Ladies Special 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna is pregnant

Ladies Special 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jyoti husband reach infront of Mandar office and rob mandar peon and send pictures to Meghna’s financer.. He get call and inform about tender quotation and meghna’s financer plan to send new quotataion.. Peon inform about theft, and so as Mandar infrom his boss and make him relex that he will do all work again and goes.. His boss praise his hardwork..

Kanagana inform Meghna that she is pregnant. Meghna get shock and sit still… Kangna call Bindu and Punit call Prathana.. They take her to Amar’s house and all 3 ladies lock them inside.. Meghna hush them and not dare to talk but finally Prathna and Bindu ask why she is in tension?? Meghna finally speak that this 3rd child is unplanned and she is in tension and happy as well.. And she will work hard with triple hard..

Mota papa, Amar and mota mummy ask punit as they get tense seeing all 3 inside room.. Punit doesn’t answer and play with sachin.. Bindu come for taking food when Mota papa, Mota Mummy and Amar ask her and she tell them that Meghna is pregnant and ask them not to tell anyone.. On the other side Prathana tell this to viraj and ask him not to tell anyone…

Meghna and Mandar talk to each other and fight over goon attack, sachin health and mandar add that he care otherwise society will blame him, meghna fight on this with him as he care society more and cut call and cry… Prathna and Bindu calm her down and ask her to tell truth to mandar, but meghna deny saying that she will not tell and will raise child alone…

Precap: mandar come home when sachin inform him that meghna fall sick in hospital

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  1. Thank you Shradda for the update!!

  2. Isn’t that Rickshaw driver party to the crime as well ? That guy could still have chased the Rickshaw down with his Motorcycle.

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