Ladies Special 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Punith Kangana and Bindu play bluff

Ladies Special 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Punith and Bindu: Episode start with Punith call 📱Bindu and tell her that Amar had only 2% chance to survive which was hidden by Kangana and her father.. Bindu tell him that she knew about it.. Punith ask her to tell truth to everyone as she cheated everyone.. Bindu tell him that there is no point now as Amar is fine.. Punith tell Bindu that its right to know to Mota papa, Mota Mummy and Amar, Bindu cut call📱..

Prathana and Viraj: Viraj try to get romantic ❤with Prathana when they hear Papa seeing old Hindi Movie and they goes out.. Papa ask prathana to make tea☕.. She goes to make.. Viraj think🤔 how to ask them to go??? Suddenly papa tell to Viraj that he feel bad that he always preferred business and thought my son will be like me only, and missed small small happiness.. I had

money💵 but today I feel proud and happy😌 more now as Viraj didn’t become like me but made his own identity, and say sorry for missing family time, but now I want to spend my time with family… All get emotional 😢and Viraj hugs him… Viraj ask driver to take papa home.. When Driver say that Viraj Mom is going to video call📱 you. They both leave.. Prathana and Viraj get romantic❤ when again their bed break… Viraj curse that… They try to get romantic❤ on floor bed, when papa call 📱prathana asking about next day plans… Viraj take call📱 and say that they are going out… Papa says ok and ask to give house key to driver and ask prathana to made 3-4 cup tea ☕and keep in kettle… Viraj get irritated..

Bindu and Amar: Bindu try to find her diary📝, when Amar start reading about Kangana being good and Bindu being less.. Amar tell Bindu that she is on much higher position that anyone in family… Bindu tell that but now she has to go and have to make place for Kangana in family and heart ❤as she came between 2 lovers.. Amar is surprised to hear..😨

Bindu, Kangana and Punith: Later in hospital🏥 Bindu and punith goes to teach bluff to Kangana.. Bindu tell Kanagna that she is here to teach her bluff.. Punith tell kangana silently that someone also playing bluff to get and to leave love❤.. Kangana taunt that atleast you don’t talk about love❤, who never fell in love (I am doubting🤔 they both will fall in love❤). Bindu tell Kangana how mota papa like to win bluff and like to have 100 rs. Bet on who will win and lose… And all play bluff

Meghna and Mandar: Mandar seeing drinker🍾 and get flashback that how Meghna scolded him for drinking🍾 and asked never to drink and not to come infront of baba till his nasha is down.. He promises.. Out to flashback he get bottle🍾 but doesn’t drink and sleep.. Next morning meghna come to meet mandar and think🤔 to tell about coming baby.. Mandar sprinkle drink and rest throw in washbasin and act to sleep.. Meghana come and smell drink, she throw jug full of water on him.. She tell him that he left house for drinking🍾?? you will come like this infront of child?? Mandar doesn’t understand and say infront of Children Sachin and Swapana.. Meghna say don’t come back so as Mandar say… Meghna goes out and say I shall not tell him about coming child..

Precap: Meghna get order and Mandar and Meghna fight that how she got order just with difference of 2 rupee.. Mota papa act as his kidney are failed..

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