole night. Amar asks if she is out of her mind. Kangana continues and succeeds in taking Amar’s medical reports.

Kangana returns home and shows Amar’s medical reports to her father. Her father checks medical reports and informs there are only 2% chances of success after surgery, so they cannot take risk. Kangana cries that he promised to get Amar at any cost and continues that Bindu is trying all sort of tricks to grab Amar.

Puneeth returns home and fumes in front of Prarthana that Kangana is most arrogant woman and describes what happened in Amar’s office and then Kangana finding him outside hospital waiting for auto and taunting him that he is just a driver. He says he is Amar’s assistant and he pities on Kangana’s thinking. Kangana says she knows Bindu has hired her friend’s brother to spy on her. Puneeth warns not to drag his sister in their fight. Kangana continues yelling and leaves in her car pointing at Amar’s medical reports. Out of flashback, Puneeth says he does not know who Amar tolerates Kangana.

Viraaj’s father tells Viraaj that Prarthana has got biggest job offer from rival company and if she accepts it, it is her win and Viraaj’s loss and if she does not, it is Viraaj’s win. Kangana informs Puneeth that she got a job offer where rival company wants her to reveal Viraaj’s company’s secrets, but she rejected it. Puneeth says she is acting immature like him. Mother walks in and yells at Puneeth and asks Prarthana to accept Viraaj’s proposal. Prarthana says she will never accept rich liar Viraaj Parimal’s proposal and her decision is final. Viraaj on the other side tells his father that he knows Prarthana and she will never accept him back. Seetaram says Viraaj is right, now only his father can save him.

Meghna recites bedtime stories to her children. Children insist to call papa as papa recites better story. Meghna reminisces Mandar reciting stories with guestures and forgetting in the middle and she reminding him. She misses him and goes to his rent room with his bedsheet and pillow. He says he will not return home. She says she did not come to request him and just came to see how he will sleep bearing Khadar bhai’s snores. Mandar says it is better than Meghna’s snoring. Meghna says she never snores. Their nok jhok continues.

Kangana’s father agrees to operate Amar on her insistence and says there are only 2% chances. Kangana says she is ready to take risk. She calls Bindu and says she needs to discuss some important issue and insists her to meet. Bindu says she is having fever and Amar would not let her go. Kangana tries to taunt her, but Bindu easily reverts back. Kangana finally convinces her to meet.

Precap: Meghna says she will do whatever she has to. Mandar says he cannot always follow her order and wants to leave her company if she forces him to obey her even out of office. Kangana asks Bindu to convince Amar to undergo surgery.

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