Ladies Special 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna’s Surprise Gift For Prarthana

Ladies Special 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana joins Bindu and Meghna at local train station. They both ask why she is late today. She says there is problem going on at home, Viraaj’s mother thinks their problem is temporary and they will return to old lavish life, she cannot even spend quality time with Viraaj. Meghna and Bindu taunt her. Prarthana goes into flashback where while traveling in local train with Viraaj asks where is he taking her for their honeymoon. He says holy pilgrimage as they will get old till they save money. She says there is nothing wrong in bragging and asks if they can go to Switzerland, he says Mauritius, she says Niagra falls, he is Africa, she says they can even do African dance. Copassenger suggests Nepal and one suggests Dehradoon. Out of flashback, Prarthana says this is her problem. Bindu

explains her problem that Mota pappa is finding alliance for her. Prarthana brings vada pav and says Meghna likes hot sauce, she likes sweet, Bindu likes hot and sweet, but they all 3 will have same vad pav and life is similar, hot and sweet. Meghna and Bindu joke and touch her feet. Meghna then gifts her Mahabaleshwar honeymoon package.

Mota pappa asks Amar to help him select a boy for Bindu. Amar says he is busy and cannot. Moti mummy asks if he does not want Bindu to marry. He says he wants but wants her to marry a perfect match. Mota pappa says then can go then, he will fix Bindu’s meeting a boy then. Amar gets tensed and stays at home.

Ram convinces school principal to sign on Meghna’s children’s admission form and says Meghna madam will be very happy and he can do anything for her as she got him out of jail. He then requests her to call Meghna and inform herself.

Bindu, Meghna, and Prarthana get calls and they all 3 part ways. Meghna gets school principal’s call who congratulates her for her school’s admission. She jumps in happiness. Viraaj calls Prarthana and asks her to meet him soon as he has a surprise for him. Mota pappa calls Bindu and asks her to reach home soon as he has fixed a boy for him. Bindu reaches home. Mota pappa shows him a boy’s profile and says he is perfect for her. Bindu looking at Amar says yes. Mota pappa says he has fixed a meeting tonight. Amar asks if Bindu will go alone. Mota pappa asks then what. Amar continues panicking and Mota pappa continues surprising him. Amar leaves. Moti mummy asks Bindu to wear chudidar and even makeup instead of sari to meet a boy. Once she gets ready, Mota pappa says he saw Bindu first in chudidar and selected her for Amar.. Emotional drama continues.

Precap: Bindu meets man who orders food without asking her.
She says he did not ask her at all. He arrogantly says after marriage, she has to obey him.
She throws water on him and warns to mind his language.

Update Credit to: MA

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