Ladies Special 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Effort To Save Amar

Ladies Special 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mota pappa takes mota mamma and Bindu to restaurant and asks them to wait while he brings Amar from hospital. Mota mamma asks what if they don’t allow him to enter into emergency ward at all. Mota pappa says he is Amar’s uncle and who can dare to stop him, asks Bindu to orders something while he brings Amar from hospital. Bindu asks him to help her select dish from menu as there is a lot of variety. Mota pappa agrees. Bindu says Amar may be busy in ICU treating emergency patient and may not come here, so what if she packs food and takes it to hospital for him.
Mota pappa orders waiter to pack thali and says he will accompany Bindu. Bindu gets tensed and says she will go and come back soon. Mota pappa says he is not hungry and will accompany her. Mota mamma says he has gone old, Bindu wants to meet Amar alone and let her go. Mota pappa agrees, and Bindu hurriedly leaves. She reaches outside hospital and gives food to poor men. Mota pappa sees Bindu left sweet box and goes to give it to her. Bindu says

Meghna stitches sample dresses till late night. Mandar fixes lights on machines, oils them and describes each worker’s deficiency to her. Meghna says he is observing each worker so minutely. He says he just does not sit idle in his company. Water leaks from fridge and spreads towards sample dresses.

Punith walks to Prarthana and asks if she is angry on him. She asks if he is afraid of her as Viraj and Bindu said same, that is why he did not inform her about 2 lakhs rupees mishap. Punith says he respects her and did not want to put her in tension, he will work hard and repay Viraj soon. Prarthana says his elder sister is there for his help and she will manage. She checks her savings in cupboard when her parents walk in and ask how will she arrange 2 lakhs. She says when papa fell ill with malaria, mammma got knee surgery, Puneeth stayed in Bangalore for a month, she managed somehow. Mother says that time, it was 1000s, now it is lakhs. Prarthana says she will manage.

Bindu returns to restaurant with mota pappa and eats slowly engrasped in thoughts. Mota mamma says Bindu did not like food. Bindu says she liked a lot and laughs. They return home, and Bindu cries reminiscing Amar and his love for Kananga, him saying he will divorce her soon to marry Kangana, etc..

Precap: Meghna gets tensed seeing all her sample dresses spoilt due to water leakage. Bindu over phone tells Amar that she knew where he was whole night. Amar says Bindu tried to suicide by cutting her wrist, so he was with her whole night. Bindu asks him not to worry, Kangana will be fine soon.
She gets tensed seeing Mota pappa hearing her conversation.

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