Ladies Special 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Wedding Proposals

Ladies Special 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna argues with Mandar for fighting with Ram. Mandar says Ram is a thief and he stole tender quotation. Meghna says he is jealous of her growth and is alleging her instead. He says he is not. Jyoti argues with Ram for taking Meghna’s side. Ram says Mandar has problem with him, so he wrongly alleged him, but Meghna madam tried to save him. Jyoti says Meghna was trying to save herself. After sometime, Mandar teaches children while Meghna checks account. Children insist to sleep at Mandar’s place. Mandar says they will be awake whole night and will not go to school in the morning, so it is better they sleep now and attend school in the morning. Meghna asks them to go to their room as they are disturbing her. She walks out with Mandar and asks if he is still angry on her. He

says he is angry as she is not taking care of herself and is busy working all time, now she is working to make people jealous. She says she works for herself and not to make people jealous, it is because he left her alone and walked away from her house and even her business.

Prarthana asks Seetaram to go and keep back stolen cosmetics from Parimal Mansion. Viraaj’s mother sees cosmetics and excitedly takes bag to her room. Prarthana stands fuming. She tells her ordeal to Punith that everyone wants to do their bit, Seetaram is ready to work without salary, Viraj wants to forgo his fotune, she does not know what to do. Punith says he will pa Seetaram’s salary, it is up to her whether to claim back Parimal industries or not. Viraaj enters and says let us forgo it and says his biggest asset is Prarthana’s love and he can adjust in any situation, but his mother is finding it difficult.

Amar gets ready to have dinner date with Kangana. Bindu asks him to drop her on the way. He drives car reminiscing Kangana telling him that her found matrimonial site is very good and they will find groom for Bindu soon and get her married. Bindu asks him to drop her off outside railway station and once out of his car applies mehandi to street children giving moral gyaan of her Faiba’s ideologies. She then travels in local train sadly when Mota pappa calls her excitedly and asks to return home as there are 5 proposals for her. She asks only 5. He says this is just the beginning, they will find perfect match for her soon. She feels sad reminiscing Amar’s superficial behavior.

Precap: Amar asks Bindu if Mota pappa called. Bindu says yes, soon she will get married and go to some other house. Mandar tells Meghna that she needs to watch Abhimaan movie and see that husband always supports his wife in that movie contrary to wife’s thinking that husband is jealous of her.

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