Ladies Special 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu Reunites Meghna and Prarthana

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Ladies Special 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghana and Prarthana’s family try to leave Bindu’s house and stop seeing each other. Bindu says children are better than them who forget their difference after a fight and reunite after sometime. Bindu says sorry, she will not forgive Meghna. Puneeth interferes and says all the problem is because of him and explains how his friends took Shirke’s 2 lakhs and created confusion between Meghna and Prarthana. Prarthana asks that means Puneeth took Viraj’s help and Viraj stole 2 lakhs from office to help Puneeth, she unnecessarily doubted innocent Viraj. Viraj enters and scolds Puneeth for not keeping secret. Das calls Prarthana and informs that Viraj returned 2 lakhs. Prarthana asks Viraj how did he get 2 lakhs now. Viraj asks her not to worry about that. Meghna says she understood everything now and apologizes Prarthana. Prarthana says she should apologize Meghna instead for insulting her without knowing the fact. They both hug and reconcile. Bindu joins them.

Kangana passes by Amar’s cabin and seeing it empty asks wardboy where is he. Wardboy says doctor’s wife has thrown a party to her friends, so Amar did not come today. Kanganga gets jealous.

Mandar and Meghna walk into balcony and enjoy scenery. Mandar says Bindu is so clear hearted, she worked so hard to reunite Meghna and Prarthana. Meghna says yes, who does so much for strangers, big’s heart is so kind. She reminisces Bindu telling that she knows about Amar’s affair with someone else, so she is Amar’s best friend now; thinks she has to do something get Amar and Bindu closer. Prarthana walks Viraj and asks why Puneeth informed his problem to him and not her. Viraj says answer is with her and showing Bindu’s happily family says they share everything with each other and are so happy, where there is fear, things are hidden. Puneeth walks to Prarthana and apologizes. Prarthana says she just wants to protect him from any untoward events.

Meghna sees Bindu in kitchen and asks her if she really loves Amar and wants to his friend forever. Bindu says in arranged marriage, they see the boy for the first time and fall in his love and think of serving him and his parents whole life, similarly when she saw Dr. Amar for the first time, she felt he is the one for her and dreamt of him, but when he revealed he loves someone, her dreams shattered, but she decided to compromise and be his friend.

Meghna walks away fuming and informs Mandar what Bindu told, says she is so innocent, who will help her get closer to Amar. Mandar says she will as friend. Meghna says yes and seeks Prarthana’s help. Prarthana agrees. She walks to everyone and calling her children says they will play riddle and asks Bindu and Amar to join first. Meghna’s children explain them riddle. Kangana calls Prarthana and asks where i she. Prarthana says at her friend Bindu’s house and they are planning to send Bindu and her husband Amar on a romantic dinner date. Kangnana gets tensed and disconnects call.

Precap: Amar asks Bindu to get ready for dinner date while he drops Mani to railway station. Kangana cuts her wrist thinking if she cannot get Amar, she will not let him with anyone else.

Update Credit to: MA

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