Ladies Special 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar’s Concern For Bindu

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Ladies Special 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita meets baba and says she did not collapse purposefully as her Faiba adviced never to lie god or parents. Baba says he heard she wrote a note to god. She says yes and shows him notes written for many ladies who were standing in que with her. Baba asks if she did not ask anything for her. She says not but for her husband and even has a complaint. Baba continues questioning her. On the other side, Viraaj’s father orders assistant to make sure Prarthana does not get job anywhere. Viraaj says he called him for help, but he is trying to make him villain in Prarthana’s eyes. Father asks if Prarthana anytime told she likes him. He says no but he loves her a lot. Father asks to trust him and let him check if Prarthana loves him or not, just do what he says. Prarthana goes for job interviews and gets rejected by every company. She calls Punith and informs her situation. He says she is talking like him, earlier he was rejected many times and now she is. She says she never faced this situation before; even though she has such a good track record, she is being rejected. Viraaj’s father cuts vegetables with him and says he is feeling good spending time with his son. Viraaj insists father to call Daas and offer job to Prarthana. Father says he can, but Prarthana will not work with him then. Viraaj says then no to.

Bindu returns home. Mota pappa and mamma make her lie on bed and take care of her. Amar calls her and scolds her for standing in que for hours under sun and collapsing.. Bindu smiles. Mota pappa says she is laughing hear him scolding. Bindu say she feels dear one. Amar continues scolding her. Mota pappa walks out and tells Moti mamma that let him scold and come closer to Bindu.
Kangana also describes her story to her father and insists to get Amar for her and continues badmouthing about Bindu. Father promises to get Amar for her. Kangana says Bindu is so clever and wicked and continues describing her side of story.

Mandar sits for lunch with other employees. Employees feels hesitant. Mandar says he is also employee like them. His children joins in for lunch with Jyoti’s son. Meghna walks in next. Khadar bhai taunts Mandar that Meghna will take his class now. Jyoti comes and drags her son. Son requests to let him have food with Sachin and Swapna. Jyoti does not listen. Meghna warns her not to drag children between their fight. Jyoti walks away.

Precap: Meghna says she will help alone. Mandar asks if he has to take her permission for everything, even for breathing, this will not work.

Update Credit to: MA

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