Ladies Special 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kagana and Punith nok jhok, Meghna gets order

Ladies Special 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Punith and Kangana: Kangana scold Punith that he should avoid romaning in corridor with hairstyles as you get pay for work.. Punith taunt her that you notice my hairstyles, stop being detective.. Kangana say l will, but can’t control Parimal stocks, which are falling day by day and shows newspaper..

Punith, Prathana and Viraj: Viraj talk about going out, when Prathana scold him, its first day for our both jobs.. Punith call and wish them for job and inform about falling stocks.. Viraj say he knows and has faith in papa, just as you have faith in Prathana…

Mandar and Meghna: In swapana office everyone cheers on getting order.. In mandar office boss and his assistant think how can Meghna got order that to just with 2 rupee per piece order and doubt may be Mandar leaked quotation

price… Mandar and Meghna talk on call when Mandar tell that he did his work and in swapana garments no-one is aware how to make proper quotation, so how she got order??? Meghna say stop doubting and Mandar say he will take all orders in future.. Meghna cry and start to vomit… Mandar boss has listened all his talk..

At swapna workshop: Order giving people do survey when sachin and swapna arrive and talk about picnic and tell about old picnic and no money.. People smile on their talk.. Meghna doesn’t like Children talk.. They ask about their school?? Sachin say govt school.. People goes and Meghna scold children for talking all this…

Punith and Amar : Punith ask amar about his joining hospital. Amar say soon.. amar ask him to bring important file in pen drive from kangana from her home, Punith try to avoid but amar ask him to go.. Punith say now I will have to go at Nakchadi house??

Kanagna, Mota papa, Mota Mummy and Bindu: Kanagana call Mota papa and invite them for dinner, he accept sadly…
Later Mota papa and Mota Mummy try to find ideas to avoid from going to Kanagana house and dip thermometer in tea but get caught by mota mummy.. Later he act as stomach ache, but mota mummy say Bindu will give you kada.. Later he shout and bindu come and he say that he feel his kidney are failed.. Bindu get surprise..

Precap: Amar say mota papa and Mota mummy will not accept Kangana, and I shall not hurt them this time.. Bindu get idea..
Baba and Meghna decide to inform about 3rd child to mandar

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