Ladies Special 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna And Mandar’s Nok Jhok

Ladies Special 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mota pappa calls Bindu and asks her to return home soon as she got 5 marriage proposals. Bindu asks only 5. He says it is just the beginning. Bindu acts as excited and says she is just joking and is on the way home. Mota pappa then calls Amar and informs that Bindu got 5 marriage proposals. Amar while having dinner date with Kangana gets sad. Kangana says it is a good news, they will find a perfect match for Bindu and get her married. Bindu traveling home in local train reminisces Amar’s superficial behavior, but her immense love for Amar. Amar drives car reminiscing Bindu telling him that she gave idea to Mota pappa to find a boy for her. They both reach home simultaneously. Amar asks why did she go to deliver mehandi cones till late night, it is not safe. Bindu says even in Mumbai,

he told Mumbai is safest city for women. He says she is right and says Mota pappa told she got 5 marriage proposals, he is happy for her, soon she will find a perfect life partner and will get children of her own with a perfect family. Bindu also wishes him same with Kangana.

Viraaj carries AC with Seetaram’s help. Punith scolds if he could not hire any labor. Viraaj says vendor was asking 500 rs, so he himself lifted AC and can get 2 imported apples for mom with 500 rs. Seetaram tells technician that they can pay him only 600 rs. Technician says it is okay, where to fix AC. Viraaj’s mom walks out. Viraaj jokes with her and excitedly informs that he got AC. She jumps in excitement. Rachna performs AC’s pooja. Viraaj opens box. Mom shouts yee second hand window AC, if his father was alive, he would have died again seeing second hand window AC. He tantrums continue. Technician informs there is no place to fix window AC in room. Mom throws more tantrums. Technician says he need to break window and cover it with plywood. Rachana says it is rented house. Mom yells if they don’t have their own house. Racha orders to break window.

Mandar and Meghna’s arguments continue. Baba asks them to stop making home a fish market. Mandar leaves. Meghna says Baba that Mandar is jealous of her progress, so he always fights with her. Mandar returns to his room and tries to prepare dinner while Khadar bhai pesters him from behind. An upscale restaurant’s delivery boy delivers food to Mandar. Mandar says he did not order it. Khadar bhai insists to t ake it. Mandar says it will cost his 4 days’ salary and asks him to pay. Khadar bhai denies. Meghna walks in and says she ordered food and pays delivery boy. Mandar asks why did she order from such a costly restaurant. Meghna asks him to stop fighting and have dinner with him. They sit for dinner. Mandar asks if she wants to prove that he cannot afford such a costly food, but she can. Meghna says he knew she dreamt of having food in that restaurant. Mandar says she should have booked table there itself as she could have done some show off. Meghna asks him to stop complaining always and taunts that his arrogant attitude made him lose contract and she got it with her intelligence. Mandar asks if she still believes Ram did not steal quotation. Meghna continues her argument. They walk out. Meghna says she cannot inform children that they did not get admission in International school, she will try her best and get admission at any cost. Mandar interrupts. She says he is so jealous of her like the hero in Abhimaan movie was jealous of his wife’s progress. Mandar says he did want to have food, but had just to see her happy, else she would have felt bad, he is never jealous of her and is worried for her instead, she should watch Abhimaan movie properly and see that husband is not jealous of wife and know the value of relationships, etc.

Precap: Amar continues rejecting Bindu’s proposals. Moti mummy says looks like he does not want Bindu to marry. Bindu meets Meghna and cries hugging her. Meghna asks if Kangana did something. Bindu says it is her ill fate.

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  1. What a boring show viraj mum is so artificail thank God the show is going off air hope it could go off sooner that the actual date

    1. Is it. When it’s going off air. The content is good but sometimes it become boring.

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